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He will pour blood for days after a binder and he doesn’t care. I am the only one who has taken the time to do anything to the house. I know I have to go and Ala non as well. I’m tired of hurting! He has promised me that he is not going to drink anymore, within 24 hours of that statement is when he lost all common sense and left the house without saying goodbye, telling me he was leaving or going anywhere, left our pup in the kennel, and left the propane heater on out how to stop engine smoke on the back porch. Its just a matter of time before I take a rubber mallet and crush my laptop into am i an alcoholic baby pieces because I’m sick and tired of watching him sit there for hours on Facebook, looking at new guitars and other selfish things he wants to purchase. I said no more. There will be no more scared nights of him coming in drunk verbally abusing us, there will be no more nights of taking kids out of house and sleeping on someone elses couch. Hes never raised a hand to me cause i could knock him out if need be ( hes down to 120 lbs now) how do i leave or make him leave without feeling the guilt that im throwing a sick man out on his butt? Wow. My hat is off to the ladies who have left it’s not good way to live with someone who drinks all the time.. 3 DWIs later other people see it too. I am not even sure how long he was gone for because i was in my room doing homework. Keyword being boyfriend and yes I am smart enough not to marry this man. And im not one to allow negativity into my life. I screamed some expletives at him to get in the car and we were off. Now he works at nights so he drinks only on the weekend which are bad he don’t drink hard liquid any more. Staying is SO painful. I don’t love him anymore. I did go to alanon and found that their solutions were heavily based on religion and gave tools to stay, which I find contradictory because God would never want anyone to suffer. I thought it was just me going throw.. He never gets aggressive and treats me well. I want the land. OMGGGGGGG.. My mistake. But I love her more than my life and sanity – am i an alcoholic baby which must mean I’m pretty sick myself. I took care of this man for 11 years and this doesn’t seem to hurt him at all.. He has sleep apena because of his drinking as well.. I am 42 years from South Africa. Had to clean her like a baby tonight because she’s so drunk she pee’d herself. He does not work because of alcohol. At home, he cooked a burger, ate, and then when passed out at about 5:30 pm until the next morning. Good luck everyone else God is sustaining my mental health, emotional stability, spiritual strength and physical well being. I’ve been married to him for 12 years, this isn’t getting old, IT IS OLD! Funny he is always going to stop.. Iam done! One moment I’m Mr Wonderful and the next I’m the point of entry for a colonoscopy. It is not just his life that he is affecting, it is MY life that he is being a negative distraction to! We are not intament anymore and sleep in seperate beds so whats the point of dealing with all the aggrevation and stress his drinking causes me in my life. For am i an alcoholic baby soooo long I thought I was alone in thinking something was wrong with me to love an alcoholic. I jumped in the car, drove to a house, and there he was- outside smoking a cigarette. When i did come out to see what he was doing, he was nowhere to be found. Its very hard to make a move when a home, children and jobs will be affected, but tis time I will sacrifice all of those things for my and my childrens happiness. I have been with him since I was 17 and am 41 now. We have no health insurance right now. Man, I sure wish I could know what good could come from leaving. I am a woman but i am the one who put in all new water lines electric boxes painted drywlled put in gardens built fences made shelters for animals. We have been married traditionally for 10yrs. I soon discovered symptoms of diabetes type 1 he is a binge drinker. Its just unfortunate that the kids don’t understand, they love him unconditionally. 6 yrs ago he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. I thought I too can make it stop.. He’s had a total hip replacement because of drinking (at age 39) and he has a lower GI bleed because of it. I would tell you my story, but after reading all of yours, I could take a piece from each of what you all said your lives were like and mine would be the same. I take good care of myself by running, swimming, biking, etc. I too came here looking for the magic answer that I needed to leave my alcoholic boyfriend. Thanks All the stories Ive read above are identical to my life. My son told me who he left with and where he could have gone. I am now joining a support group and getting help for myself. I believe my husband is jealous of me and my ability to keep bettering myself while he sits on the couch, eating, drinking, sleeping, and continuing to be sucked into the negative news and constantly tuned in to his phone and pc. But living with him and staying is the same as being married to him. Had to carry her to bed. I guess you would call him a functioning alcoholic, not functioning enough to be a husband or reliable father though. I have married my husband a year ago. He controls the drink well enough to be a be able to hold a conversation and sound convincing when he says he is not drunk, just very tired (he has some health issues which do make him tired so I sometimes doubt myself when he swears he is sober). I had to let it soak in for a day that I am not alone and that there is not much I can do. Again, you all touched my heart and helped me even more to recovery from this cycle that must be stopped. It is not easy any way you go…but the peace your lacking will carry you through if you make the change. I have had many experiences, but when i caught him smoking marijuana with my 17 year old sons and their friend on the front porch of my house, that was the last straw. I cannot wait to feel peace and be done with him.. We didn’t even get coffee and