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The half life of the AST in the blood stream natural cure for kidney disease is much shorter than that of ALT, therefore the values of AST tend to drop more rapidly once liver function is resumed. They must be given on an empty stomach, followed by food an hour or so later. Aspartate Aminotransferase: AST – an enzyme seen in the liver, heart, kidney, skeletal muscle and brain. The undersides of his ears are yellow how to tell if you have liver problems and his abdomen is swollen and red. He’s been there over night two times and the vet has put him on Science Diet LD and Denosyl and another chewable tablet. I grew up with him as my companion since I was 5 and it is devastating to have to let best herbal supplements for weight loss him go but there is no hope for him and he would only suffer if we let him. Going there today we learned he hadn’t gotten any better and had indeed got worse. My father has PVT and it seems is affecting his liver. Our 11 year old Springer Spaniel has been very lethargic over the few weeks sand we had him at the vet today and blood was taken. She has no symptoms. After much research we put both how to tell if you have liver problems dogs on prescriprion Science Diet dog food for liver disease (L-D). But it is common sense that these chemicals are toxins. Please bring your dogs to the vet as soon as you have a sign that they are not healthy. If I can ever bring myself to get another friend, I’ll take it upon myself to learn more sooner. These are all characteristics of Cushings. He eats it fine and has gotten better. My 9 year old peke-a-poo started drinking a TON of water, stopped jumping up on the couch, had a big belly and her head was like a skull. The first dog however is drinking continuously, and has now started loosing weight, though her appetite is good. Also I see people have these lawn service companies (or do it themselves) dumping chemicals all over lawns and gardens, then allowing their dogs to romp on these poisons. I would like to know if i can make some homemade food for him that would replace the one he is supposed to eat. After going in for more tests and shots on saturday we left him there over night. Tucker has always eaten Science Diet food and has been fairly healthy…he does have PRA which is hereditary where he has gone blind. He is taking meds, but he still the same. Careful that you don’t feed too much as high levels of iron and vit. (Or their lawns are poisoned thanks to the neighbor’s treatments) The lawn chemical companies always deny there is a problem. Hope this helps some of you. Blood tests were done and shows that he has liver disease. Thanks, Tania Hello. Both had skin problems. The second symptoms of having kidney problems dog does not drink nearly as much and her skin has also cleared up. I have two Scottish Terriers with extremely high elevated liver counts. I love you clifford. Had I known about this site, I would have cure for psoriasis skin disease asked my vet more questions earlier in the year, and done more sooner, other than liver pills that really only seemed to make her sicker. Is he not getting enough to fill his belly from eating this food? From the time I have been involved with this group, I have seen how caring and helpful they can be and most people are able to glean some very useful information and support while participating in their discussions. On thursday we took him to the vet and they took several tests and found out on Friday that his liver was how to tell if you have liver problems no longer functioning. Today is my what causes pain in the sciatic nerve 13 year old kidney disease stages and symptoms half dachshund half shitzu’s, last night. Your story is amazing. The how to tell if you have liver problems other just drank a lot of watet. They often ask detailed questions about liver values, tests, etc so be sure to have that information handy and they can give you some suggestions and their experiences as well. Of beef liver every day. He i am tired all the time hasn’t been eating for a week already – he is in a low protein died, UD. My dogs seem to prefer the dry more than canned. The vets say there is no way to figure out if it is just from old age or if someone poisoned him (since neighbors had recently complained of his barking to animal control). And if anyone finds it okay to poison these innocent creatures than you are sick and deserve the worst. It is heartbreaking to see him get like this so quickly. The problem i am having is when I take him outside…he finds anything he can to eat. It comes in dry and canned. I am really worried i now have to take in a urine sample. He drank a lot more and his urine became an how to tell if you have liver problems odd color. She was found how to tell if you have liver problems at a Petsmart adoption at 7 and was 14 when she passed. He became very lethargic and stopped barking. * Beef Liver: I supplement my 15 lb dog with 1. A in liver can be toxic. She stopped drinking water, would only eat baby food from our finger, and just became confused and scared. AST elevations and ALT elevations should parallel each other in liver disease I so wish I had found your website a couple of months ago! You never know when it could be something as heart shattering as this. Her little spirit has left a hole so much larger than her 12 pds. He was told he had cirrhosis which I doubt giving that his LFTs are normal (almost the same as mine). We also put both dogs on Denamarin chewables, which greatly supports the liver. On Wednesday we tried to only feed him bland meat so it would be easy for him to digest but he still got sick. The first dog no longer bloats or throws up, and skin problems have all but vanished. I just said good bye to a beloved, family member, Spanky. I pour hot, filtered water over it and let it set until it becomes soft. He was a very healthy and energetic dog until monday of this week (today is Sunday). 2009 was put on dynasol med for a month he got better a week after his vet visit march 18th 2010 he went down hill again i made an appt for him to see vet next day that night we rushed him to the emergancy vet hosp half hr. Español: saber si tienes un hígado agrandado, Русский: узнать, не страдаете ли вы от гепатомегалии, Italiano: Capire what tea can i drink to lose weight se il Tuo Fegato how to tell if you have liver problems è Ingrossato, Português: Saber se Você Tem um Aumento do Fígado, Deutsch: Wissen ob du eine vergrößerte Leber hast, Français: savoir si vous souffrez d'une hypertrophie du foie, Bahasa Indonesia: Mengetahui Apakah Anda Mengalami Pembesaran Lever I would think about having your dog tested for Cushings. She has great energy, and looks good otherwise. He has barely moved and we have to help him get up, move him, and lay down. One dog was very bloated and drinking tons of water. The nutrients in beef liver helps out my dog and it enhances S-AME (as S-AME requires sufficient vit B12, folic acid and other nurtients that beef liver provides). 5 oz. He started vomiting so I took him to his vet and found out he was dehydrated and have high liver count. Primarily sleeping. We took him home for his last night. Our choc lab BOSCO 9yrs old had high liver blood count in dec. We noticed that his abdomen was very bloated and took to the vet. Away when i checked on him at night about 3;00 how to tell if you have liver problems he was seziuring so off we went to hosp they sedated him the seizers stopped but they said when he waked up if he is still in siezire that its not good well he started to siezure it was not good we oppted to have him put down BOSCO was a big kid (PUPPY ACTING) all his life we took his ashes home to bury them where he liked to lay outside his buddy CINDER is looking all over for him and mopeing aroung like us My shih tzu, 5 years old is in very bad condition. Having her go to sleep in my arms was sad beyond belief. When we fed him monday, tuesday, and wednesday he got sick every time after we fed ringing in ears causes and treatments him. I suggested he take Milk Thistle, SAM-e, Glutathione and fish oil, but since his doctor said no I could not convince him to how to tell if you have liver problems do it. The vet called back and said foods to fight brain cancer that they thought that there was a high enzyme count but dont know if its liver or kidney. Both dogs improved greatly doing these two things though the liver counts remained high. We have run every tesy know but nothing conclusive shows up. I had never even heard of Cushings before my dog was diagnosed.

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