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But after 20 years of them, i decided that if i were going to die from it i would have already. Anyway, I won't give up till I find some relief. Those plaques can break open and, when they do, a blood clot forms at the site of the plaque rupture. When you think that most peoples hearts beat more than 115,000 beats a day, I think it's allowable for it to miss a few strokes every now and then. I tried many things to stop the episodes, sometimes it would work for a day or two. I find all the post very interesting to read.. As I am writting this I am wearing a 30 days recorder to try to explain to my cardiologist of the life that I experience every day, specially before I got to sleep. Im 40 with 3 kids so i cant afford to kick the bucket just yet ... I have not been officially diagnosed with PVC's, but I am 100% sure that this is what I am experiencing. Nothing seemed to help. I am in decent shape otherwise and have no trouble exercising.... But these PVC's just make me worry that I have some underlying condition, or that I am going to flip into a serious arrhythmia and die! With all that being said... I have had these on and off for years and thought I was going insane! So its all new to me... If the clot is large enough, it can completely block the flow of blood through the artery, causing a heart attack. As well has the beta blockers.. It's just for some reason that is unclear a small number of us are really bothered by them. I developed PVCs can gastritis last for months several years ago and I too took Co-Q10 to get rid of them. I hate to say it but I wasted a lot of years of my life worrying about my health and thoughts of dying of a heart attack. Thank god everything looked good... Its very scary... Now i must say... Over the years, we've helped millions of women gain the knowledge they need to thrive during the menopause transition. I have runs of them, hard ones, wierd beats, panic attacks, anxiety ect..... All of this was true and I am still taking 50mg of atenolol 1 to 2x daily. I was told by a very smart physician many years ago am i an alcoholic baby that if you are doing deep breathing you will eliminate anxiety, feelings of stress and regulate your heart to the point where it is almost impossible to have a heart attack. And look, your still alive. I am just glad to know that I am not the only one who has these! I take 400 IUs of natural Vitamin E and 60 mg of CoQ10 every morning with a glass of orange juice when I wake up. At first, it was sort of subtle and it would make me cough (a common bodily response). One i wanna say thank u to all of u that have posted... I can certainly sympathize, even if mine aren't quite that bad. Chest pains of off and on for years and still do. I can have what I call missed beats 15 times a minute. So I can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack live life to the fullest, before its over, and before I realize all Ive done was waste the whole thing worrying about pvcs. They all tell me it is a benign arrhythmia and that I am fine. I have been practically free of PVCs for the last can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack five years. There r nights i cant even sleep cuz im scared my heart will just stop... And vitamins, what the heck is in those anyway. I gave up on wasting my short can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack life on trying to get rid of something that isnt going to go away, and isnt going to kill me. I take 400 IUs of natural Vitamin E and 60 mg of CoQ10 every morning with a glass of orange juice when I wake up. I never realized how common they were until I started reading here... I just always wonder why did I just start getting them one day, out of the blue? Just say your not going to take it anymore. Skeptic We strive to be the most informative menopausal health website. There r days that things r not so can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack noticeable but then there r days it just seems like best diet for weight loss one after the other and scares me to death... I am also a Registered Nurse, so of course I imagine the worst, and I get so stressed out over them. Prayers sent to all .. Im a happy giggle basket of laughs and normally i dont let anything get me down.. That's when I told him I was having skipped beats on a pretty regular basis. It sounds like you are under a great deal of stress with school and work in addition to your heart issue. I no longer live in fear of them daily like I did before. And am still here. Who wants to be some drug companies lab rat? That's when he explained they can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack were PVC's and said that atenolol icd 9 code for duodenitis which I guess is a top 10 anti cancer foods list beta blocker would help to lower my blood pressure, increase contraction muscles of the heart and slow my heart beat from a resting rate of about 75 to under 60per min and probaly eliminate most of the PVCs. So i been tryin to cut out all of things... I hope that this can make you feel like you re not alone with this. Thank u for sharing ur stories!!! Propranolol has been a HUGE help to me with my brand of anxiety (in fact I almost never need ativan or xanax anymore thanks to Propranolol (Inderal)), and I'm going to try the CoQ10 starting today. So not sure where all this came from... I m on 50mg of metropolol(beta blocker) and it has help a great deal. I had anxiety or panic attacj=ks for almost 20 years thinking at any moment I was going to drop dead. I am now 66 years of age and in good shape, my body is 50, but I have been having PVCs for 40 years off and on, they come and go when hey want and yes they are bothersome and still make me wonder whats going on. Then when we finally do get a good day of no pain or anxiety it really feels good, lucky are those in life who don't have all these crazy symptoms. ) and its normal, please move on, or before you know it, 5 more precious years are gone and you spent a god chunk of them worrying about these things. We encourage everyone to read and learn about menopause in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle and support the women in their lives. To this day if I had a real heart attack I wouldn't know it at it's seemed like I've had them all my life. Finally about 15 years ago I decided that I'm tired of worrying can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack about it all and decided life is to short and just live every day the best you can. If youve had all the tests (ekg, echo, ect....... Someone mentioned deep