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If anyone has any info on this, I’d be grateful. His mother and two brothers are useless, since the mom drinks herself and the brothers were the ones that introduced him to drugs when he was younger. I told her I didn’t want to be the one who had to keep tabs on her drinking, holding her accountable, and she agreed, but now if we go out that 3rd time in a week, she will look at me with her “pretty please” face and I don’t know what to do. I’m not doing as well as I had expected, and the adderall is hardly working for more than 4 hours. Hi Natalie. When I was 15 I went through a terrible depression with no real catalyst, and started seeing some really out-of-character behavior problems. He is addicted to porn and uses this as an excuse to view and take his business out on me. She called me every foul term you can call a woman. He now has a new addiction. What matters is how we feel when we are here and how we make others feel. Or am i just sick. I feel lost, I feel tricked, like someone gave me a brain and then stole it from me. Donuts aren’t capable of doing that. I have no memory. My personal opinion is to follow your gut instinct. I’m willing to stick it out with the side effects, hoping that they would subside, if the trade-off was a significant improvement with the focus issues. I stood in front of her car door and she shoved me out of the way and drove the few blocks home, drunk. Within a year I was teaching chemistry and math to the learning disabled student as the college, taking calculus 3, and applying for the Chemical Engineering program at UMass Amherst, and taking 70mg of adderall a day. I say, “No” and she gets sullen. I graduated high school and started my first semester at a community college, had to teach myself fractions and how to write a proper essay because I never actually learned in school, and by the end of that year I was up to 60mg a day, still a straight A student. I sometimes take 50mg around 7:20 am before school. I say, “No” and she wants to buy beer for the weekend football game then. But, I don’t know what is wrong with me.. I’ve finally told her I am not OK with her drinking 3x a week, 4 beers at a sitting, so she said she would pick two nights a week to drink. I’ve my daughter drinks too much been on it for several months, prescribed for extreme lack of focus and experimentally for depression but haven’t really gone much higher than 20mg, twice a day. my daughter drinks too much Why does it take me 6 hours to do one homework question? I have a high tolerance & need any & all real scientific daat that supports that diet to lower blood sugar upwards of 200 MG as being a safe doseage for some patients. When I was 16, a friend of mine gave me 30mg of adderall XR, and being a kid, I thought “Why not? We tend to eat out a lot, which doesn’t help. So I went home and told my mom, so she took me to be tested. I want to just scream at her but that won’t change things. I wasn’t born yesterday, but I’m trying to find it in myself to let her find the answer. Some of these things might only make sense to you after some hard lessons, and maybe some of these things you will just know. It DOES sound like your father is abusing Adderall. I don’t know what else to do. But if I fail in school, which is presently happening, then I won’t achieve those dreams anyway… What am I supposed to do? Im not prescribed to adderall, but my brother is. Here is a little bit of history. I remember at that time, the best I had ever done in school was art class in 3rd grade, and I got a C. It helps me focus a lot, but the last time i took it, i got like really sick the next day and it was bile i think. He was introduced to drugs (coke) when he was 21 and was on drugs until he went to rehab in his early 30’s. I’m just wondering if its possible to do irreversible brain damage? ” I use to sit in the library for 12-14 hours doing homework and I would reach this level of clarity that, for someone who grew up wanting to work for NASA but never even entertained the notion, and now is in a place where it is absolutely possible, that focused changed my life. I filed for divorce but he won’t let me go. She started yelling at me and I left and walked home. I do like that it actually lasts the whole 12 hours, but still, its not getting me “there. I was a very heavy user cause of ringing in ears of adderall for many years. Suggestion: Require him to move out and ask him to do something about his drinking. He drinks half a liter of whiskey a night and agrees that he has a drink problem, that he doesn’t care and says my daughter drinks too much that it is all my fault and drinks to numb the pain. He finally stopped the drug use around 35 and then around 40 did occasional coke, for about 6 months, once a week then stopped again when I started to threaten him about leaving and telling his boss. Finally I drove back to the restaurant and found her sitting outside with a beer between her legs. I talked to my doctor and she switched me to concerta, 72mg a day. He has been told, while in rehab, he is bi-polar, but to this day, he refuses to see a doctor for that as well. Of course, quitting can your liver repair itself from alcohol damage smoking is the best thing that you can for your health. Hi Daniel. She is a police officer and I begged her to give it to me but she slammed it instead. And now its gone… I wake up ready to start the day, I take my medication, and ever night I leave the library disappointed, I go to sleep feeling like I felt in high school when I wanted to study for my chemistry my daughter drinks too much exam, but I either forgot to do it, or it was physically impossible to sit still and do it. I held a my daughter drinks too much weight of about 115lbs and am 5’4. Period! The next day she reported she didn’t remember any of it. I am convinced my 62 year old my daughter drinks too much husband is an alcoholic and although he is home all day every day, he doesn’t have his first drink until I get causes of dizziness and lightheadedness home from work at 5:15 pm.  