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)? This means that for somebody that suffers from diabetes, blood sugar levels rise within a few hours after consuming carbohydrates. I think our bodies adapt to being in the high range. I pick up kids from school get home I felt lightheaded home remedies for quit smoking dizzy drunken like feeling sick to stomach could hardly high blood sugar and headaches stand swaying while walking like I was drunk head spinning and just felt like I was going to throw up. With all this I feel ok. Trust me, if you have to steal your supplies, it would be worth how to treat anxiety naturally it. I don’t have insurance anymore after losing my job and have just solely been relying on my fast acting. Please speak to your doctor and tell them how you really feel so they can help you. I am 31 years old now and I am still new to this and still trying to figure it out. I pray that I can teach my son how important it will be for him to stay diligent and monitor his body and condition and stick with it. Today I woke up with soap. I feel depressed and sick to my stomach. It literally saved my life. Ketones are by-products that are found when the body breaks high blood sugar and headaches down fat. One doesn’t simply ‘lose years’. He is blind, has been for some time, and his mind is going, at 35. One does not simply ‘die’. Tired fatigue sickie like all day. I was at 357 earlier this evening and took 10 units of Novolog. When blood sugar levels are too high, the body cannot process the carbohydrates efficiently enough so that they can be transformed into usable energy. Until today. high blood sugar and headaches Is anyone else like that? Hi. It feels shit regardless. I have often tried to explain to my girlfriend how it feels to be high or low. My lowest has been 240 in the last week with most mother can not stop drinking tests in the 300’s. I don’t know if people re-read these or maybe what are the treatment of asthma this will reach a new reader who feels that way. I’m scared because high blood sugar and headaches my dad went blind from smoking cigarettes and being a diabetic. I read a bunch of comments in here about people not paying attention to their levels, or saying it’s too expensive, or they ran out of their high blood sugar and headaches medicine etc. Maybe in his lifetime we will see a cure. When alot of issues sent my blood chemistry and weight out of control I was told to call one. And completing the most simple task; like walking to the mail box to check the mail feels as challenging as climbing Mount Everest. I think part of it may be mind over matter. My A1C is 10. I hear ya. I hope you feel better soon. The dr just told me and said we would check my a1c and then figure it out in 4 weeks. I started the standard drug eveyone seems to get but it hasn’t had an affect yet. Even 12 years ago. I have no idea what this has done to my body. I what can help sciatic pain have stayed thirsty my entire life, had bad headaches, high blood sugar and headaches severe panic attacks, it goes on and on…lots of other things to cover up diabetes. I just stopped smoking. I keep a log and have been to my doc. Right now it still feels horrible. My cravings for sweets stopped dead but unfortunately my appetite has never quite returned. I am going through it right now myself as I started a new supplement and it’s working. I forgot how it felt to be in normal range. I am out of my Lantus and have been for over a year now. If not treated, hyperglycemia can cause a condition known as ketoacidosis (also known as diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) or diabetic coma). Hi my name is Stacey. I am sympathetic and it sounds like you need help with adjusting back to good health. I feel so tired and worn down during the day and just so blah. Carbohydrates are taken in through all food sorts containing carbohydrates. I appreciate finding all of the comments above. Have had it all day I ate an apple for breakfast had about 4 oz of orange juice to take Ibp. Sometimes it’s like I have sandbags in my feet. When you cut back on carbohydrates, did you also cut high blood sugar and headaches out sugary drinks (juice, soda, etc. The reason how to lower your blood sugar naturally I ask is that cutting out caffeine or lowering it suddenly can cause some godawful headaches, irritability, and a general feeling like you might drop dead at any moment. About I have been feeling over all like crap today. I stretch and go for short strolls. Stress can cause headaches as well. My friend did all the above, he now lives in a nursing home, he will never leave, at 35. I am not diabetic but have a different set of issues. So my 4 year old is t1, I have a 35 year old friend who is t1 also since he was young. And for lunch kinda hungry but not really so I ate fresh home made crab salad with some wheat club crackers. 35 years ago when my son was four for three days he kept saying that he had to pee a lot I thought he had a urinary tract infection I made an appointment with a doctor but we didn’t quite make it till that Monday Saturday he did not get up to watch cartoons and it looked like he had lost 10 pounds in one day his sugar was 1200 they sent him down to Henry Ford downtown Detroit where he was in picu and I thought we were going to lose him but he turned around he is very fanatic about his sugar he watches his carbs exercises and he ended up going in the medical field I can’t believe it and he’s very successful Oh my, please educate yourself on the effects of high blood sugar over the long term. That is the case right now. Herbal teas, anything to make you find that “calm”. He has had both his legs amputated, and is in permanent kidney failure, at 35. I was reading here and just noticed your new post on an old thread. I don’t know how else to say it. Avoid foods can bring on headaches, such as caffeine, chocolate, and certain wine and cheese products. You seem very nice. Still There are a few things that might be causing the headaches. I have had high blood sugars when I was pregnant but that’s. I called my mom asked to use her machine checked my sugar level and I was at 216. Exercise is a wonderful stress buster and can help keep up our natural “happy” endorphin hormones. Who among us has not experienced stress? I usually find my self with low blood sugars but never high. Still feel like crap fatigue tired thirsty now hungry for the first time today. Also told me that if I continued to lose weight keep increasing healthful calories in until it stopped. I agree with all these comments on being high very much. Ask anyone who is on dialysis from kidney failure. It is a long slow progress of losing function and ability. Frustration, irritation, short fuse, muscular pain and God if I get high whilst PMSing, I literally feel like I’ve entered Dante’s seventh circle. Hang in there T2 warriors!!!! So I Kaye’s down took a nap has gone down a little it’s at 134 now 5 hours later. I am t1 and was just diagnosed in Sept of 2012. She gave me specific limits on calories from fat, saturated fats, protein how to lower sugar level and carbs. 2. He struggles with depression, and lacks the physical strength to improve even if he could muster the will. This is due to the body’s lack of insulin, which processes glucose into fuel, for the body to break down fats which are used for energy. I get really hot and uncomfortable and just so irritated because it is so high that I can’t sleep some nights. I did not realize I had a problem until what can help sciatica pain my wife bought a tester for me. I really don’t know what”normal” feels like. My first test was 389. This is a terribly stressful disease to have and manage. I thought I would feel more energetic but I don’t yet. I knew something was not right. I’m here to tell you, whatever it takes, don’t ignore it, don’t neglect it, don’t give up. Sometimesa bit hyper and ditzy,. I have no idea what to do, what kind of medicine to take , or anything. I just found out I have diabetes, I’m guessing it’s type 2. I eat on schedule, how to shrink an enlarged prostate not because of hunger. High blood sugar to me feels like I just took a whole bunch a sleeping pills and they have just kicked in, but I am too sick to sleep. I have never had a problem with high blood sugars. Pets and hobbies can be awesome stress busters as well. Now I am still high blood sugar and headaches currently at 317 I just took another 7 units. I’m at 460 right now. At night time though I notice that if high blood sugar and headaches I am really high I can’t even sleep. 🙁 I don’t know if there is any relation between hyperventilation and high blood sugar but when I’m ‘high’ I’m usually gasping for breath even while doing simplest of tasks.

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