breathing exercises and they do help to get the heart back into sync. So no question alcohol is a trigger for me and I had to cut way back on drinking alcohol. I can completely relate with those of you who describe it as taking over your life and driving you insane! The ups and downs of it! Hi all, I had been having PVCs for years, sometimes for weeks on end. About this several times... No, you're not alone, and I totally feel your pain. I have seen several heart doctors and all of them told me that PVCs are normal and that I can continue to live my life the same way I have done it in the last 37 years. So im going to give that a try.. Some of us are just meant to have pain of some sort or something happening in our life that is disruptive all the time. However, just recently I've noticed they are coming back even though I continue to take the mineral supplements. Hi all, I had been having PVCs for years, sometimes for weeks on end. Also when you alone in your car try screaming and yelling for this thing to get out of your body. How can u not worry when it just doesnt even feel right.... I have tried to see if it is related to caffeine, alcohol, exercise, etc, but they seem to just occur with no rhyme or reason! There are many knowledgeable people on this site who can give you lots of helpful suggestions best tea for energy and weight loss on how to deal with these. My physician like most the rest say the PVCs won't hurt you and some feel them moe than others and everyone has them. I've built up a resistance i guess and drink 2 cups now and usually drink one before 6pm. I do get them occasionally, but nothing like before and not nearly as scary. A lot of people find relief with meditation, yoga, exercise. Just as others said in this thread, they just vanished within a day after I started taking Co-Q10. I had them so bad that i would go hours without a normal beat, some nights i would wonder if i would wake up in the morning. This combination seems to have completely stopped them. I have been to the ER, been to my primary Dr. I started out with just a cup at around 4pm.. The yoga and deep breathing should help the PVCs , but if it doesn't try the beta blocker, as it will also save your heart 30 to 40,000 beats a day and maybe make it last ten years longer than the average person. They still give me a start every time I have them, especially when I haven't had one in awhile, even though I now "understand" they are not dangerous. Hey, there. This combination seems to have completely stopped them. My doctor also says that he gets them all the time and to just ignore them as they are generally harmless and almost everyone can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack gets them. I sure feel sorry for some of these folks who describe a much worse pathology with PVCs and other heart related maladies. I like coffee so i gave it a try. Thanks Wow, I am actually glad to have found this forum here! I didn't really have a diagnosis for PVCs until about 5 or six years ago when I went to the doc for a normal physical and he found my blood pressure a little high. Then it seemed to get worse, then better, then worse again. But the coffee has worked since september. And I hope you find relief, too. What I can say is that I have started to can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack eat better, helping with my PVCs as well. I just want to post this website on a huge billboard so the whole world can see it! I will like to say that I have PVC's for the last year, and there are not a pleasent thing to live with, but I have realized that they are here to stay. Drove myself to the hospital thinkin i was having a heart attack... Anyway the whole reason im writing this is to say one.. I am 30 and I started having PVC's last March, and I just cannot get rid of them. Hi, and welcome to Medhelp. The blockage is most commonly due to narrowing of a coronary artery that is caused by a buildup of cholesterol (plaques), a condition known as atherosclerosis. I no longer live in fear of them daily like I did before. Labs are fine, holter is fine, chest xrays fine, etc... This ingredient send my heart into an irregular heart beatting that is not only unconfrotable but dangerous. All doctors say to cut out coffee, but i heard one on a news show say he also suggested it but now has found coffee will stop them. I do get them occasionally, but nothing like before and not nearly as scary. I am 40, mine started around 5 years ago around the same time I started having panic attacks when I was hung over after a night of heavy drinking. I feel them every time they happen and there are times when it is just over and over again for what feels like days at a time.... I read the posts on here and decided to try a combination of two things I had seen repeatedly. And have just picked up a bottle of the COQ-10 .. Show I have had these for 15 years and have not died. Doctors tell u not to worry.. I read the posts on here and decided to try a combination of two things I had seen repeatedly. For the last couple of years my PVCs have been almost completely eradicated by taking the fully daily recommended allowance of calcium and magnesium supplements. But was having these PVC'S that i have never had how to find out if you have asthma before... Wishing you the best. And want to can irregular heartbeat cause heart attack say i will take in count all that post.. The one thing that I know that makes it worst is eating any food that have MSG. But I don't FEEL fine!! I do stress not to much but i have never had these before.. What does your Dr say? I now notice that overeating, eating certain foods (high carb and fat), and not getting enough sleep, as well as stressing in general all seem to trigger PVCs. natural remedies to quit smoking I guess PVCs just bother some people more than others... It has make me feel a bit normal, knowing that it is not me inventing the symptoms that I have been experiencing for the last year. Good luck, DRphil66 Ok, I am new to this website and I cant begin to express how thankful I am to accidentally have stumbled upon it!! Personally, I am one of those who take the omega 3 fish oil epa-dea combination and it keeps them at bay. Also, nothing seems to actually cause them that I can find... I am 31 years old now, take toprol xl, and xanax. I have enjoyed reading all the commnets. I had my first dose of PVC'S about month ago... What is even better, I took Co-Q10 only for about a month and PVCs haven't come back. Nothing seemed to help. Mine started out of nowhere about 4 months ago.

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