The size of your thighs (or any other body part) is not what matters in this one life we have. Currently I am taking 45mg of desoxyn & 60mg of adderall a day which seems to be working allright, but none the less could use any citations, study outcomes, or any other dose related info you could point me towards. This past summer my partner and I decided to give our tumultuous relationship another try. The ultimatum would be that he do whatever he has to do to deal with his underlying problems, so that he no longer needs to drink…and doesn’t drink. I’ve been given the flexibility to go as high as 40 but haven’t due to some urinary hesitancy issues and experiencing higher than desired B. I was doing 28 30mgs a day everyday. When I entered rehab I experienced severe withdrawls for about how to tell someone to stop smoking 3 weeks. He sexually assaults me while I sleep and says he has a right to do what he wants. Well we fell into the habit of going out 3-4x a week and every time we go out now, she orders a beer and then orders them faster than I can get my soda refilled.  In my 40 years, I have found that when you get torn up a bit, when life isn’t cooperating, it is best to put on your favorite outfit, listen to some badass music, and fucking handle it. He works Monday thru Friday and therefore does not see a problem with this heavy drinking once a week. I was accepted, and well here I am. I’d suggest that you consult with a psychotherapist or counselor who specializes in addiction treatment. I never knew I had ADHD but I always knew something was wrong. Be healthy, practice moderation, my daughter drinks too much and explore different physical activities. I within a month I was started on Adderall XR, and gradually increased to 20mg, then 40, and by the end of my senior year I was taking 50mg daily, and I was a straight A student. The best thing could be to plan an informal or formal intervention. I have learned that when they have one they usually have another. Please provide me with the source of this info. P. It was a 3-day procedure and at the end, the psychiatrist told my mom she could not believe no one had caught the symptoms before. Was wondering what the ideal amount is to achieve the highest level of focus, understanding of course that everyone is different. As for the prescription amount, as long as you are taking Adderall under medical supervision, the doses can be monitored by your prescribing physician. Would you consider him an alcoholic? My question is I think I’ve done irreversible brain damage. After he has been clean for a year or so, if both of you want to be together, then go for it, but with the understanding that if he starts again, he takes the action of moving out immediately. I know I need a higher dose of my medication, but I am already taking the highest dose available. I cant remember anything especially during the years I was using and now I have absolutely no natural cures for panic attacks short term memory. That was 6 years ago and I’m happy to say I beat my addiction. Researchers have not yet reported on the long term effects of taking Adderall . Shortly after she came to dinner (local place) under the influence and then through out dinner continued to drink. I am 21 years old, I started taking adderall just after I turned 17. But your father may be strong in denial. Now what to do? Eat real food that makes you feel alive and makes you want to do things that make you feel alive. I have to write everything down because I lose it with in 5 mins which makes my job difficult. I feel stupid. I forgot to mention he stopped smoking about 2 years ago, but is smoking the cigarette, like a regular cigarette. You cite, in Your above article, that up to 500mg could be a safe dose for high tollerance patients. This is not his only issue because he drinks so much he has caused us to nearly loose the house twice. I tell him it is doing damage my daughter drinks too much to his body and he says no because he takes vitamins and runs 2 or 3 times a week. Does that help? I don’t want to abuse the drug, I don’t want to become addicted lose the possibilities I’ve earned for my life. She has had a history of drinking too much and due to all combined, she saw her therapist who supposedly told her that drinking a few times a week wasn’t bad. Do you think the adderall is making me sick? So you’ll need a full plan of how to deal with him emotionally. ” So I took it, and I got the highest grade I had ever received on a math test in my entire school career up to that point. Either way, life is not easy. However, if you enjoy them every once in awhile, and then say, “That was nice, and now I am done with you,” donuts are wonderful. Looking back now, I know a lot of my problems growing up were due to my undiagnosed ADHD. Focus on that. A flown blown addict. I took the adderall again yesterday and i feel like im going to be sick again like how i was last time.

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