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I was diagnose with gastrits and gastroparesis along with acid reflux in August. I have been only eating jello, baby food, and yogurt. I want some popcorn and cant find anything on the net that says whether this will kill me or not my mother suffered from gastritis for 10 days....... best way to treat gastritis Is the right-flank pain that some of you feel associated with GASTRITIS my sister can not stop drinking or possibly with GALL BLADDER problems? Thus far my diet consists of baby foods and juices that seem to keep my symptions under contrl just enough to allow me the ability to perform my corporate job responsibilities effectively. Light best way to treat gastritis up a fatty delicious bowl of Chronic to relieve your acute or CHRONIC Gastritis Use an herbal remedy. Is there anything that I can actually get her to drink that will help her? Old to the doctor yesterday and the doctor told me that she has gastritis. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER....... I am a chocoholic, but as long as I am not in the middle of an attack I am fine and can eat it. Then someone suggested giving enema...... It has affected my life immensely, but I am getting better as the weeks pass. Also, Beano helps break down food. I have never tried coconut water and I'm wondering what it tastes like because I'm thinking that might be the best thing to try for her. I take four different medicines for my stomach. If a tea, steep five to 10 minutes for leaves and flowers and 10–20 minutes for roots, and drink two to four cups a day. First bout of gastritis... Im only 17 yrs. At this point I'm having problems trying to get her to take the zantac because it's "nasty". She is also diabetic and high BP patient........ The gastroparesis is prolonging my cure because it makes my stomach empty slowly so the bile remains in my stomach longer than most people. Supposedly they help protect the lining of your stomach, so we'll see. Do you ever feel similar pain up under your right ARM or in your right Breast? The doctor has her on zantac and an antinausea medicine. I urge everyone to find a good doctor to help you through this. I had my gall bladder removed in 2009 and they say that has caused the bile ways to stop smoking cigarettes naturally to run freely and cause my gastritis. I found that taking tums, drinking lemon water, and putting a hot pad on my stomach eases the pain. Do not eat spicy food because it will worsen. THANK YOU. I thought I was having a heart attack, the pain was right under my boobs and then it spread up to my chest. The only downfall is that every time I take it, I get diarrhea. If anyone has any other ideas please let me know because so far the doctor doesn't seem to be helping her! Because baking soda does not work for me either aloa vera:-( and is COLD Milk good for gastritis? I am on omeprazole with helps with indigestion immensely. Psyllium husk(isabgol) with milk works and now she is having regular stools....... I am going to try all things natural, as I don't want to be on costly drugs best way to treat gastritis for the rest of my life. If you suffer from these symptoms make sure toissues. Things that trigger it are heavy fats, milk, pickles, best way to treat gastritis wine and chili. I'm scared to eat when I go out because either the pain is going to come back or I'm going to have to run to the washroom. Gastritis really has taken a huge toll on my life, I can't do anything anymore! She is now complaining that her stomach is hurting worse than yesterday. Please keep your heads up and fight what can a person with gastritis eat this. Also, I take fioricet for abdominal migraines, chloyestramine to bind the bile in my stomach and zoloft to help deal with the emotional side of this. He claimed my stomach is hurt, and my continual alcohol consumption (although each drinking episode is only a few beers) perpetuates it's ailment. It worked and she had stools after a period of 12 days....... I hear they are a superfood and do help with stomach problems. Severe stomach pain, nausea, diarreah.. Have you had any MRIs or other tests that check for organ problems? I can't handle seeing my baby being in so much pain and not knowing what to do about it. I went to the gastro a few months back as this problem was becomming intolerable, and he said to avoid drinking, and smoking, and he doubled my prilosec (I now take 20mg before brekfast, and another 20mg before dinner). She was in real pain....... I also have type 2 diabetes herbal treatment bouts of diarrhea, but these have gotten much better. I agree Jake, I too had this happen to me from binge drinking, over working my body, stress and excessive ciggarette smoking, basically a college kid life style.. Pepto Bismol settles my stomach immediatly. Herbs have been used for centuries to battle the symptoms of gastritis. Pain in the stomach, headache, dizzyness, vomiting, muscular cramps..... They are hopeful and so am I that this will heal. My symptoms started in June. I have my husband going to pick up another perscription that her doctor just called in for her for stomach spasms to try to help stop some of the pain she is having. May she become healthy and fit faster........... All of these symptoms should be presented to a doctor immediately. Gastritis can cause: Pallor, sweating, and rapid (or "racing") heartbeat; Feeling faint or short of breath; chest pain or severe stomach pain; vomiting large amounts of blood; bloody bowel signs of having kidney problems movements or dark, sticky, best way to treat gastritis very foul-smelling bowel movements. I found out the hard way that feeling down about this only makes it worse. I am now getting over gastritis. You ARE NOT alone. I also love the home remedies for quit smoking lemon juice. I am going to lose it again and change what I eat again.. I took my 3 yr. Weakness persists and she is on bed rest for 25 days....... It works! Any or all of these symptoms can occur suddenly. I was perscribed with Teva-Ranidine, and it really helps. That's the only way the pain will go away. ; my caloric intake is between 800 and 1200 each day. Avoid dairy for a best way to treat gastritis while. Just remember she is only 3 and she's a picky eater when she's not sick. Old and lately i have been waking up at 5 in the morning because of the pain i have, the bad thing is that i have school and i feel so nacious and full that sometimes i cant even pass my own saliva :-( does any1 knows something that could be fast to make.. Been enduring the pain for a week now... For a couple of weeks, soup and broth will work. It's unlikely, but not impossible that a severe case of gastritis could scar and irritate the esophagus and in rare cases, the trachea. My family dr. Does it ever go away? And GI are working together to combat this. Does the pain on your right side radiate around to the back? I am now gonna try these Chia seeds. Im 19 years old in shape and found that I had this for two days with extreme discomfort and once I smoked Marijuana the problem was eliminated almost completely. After a couple of weeks when your gastritis subsides, gradually eat regular foods. I am 14 years old and I was diagnosed with acid reflux in the summer of 2008, and a few months ago I was diagnosed with gastritus. Of herb per cup of hot water), or as an extract. I LOVE HER VERY MUCH........... This is particularly true in adults older than 65 years of age. You can take them in capsule form, as a tea (1 tsp. Mostly soups with low MSG (you dont want a lot of salt in your system) Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. It is best to not eat anything the day of gastritis because your stomach is irritated. Is it a BURNING pain, even in the back? I have read above about the lemon juice but I don't think that I would be able to get her to drink it. I squeeze a half of lemon in water and mix 1 packet of splenda. Drink plenty of fluids but not fluids that best way to treat gastritis have lots of sugar. My gastroenterologist said it would take 6 months for the chronic gastrities to heal. I need to eat six times a day to control the pain and the bile. On weekends I eat conventional meals helping me ensure proper nutrition. God bless all of you and stay strong. After gaining the weight and the symptoms have returned... Doctor gave me ompremozole and said bland diet today is first day no pain... I eat 3 best way to treat gastritis beanos before a large meal. I am categorized as underweight being 51 years old, 5'8" and 110 lbs.

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