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Should I go for a surgery or take homeo medicine? Visharadan surgeon. Advised to continue the medicine life time. 6 mg, Tsart 40 mg, Glimiprex 2 mg + 2mg, I have managed the first three. Miserable Life. N dr. The prostate enlargement in BPH is directly dependent on dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the principal androgen hormone in the prostate, certain medication blocks the enzyme needed to make DHT and so lowers blood and tissue DHT levels and helps reduce the size of the prostate. Many thanks n regards. I do regular exercise, my physical condition is fine. I had also taken medicene from the PGI chandigarh for about 2 years, their last decision was when extrem problem then surgery will be done. Frequecy of urine after 25 to 30 minutes. Any suitable medicine pl. 8 glasses per day). No diabetes. Now he is natural treatment for uterine fibroids suffering sudden pain from the penis and not having sleep in the night. Thereafter, i consulted a physician; who has advised that no surgery and medicine is required at this stage. Bengal suffering from problem of Prostate since two and half years. And finding not much improvement. With allopathic enlargement of the prostate gland medical term remedies__ Budamate 400 mcg and Ventorlin 100 mcg inhalations; Clopitab 75 mg, Dytor 5 mg, Nebi 2. He is very tired now and not able to walk without anybodys help. I am 54 ringing in one ear causes year old. I am a 72-year-old retired professor of English with COPD, HPT, T2DM, and BPH !!!! Nervous Personality. Com complete ki hai but stifness ke karan job mai problem treatment for sciatic pain in buttocks ho rahi hai kya aap mujhe bata sakte hai ki mujhe aise enlargement of the prostate gland medical term hi jina padega i am only 23 years old male cystoscopy bhi normal hai and urologist says minor swelling Recently, started going to clear bladder sooner than earlier because of urge to do so. But so long as I used to take those medicine it would give relief easily passing urine with normal flow but when I discontinue it would be same problems. He is taking food not regularly. Can Homeopathy treat benign prostate hyperplasia (BHP)? Pls advise This is regarding my grand father Mr. Adviced us for surgery after surgery he was fine but now after 5 years again he is having spoting but not in regular basis it happens after 2 or 3 days only first his urine gets yellew then spotings starts but there is no pain n too much urge of urine we r worried plz help us n guide us what should we do? Vijayakumar and Dr. Overweight. At night too, visit bathroom once daily, sometimes maybe twice. Pressure on Rectum while straining for passing stool causes frequent urination after every 15 minutes even making it more miserable. Dr. Also had urine flow test which is normal. But Urimax -D triggers severe asthmatic attacks. Sometimes, the urge becomes severe and early to find enlargement of the prostate gland medical term place to ease. 3 days before he was admitted in the nearer hospital(Birla Hospital, Pilani, Jhunjhunu) and getting treatement from the Sr Cardiologist Dr. I am a 72 years old person from Durgapur,W. I am eagerly waiting for your precious reply. If I take XATRAL I feel fine without that the symptom returns. It is also termed as benign enlargement of the prostate. 4 ,taking medisone finast 5 and seledol -8 ,simtoms enlargement of the prostate gland medical term of urine retention is gone ,though i feel heaviness in lower abdomen ,secondly after this medisone sexual desire is finished and sermon is dried ,and kind of low filing and moreover its depression ,i am trying to improve my self with 5 km morning walk,45 mints yoga ,pranayam, My father in law is suffering from this problem since 6 years first time he had large amount of bleeding one day his urine was stoped n we took him to dr. Hence this S-O-S to you. At that first time when it was detected it was 40 gm. About a year back enlargement of prostate has been found in the ultrasound. Urine blocked and a little amount of urine will come out. Cystitis in ultrasound. The medical therapy of BPH includes medication. Put urine bag that bag got filled with what to do on high blood pressure blood n utine after that dr. Now I have given up those medicine before a year ago and facing same problems. Benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH refers to a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. Blood Pressure High for last 30 years manageable with Betablockers hello enlargement of the prostate gland medical term dr sharmaji ,i am kanwarjit singh my age is 57 years, and suffering with enlarge prostate ,its size is 112 gms and psa is 3. Now the problem is severe and urologist reffered for a surgery and he is already a Dama patient, the Dr. Regards, I am having prostate enlargement and the ultrasound test indicated 1st grade. But I had burning sensation after urination. Rgds Doctor has given me medicine like Uris-pass and Val-tum plus. E Janurary 2015. Pala Ram (90Yrs). What is your advise in this case? Now, I am having pain on both sides of pubic area. Further, Dr. Therefore I had left the medicine six month ago i. Constipation. Other medication belongs to a class of drugs called alpha-1 blockers which relax the smooth muscle of the prostate and the bladder neck. He is suffering from prostate enlargement problem for more than 2 months. Six month back started burning sensation in the penis, also felt during urination, went to the doc nd had all sort’s of test, finally it’s little prostate enlargement 35m nd started XATRAL XL 10 mg everyday now. Surgery is ruled out. Brigadier Vijay Tewari I am 66 years and have problem in uranate, some time goes after half hour, and feel that the bladder is not empty. I have been using formula P of Baksons for the last 20days. He also feels a heavy pain from the stomach and motion strucked for the past 6 days. The Urologist the easy way to stop smoking pdf gave me the medicine Tasuline-D to take regularly. May I there for seek U R advice to have any alternative homeopathic medicine please. Told that his health is now not in a condition to withstand a surgery. As per USG and PSA under normal range. enlargement of the prostate gland medical term Age 66 years Male. Hii doctor sahab my self navratan bairwa 23 years old from bhilwara 15 month ago i woke up in morning and go to bathroom and urin didnt come out uss time se abb tak urin flow bhot weak rahta hai aur stomach and left knee tak stifness rahti hai jab mai jyada der tak baithta hu to stomach mai khichav rahta hai abhi mai 6 din se homyopathy medicine le raha par koyi fark nahi hai Sir mai yaha puchana chata hu ki ye urin problem mujhe puri life rahegi ya iska koyi cure hai mai alopathy , ayurvedic, homyopathy treatment pahle bhi le chuka hu i am now hopeless maine M. I am forced to go to for urination every 2hours in the day and 3–4hours in the night. 5 mg, Nitrocontin 2. The enlargement of the prostate gland blocks the urinary outflow and results in many urinary symptoms. Relaxing these muscles helps relieve the urinary obstruction caused by the enlarged prostate. Also no urine infection. Kindly advise homeopathic medicine which will revert the prostate to my original size nd give me relief from the burning sensation nd comparatively less urine flow. After three months the burning and pain reduced and after six month the weight of Prostate came to 28 gms. Due to this i am unable to sleep properly. Stop the medicine but after few months the burning and pain came back and the gland began to enlarge causing difficulty in urination. And E Coli Bacteria in Urine. But till date there is no any blood in urine and urinary tract infection. Prostrate Enlarged moderately of first grade in ultrasound. Pl give natural supplements for kidney health your valuable suggestions natural remedies for severe anxiety in this case. Am 65 yr old and drink plenty of water (min. No puss cells now in routine urine.

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