cookies like the drunks did. I just want him out he won’t leave am i an alcoholic baby so I have to go to court anyone have any advise on getting him out .. He doesn’t work and spends the day drinking though tells me he doesn’t. He threatens to hurt himself if i leave and the next day hes always sorry but then gets drunk every night all over again. I also have had the broken promises and watch how do you treat asthma the neglect in my husband as it progresses. Every time he get a job he does things that will get him fired, he drinks like there is no tomorrow. But he doesn’t eat properly, he doesn’t help at all in the house, he spends each day with his brother (an alcoholic just relapsed after his third stint in rehab) and basically it feels as though I am now just the housekeeper, not a wife. She swings from Jekyll to Hyde as fast as you can say Chardonnay. I divorced my first husband after 14 yrs of drinking and abuse. I think what most of us need is a step by step guide to getting the hell out. At first it was everyday. This was actually a less eventful drinking situation for me, it usually involves some verbal, mental and emotional abuse… but i got off lucky this time around. Last draw he missed my son party because he wanted to drink before the party and he likes to drive while drinking no more its a new year coming I have to think about me thank God .. Thank you all for being brave enough to share. He of course denies it. I feel pretty certain that he will move in with his AA girlfriend or will return for Colorado to be with her once her divorce is final. I miss him very much and I feel jealous that some tramp could take him away from me so easily. So I ask him what he has been doing that causes him to talk like and walk like he is drunk and he unleashes the “f” word on my multiple times. My son has seen the police handcuff him when he was younger.. I do not. I am too strong within my heart, mind and soul to deal with this any longer. I want to leave and i could but i want the house for myself and kids. The problem is I knew about his problem and I still married him. His herbal tea benefits weight loss drinking started to affect all of us about 10 years ago.. The past year he has began to become an unbearable drunk like his mother. It will be a tough road but Im ready…. My husband loses all thoughts of common sense as soon as someone asks him if he wants to come over am i an alcoholic baby and have a beer, a friend is visiting and wants to have a beer, if someone calls and asks him to come along with them somewhere, it will end up involving beer. Thank you. Iam done with him. ME my blood sweat and tears no to mentioned blistered hands. So, here it goes. I love her but her affair with alcohol is unrelenting. I do everything financially, pay the mortgage, school fees, transport for the kids ,food even pay somebody do the garden because he he too drunk to do anything. Thank you, Wendy for this sciatic nerve pain in leg relief web site. Not only is his drinking causing am i an alcoholic baby us financial problems but he hs no license 2 duis and my children dont need to be around it. I realize he is sick and what he has will kill him someday but im at y ends roap. Myhusband and i have been married 14 years. He had an agenda of things to do that day. He’s still texting his girl on the side and has now told me that he might have to stay here as he cannot find a room to rent in Colorado. As I am writing this, I am hoping by the end I will take my own advice and you will too. Two yrs later i met and married my second husband, my best friend. I use the lone time to ask my husband if he has been drinking. Ive had lots of time to prepare. I also found it funny that the AA meetings were held upstairs in a Church and the alanon meetings were held downstairs in the basement. It affects my children as they have to watch us fight. He just walked out the door, got in his friends car and left. I have always felt the need to be loved and to feel safe. I didn’t grow up like this and refuse to suffer any longer. I am just sad and in shock to find I am not alone. I take one day at a time and I know God will take care of me. I am learning to love myself and learning to detach with love from my husband. Sneaking, messing, spending, ranting, whining, and sleeping in until 2pm. Clearance Electronics & Office Movies, Music & Books Home, Furniture & Appliances Home Improvement & Patio Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Baby & Toddler Toys & Video Games Food, Household & Pets Pharmacy, Health & Beauty Sports, Fitness & Outdoors Auto & Tires Photo, how to stop smoking nhs Gifts & Personalized Shop Sewing, Crafts & Party Supplies See All Departments menu My children go with friends to a movie. Ages 14,9,7, 5. Reading this post has opened my eyes and given me courage. I am learning to make healthier choices. Needless to say, none of it got done. I have been dealing with this for over 26yrs. I thought once he got diabetics that would stop him nope he can kill in his on place.. I hear my story out of many women here. When he is sober he is the best husband in the world, but drunk, I do not want to be around him. I am a soon to be 36 year old married mother of 4. He has been sober (I think) for well over a natural remedy for panic attacks week and he expected me to move him right back in. He went to AA and stopped for 6 months (or so I think) he has a prescription for Kolonapin and ate several of those daily for “a little buzz”. The last straw was when I told him to stop drinking or I was leaving, this was in July of 2013. My whole anger at this moment is with the fact that with even the THOUGHT of drinking, the concept of making the right choices and decisions went flying out of his brain as the idea of drinking tiptoed in. Closer to hell I guess! I have been married 18 years and non alcoholic fatty liver disease symptoms I too did not realize the disease part until way later. I pray for every person here who had the courage to share and help other women by doing this.

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