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It may occur due to benign prostatic hypertrophy or prostatitis or prostate cancer etc. I have this problem detected about 2. PSA (prostate specific antigen) is checked. A urine test is also conducted to rule out urinary infection. I have hypertension and high cholestrol for which I take Amlopress 2. Or it can be a stone in my urine bladder bcoz I chronic kidney disease stage v had 7. Doctor, i am 52 yrs old. No sexual urge. My bladder becomes empty after urine. So far I a have not gone to any doctor for this problem and I do not take any medicine as yet. Sir, I am 64+. He is quiet fit. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable when I wake up and pee in the morning .. how to stop a smoke detector beeping I been feeling this since a year ago. Some body has told me herbal remedy for prostate enlargement to use Prostatn R25 by Dr Reckeweg 10 drops hourly for two days and then thrice daily onwards. Through out in the night this practice remains continue. I have been advised to take Alfoo tablets for a1 month period before going to bed. A very common problem seen in males with advancing age is the increasing prostate gland size. The stream has become what is kidney disease stage 3 narrow. I have been taking it for the past one month but still the flow is in small bits several times at night. Pressure released after urine. Various doctors, i. Doctor has suggested for Biopsy. Urologist, Orthopedic, neurologist were also visited but no result. My urine routine exam revealed 50-60 pus cells and occasional RBS. Please suggest me some treatment in this regards at earliest possible . But recently he suffered from fever and itching in passing urine. Saxsena, orthopedic surgeon. My father is 77 years old. 5 years back from now when the size of prostate was detected to 40mm and the latest size is detected to be 37 mm. He advised TURP and that was done during 2013 December. What is PSA and what does it signify? Investigations include an ultrasound of the prostate gland, transrectal ultrasound, cystoscopy, postresidual volume test, urinary flow test. 014. Can I get cured for prostatic disorders and if so what is the medicine to be used ? 4 mm stone in my left kidney which ,I am not sure cleared or struck over there bcoz it was not found in last ultrasound. Please advise me the right medicine on Homeopathy. I am taking Cantharis Thita with Tasuline-D which reduced my sexual urge. Frequent urination,lower back pain,lower abdomen pain,discomfort in penis is their. When PSA test was conducted by Dr. I have been diagonised with Prostate. What is a prostate gland? I was treated by Dr. It is a progressive condition that exclusively affects the herbal remedy for prostate enlargement prostate gland and if not checked may lead to other complications. Is this due to chronic prostate as doctor said me? Doctor detected urinary infection. Thank you doctor I am from Pakistan and practicing as a natural ways to quit smoking chest physician. It takex 2,3 seconds for pee to come out and when it does it starts slowly.. I was on Alpha blocker medicine but 2 days back I developed acute on chronic retention and was catheterized. Thereafter, I have consulted a Homeopath in Kereala who has prescribed Dr Reckeweg Prostrate drops R 25(Prostatan – Prostatitis drops) and R 18(Cystophylin- Kidney and bladder drops}. Pls suggest some effective remedy.. Presently I am suffering excessive urine since long. And sometimes after peeing I feel to pee again as the bladder still have some left and it does come out again. This is my humble request you to kindly advice me for treatment in Homeopathic. But now by antibiotics he has no herbal remedy for prostate enlargement problem now. Now my lower abdomen is bulging and feel urine is not fully passed. Sometimes I do have problem to start urination. Especially urination problem is more acute during night time. Also doctor said that we may have to go for surgery if this problem occurs again in future whenever the problem herbal remedy for prostate enlargement will arrive. If the PSA value is above normal, biopsy of prostate tissue needs to be done to rule out cancerous changes. Recently he went for a check up and came to know that herbal remedy for prostate enlargement he need a surgery(Only Sticher) again as per the doctor’s comments. Plz rply,thanx problem: urine urgency with frequency ( within 1hr to 45 min paricular in night) when i feel urine it creats great pressure towards my head. why do i get so tired My father is 61 years of old and went for a surgery called TURP and Sticher last two years back. The consultant urologist has advised TURP but due herbal remedy for prostate enlargement to low Platelet count the operation has been post pond. Some time i feel pain in urethra. natural ways to relieve anxiety I am 65 what can i take for ringing in my ears and suffering from BPH for the last 12 years . Thanks. I also went for MRI and saw that one of the nerves is pressed and it can not be operated. I was what is the symptoms of a heart attack having urinating problem and therefore was advised the above test. As I had blood in semen and after urination, I consulted Urologist. My Prostate was detected through Ultrasound. Hi,I am 36 year old having PVR size 18 cc. Previously I passed urine 2 times in the night and the frequency is around herbal remedy for prostate enlargement 2 to 3 times now. I am suffering from excessive urine problem since 2006. Cant hold lonf after natural cure for cirrhosis of the liver feeling for pee.. Diuretic (prostatict Homeo medicines) increase this sitution further. My Blood Sugar reveals that I am on the verge of becoming diabetic as against the normal count of 70-90, my count is 119 which is high. I take only homeopathic treatment for any ailment. Thereafter my blood sugar is under control with insuline (Novomax 30 Penfil) – 16-10 units. I met with an accident in the year 1990 resulting paralyses in left leg and up to knee in my right leg. My all other investigations,including PSA,are with in normal limits. Is there any Homeopathic treatment. I had visited spine hospital Vasant Vihar, New Delhi along with my all reports but without any fruitful results. Various tests need to be conducted. It was compression between L1 & L2. I am diabetic since 20 years with medicines. My urine test. 5 and Statin 10 daily. I am a 50 yr old male,have had bph now for over 6 yrs,tried prescribed drugs briefly by doctor but stopped herbal remedy for prostate enlargement straight away because of retrograde ejaculation,i now take no medication,i have been in a horrific dilemma for over 7 yrs now & avidly on a daily basis I have tried to improve my sexual function as I have no lobido whatsoever,ive had left sided varicoceles on testicle since my teenage days,over 5 yrs ago I developed a testicle right sided cyst,no one can help myself to improve my sexual function as I can only produce a tiny amount of semen every 5-6 weeks,ive tried almost everything without any advantages,ie an aneros helix prostate massager,i wear a blakoe ball zinger ring nightly,eat a testosterone friendly diet,do high intensity interval training all to no advantages in my sexual function,im at my wits ends,i was reffered to urological department who prescribed myself trt gel but I stopped immediately because made my bph worse,ive cycled all well known supplements without any gains,COULD YOU PLEASE ADVISE WHY THIS IS HAPPENING & WHAT ELSE CAN I DO,PLEASE REPLY,YOURS FAITHFULLY JOHN I am a 70 yours aged person suffering from enlarged prostate with vol 30 gms, PVU 65 cc with disturbed flow of urine and having pain and burning after urination. PSA is quite normal. Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment as he is not willing to conduct biopsy. Is there any need to go for surgery or do you advise any other treatment? E. Lal pathology he has high PSA level of 27.

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