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Cold turkey. I find it gives you that steady stream of nicotine so you have minimal physical cravings. Have 9mm nodule on right lung. And honestly the amount of money I waste on them makes me sick. On the 11 of april 2016 i put the patch on again and here i am on a new forum looking for help and guidance to help my addiction. I know that God is my only help and I’m trying to build up my how to convince someone to quit smoking faith in that He loves me and wants to help me to become set free of this killer effective ways to stop smoking !!! If lucky I can surgically remove the right lung lobe. My age is 55 and i want to quit for good. Im pretty sure he has or is on the verge of getting COPD… I am a daddy’s girl, he is a deputy sheriff and I can’t even start to imagine that day when he is no longer here.. During that time i felt that i had beat the nicotine monster,sadly the forum seemed to close overnight, even so i carried on with the quit untill one alcahol fuelled night when i thougt one cigarete wont hurt i stupidly started to smoke again, that was fourteen months ago. They told me I was diabetic in 2008, and i do know that diabetics that smoke lose their legs eventually. Please stop smoking before you wind up in my situation. He has Blessed me in so many ways all of my life. Runs in my family, My aunt and my mother were the exact same way. I do not empathize with those that complain of severe addiction, I don’t think I ever was addicted to nicotine. As you can imagine i have good knowledge on the subject and will try to help you all. They are going to work well for some people, but not for everyone. But I know it’s time to walk away one last time for good. But heres the point and I know it has to be the person and have to have the WANT TO QUIT MENTALITY BUT I also want my dad to quit with me… He is 58 and smoked since he was very young.. Would you want to quit with me? I’m 36 and have smoked since I was 18, a pack a day. Reply You don’t sound lower back pain relief products like a smoker Nick. Reply I have been smoking since the past 6 years. The alcohol I know I can do bc I was able to stop for over a year. Now what I should do? So I’ve learned over many years and attempts at quitting a) quitting is hard but totally doable. Reply London Stop Smoking Hypnosis implements the most advanced hypnosis techniques and hypnotherapy effective ways to stop smoking treatments enabling you to stop smoking comfortably and enjoyably. I’m starting to get a cough which is the first signs of nothing good. Quits every year for a week or two cold turkey but falters every time with alcohol. But cigarettes is my number one enemy and I need to stop. Like everyone started with one cigarette offered by cousin and continued that for 3 years. 55-year-old, pack a day Male smoker since age 13. I’m in control. Smoked from I was 17 till now which is 41. Now without him I smoke 2-3 cigarettes a effective ways to stop smoking day but with him i smoke pack a day. Do not give yourself permission to go back. I do find the patch helps that because you just have to find something else to do during those effective ways to stop smoking times and the little feeling of anxiety quickly passes. Ido hope that i get some replys to my post, i inturn will reply to your questiones. I think I will always still secretly think about cigarettes since we had such a long relationship. I dont know how to quite, My so many friends are smoking when i see them to smoke i eagerly ask them for cigarette, every day this things happening, Please assist me how to quite smoking? Strange but true Reply My name is gary ,in 2012 i quit smoking for three years ,i used the patch for three months, and then joined the smoking timeline forum which was a massive help. I’m reading all this stuff wondering which way should I go. I’ve been confident before but this time I feel more committed than ever. I tried the patches and the gums but at the time I wasn’t ready. I am soo confused. But I never stopped secretly craving them. And do not fool myself into thinking I can ever go back. The issue was that when my best friend started smoking then it it increased to 4-5 cigarettes a day. So long for good. For me the challenge is then to just avoid the habit triggers – morning coffee smoke, drive to work smoke, lunch break smoke, etc. Reply Hi I started herbal and natural remedies for diabetes smoking at the age of 12 and quit for 6 months when I was 18 then started a job and started smoking agian then my next attempt was when I was 46 and quit for only 5 days then I started feeling anxious and having more anxiety so i started smoking agian I’m now 47 I’m wanting to be done with smoking Reply London Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Cessation is based in the heart of effective ways to stop smoking Central London, conveniently located in the City within walking distance of Liverpool Street Station, Bank and Shoreditch. I did start again in the summer of 2015 and quit again that fall, and it was just as easy. ” No response back yet? I am having a stress test this week and have been very anxious about