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Thanks. Now i wanted to know if these little red spots on my body that are popping up over the last 4-5years have anything to do with this. Examples of cardiovascular exercises include running, jumping rope and aerobics. It has been this way for many years. After that next day my USG shows “liver is mildly enlarged shows mild diffuse increased parenchymal echopattern” my CBC, Liver function test and urine test shows normal. You need to get to the bottom of what’s causing this increase. I’ve just never had this type of pain in my abdomen and back. I have no idea if I have chirosis even. Technically what is really happening? Hello doctor its me sanjana subba from darjeeling.. One year later the fibroscan score came down to 13 while CAP to S0. Your doctor should not be blowing you off. When I ask them what kind of diet I need or what can I do to help my liver, they have all told me that I can eat anything I want. I had prob 15 blood samples taken, do not know the results of them and the LS I talked to the day I was released almost ordered them again so I don’t think he had read much in my chart. This article has pretty much nailed it to a T. You are on top of this, just as you should be. I feel a mild gas type pain not much in both right and left side of central abdomen but not by touch. Is this a normal thing to say to a patient? Just get another opinion. My numbers went up to 500 and now my Dr. My son is 9 years old and recently had a cmp done which resulted with hifh liver enzymes . He told me to lose weight, eliminate fatty foods and alcohol and that I may live another 10 years. Regular exercise can reverse alcoholic liver damage by increasing the blood how to strengthen nervous system naturally flow to your liver, enabling it to regenerate faster. I have seen 3 gastro doctors and they all tell me the same thing. And when i take medician i dont puke but i feel i am having something in my liver thats pains lots of yarning occured too.. Of course my body has built a tolerance to it and I would even dare say that I have somehow become addicted to it in a how to repair liver damage way. The whole point of taking care of myself is so I can live an ongoing healthy life. I don’t drink alcohol but last night I had two glasses of red wine and this morning the sweating was horrible. His Dr. I am 40 and had no symptoms. I have a bunch of small itchy red spots on my upper thighs thats spreading down my legs I was diagnosed with moderate how to repair liver damage fatty liver last year and I have had a major decrease in urine for about 6 months and its really dark and has a really bad smell and I have constant pain in my lower right rib and pot belly Get a new doctor. I do not feel it is reflux. Actually i am sick from last week fevers,headache, eyes pain,and what ever i eat i get puke.. I did have a sonogram on Thursday, but the girl pressed down my right side so hard that I was in pain for days. I came here to find info for my husband’s ailments but this post about bi-polar medication has hit a autonomic nervous system disorders natural treatment nerve. Before 1 month I feel a little swelling on left side of my abdomen. My tsh level is 17’14. I just am not sure if I need to seek out a different group of liver specialists. I have been on it for the last 10 months now… my numbers have come down. 🙂 I was early symptoms of diabetes in adults in the hospital recently because I was vomiting blood. Can u jst explain me whats happening to me? And how the hell do I kick this habit and find sleep? Has me on steroids Budisonide. I followed up with a hepatologist and a subsequent biopsy revealed NASH with a fibroscan score of 18 kpa and fatty liver CAP being S2. I am going for some lab work this morning. What a sobering look at my life. I have an afebrile on left elbow and 20 or 25 liver spot in all body. I don’t feel like I am going to die. If I bend over to tie my shoes or put my stomach in a bind….. Will wait for results. Hi i just got my test results and they say i have an abdormality of the liver. Thank you I was diagnosed with high liver enzyme in 2008 .. The GI specialist were very informative but the liver specialist were vague. A 5cm increase is pretty significant. Exercise can also prevent fat build up in your liver. Sharp pains occur in my upper right abdominal area. I need advise, I would like to buy special vitamins and do a liver cleanse but I can’t find anything that is safe for a 9 year old. My Dr. I must if he made that statement though. I mean that. Please i would like to know more about this and what i can do to help my liver or if this is something i need to have looked at more in depth. I’ve been suicidal many times, but I need to how to repair liver damage keep going for my kids- I don’t want to jeopardize my health for treatment- where is the balance? No medication or anything to help me. A casual checkup revealed cirrhosis of the liver how do you lower your blood sugar in USG around a year back. Recently I’ve been experiencing hot flashes and very heave sweating during the hour or two before I get out of bed. The found a bleeding ulcer and “a few small varices” on my esophagus. I need to know if I would be able to get off the meds at some point ? Do cardiovascular exercises for at least one hour every day. The only questions are… is it irreversible? Is waiting 1 month to repeat blood work. Cabots Livatone Plus. I have first stage of non-alcoholic liver cirrhosis. I have tried soooooooooo many things but the only thing that I have found that works is tylenol pm. These spots are about the size of a dot that a pen would make. I myself am NOT a doctor so don’t be worried or afraid of my saying this, just get a different doctor. Is this normal because the last sonogram I had was not as painful. In the meantime, DON’T PANIC. Every night I take 6 at a time, multiple times until bed. I also suffer from fatigue and “foggy brain”. Any idea which direction is this heading? The doctors that I have seen have been utterly useless and the medications that I have tried what to eat for gastritis are even worse. After 1 month that’s now my abdomen has got how to repair liver damage a slight more swelled. This pain is different. Please advise? My maternal grandmother died of liver cirrhosis and family Hx of diabetes, high blood pressure,hypercholesterimia, renal stones, how to repair liver damage strokes, aneurysm (father). I’m starting to come to terms, that I may need to always take medication, and I’m worried about what it is doing to me. I am not sure if he wanted to put how to repair liver damage the fear of God in me but I have followed the instruction…lost weight…and have an appointment coming up that I have a lot of anxiety over. Although my doctor said there is nothing to worry. Is Cirrhosis reversible? My psychiatrist knows that I’m not comfortable with taking medication, but is working with me to provide the best quality of life on the least amt of meds. I’m really worried that I may have liver cancer or some other form of cancer. Has also done some banding on me in my esophagus how to repair liver damage and over time almost had bled to death not sure if it was caused by the banding that he had done on me or it was part of something else? Even when my gallbladder acted up, before it was removed, the pain was never this bad. But I have been suffering from psoriasis for 18 years but I don’t take any treatment for this as I know there is no cure for this. I was just online looking up excessive sweating and sensitivity to heat. I’ve had reflux for several years, and that is heart disease signs and symptoms more straight up my stomach and esophagus. I have been taking milk thistle and it seems to help, but now I am taking Dr. This has been occurring for the how to repair liver damage last five months and also the fatigue and foggy brain are also thyroid symptoms I think this might be more related to a liver problem. I AM EXTREMELY WORRIED !!! My blood reports all come normal except for GGT which is very high (120+) and strange thing best fruit tea for weight loss is I don’t drink at cancer treatment foods to eat all. I have had a problem with insomnia for the past 5 years. I have no vomiting but I always feel fullness in abdomen without any meal.

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