no smoking or having caffeine starting at midnight the night before the test. Likely cancerous. And while I’m 40 now I effective ways to stop smoking realize I still have a lot of life left to live so why wouldn’t I want to love myself enough to do what’s necessary to make that as long as I can. Please pray for me also. Quitting is something personal, and each individual has to find their own best way to do so. Have heard alot of good things about that!! Reply I am 28 been smoking since was 16… I am wanting to quitI, I want to try the acupuncture!! I’ve always given myself permission to smoke again and I always end up going back to it. He is my daddy…? Put it on and forget about it. Do you think it’s a good idea? If you are determined, focused and motivated in becoming a non-smoker, then you can achieve powerful, life-changing results. So this time my plan is to stay on the relief from sciatic pain in leg patch longer. I polished off all but one pack. Reply And that is the story with each of these methods. And boy was I a heavy smoker. If not and it spread to my lymph nodes I am dead in 1 to 2 years. Reply I’ve never really had a hard time quitting. As time went by i was able to give assistance to many people on that site and they all helped me. All smokers die a young lousy death. Our aim is not to provide temporary relief by suppressing your cravings. The most successful method for me is the patch. Any helpful advice is appreciated. Let’s keep in touch. Do you need willpower? Once I get three weeks under my belt on the patch without smoking I start to get over confident in myself and I usually try to go cold turkey from there. Lives in South Africe in small town in the free state. I want to do it cold turkey bc now I’m ready to quit. Instead, together we explore the true elements behind your smoking habit to ensure a full, and long-lasting solution. Went for a low dose C-Scan for smokers. Then whenever I was feeling torched I’d have a smoke. I was a very heavy smoker, smoked three, sometimes four packs a day. Will know more later this week after Petscan. C) quitting is a choice you have to make when is blood sugar too high for yourself that you must stay 100% committed to. I tried the patch once in my life i swear it MADE me crave cigarettes, I have never had a problem in my life quitting cold turkey. And my husband is also a smoker who has never tried to quit, even though he wants to. I was amazed with how easy it was. Reply I will be praying for you !!! I also have a vape and e-cigarettes on hand in case I need to get that oral fixation. I have tried several tricks to stop smoking but failed every day before sleep i am promising my self that tomorrow i am effective ways to stop smoking not gonna smoke cigarette but fail to do. I have twin girls (3yrs old) who I want to be able to have a better and longer relationship with him!!! I hope I feel better tomorrow because this is when I tend to give up, but I’m determined to quit! I don’t miss it, and i never had one withdrawl symptom. Do the recommended time on each step like they recommend. So long old friend. Reply Hello, My name is bilal, I am smoking 4 to 5 cigarette every day sometimes 1 only, I really want to quite smoking but how? I used to get them online from foriegn countries and therefore they were cheap and i never got caught. This usually leads to me thinking, “I’ve got this. Old, nasty, dirty, soul sucking, time stealing, money stealing, health damaging, mind f’ing friend. I do have a hard time staying quit. ” His response “That would be great” I said “Do you want to quit? I did pretty good, that pack lasted me a long time & it’s been 2 days now & I’m hurting. Because I like it and it’s my crutch. Day by day & praying! Reply I also did the quitting on 31 dec but are suffering right now and try to manipulate my brain to reject this overwhelming ache for a smoke. I’m also gonna quit alcohol bc that just goes hand in hand for me. I quit lots of times for 3 months, 6 months even 3 years during the time I was non alcoholic fatty liver disease treatment pregnant and breast feeding my kids. I messaged him “If you could quit would effective ways to stop smoking you? B) There is no such thing as being able to be an occasional smoker after being a full blown smoker the majority of you life. Now I must remind myself of all the many answered prayers He has done for me all of my life.  Susannah is a stop smoking cessation specialist, committed to providing a service of excellence. I just stopped smoking and that was it. ” Then something stressful happens and I think it’s okay to “just what causes adult onset diabetes have one” and then it all goes to hell. You may know someone who quit cold turkey, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to do it. I quit. We could quit together!! I only wore elastic pants to avoid facing the weight gain, and the shocker was that three months later i LOST 16 pounds. I just finished my last pack a couple hours ago and put on the patch. This time I quit the drinks too but am afraid for the dark foods to avoid cancer risk lonely nights ahead.

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