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Pain won't stop but time doesn't stop too. First of all, he didn't request MRIs or CT scan for the sacroiliac region as requested by my pain specialist and orthopedic doctor. Next is accupunture, but stretch and home bc you are young w fresh muscles wanting to work. It came to a point that i cant walk long distance and ended up lying in bed for several months.. I then tried a thing called Bowen Therapy. I dont want to live with this pain. I am sorry for rambling on, but my heart goes out to you. I just really hope I haven't permanently damaged myself. Ever since this injury, it has changed my life and my career. In 2008, while on duty as a police officer, I got hurt and ended up with lower back pain. I feel like a cripple. So bad that I was limping when I walked and off balance when I ran. He didn't feel it was necessary and everyone else didn't know what they were talking about. I went through five doctors before someone beleived this healthy 110 pound 25 year. Stress can keep hurting you and pls don't twist or bend. Or walk for a very long time or the pain becomes so intense that it takes days before I can find any relief. Surprisingly I have found that running and great posture was the best way for me to feel better. Until it has now gotten so bad that I know it is not "normal" back pain. I have to have a cane with me at all times just in case my legs decide to stop working so I don't fall. However, there are a few general principles what foods help lower blood sugar that we follow in terms of treatment. Has anyone regreted having the surgery or was it for the best? Im going on holiday in 11 days & i dont want to go because i will not b able to enjoy myself. I've had surgery for Chiari Malformation. Warm lavender sitz baths, heat wraps, and ask your pain relief for sciatic nerve pain in the leg doc all you want. Background- I am 23 years old, and a runner and former athlete. I cannot get on roller coasters, but I can go to a museum or what are symptoms of diabetes btanical garden. The good is I was unable to walk, but now I am walking. I don't know what type doctor you have seen but I would suggest seeing a neurosurgeon. After reading all the post, I have the same symptoms as alot of you. No one wants to do surgery however many of these procedures have become less invaisive and very effective. We all have our levels of pain tolerance.. Even the surgeon tried to tell me I didn't have Chiari, but the final test came back verifying I had Chiari, so the surgeon almost stuck his foot in his mouth! I wish us all a back pain free very soon... But we should learn how to manage the pain, know what activities makes our back better and what make it worse.. Though not pain in my ankle- extreme pain pain relief for sciatic nerve pain in the leg in my lower back. XD Sorry you are in pain. I assumed because there was pelvic pain in addition to the low back pain that it was a gynecological problem and pursued that avenue for years with no problems ever found. About about six years ago the pain began spreading from my back side, down my right leg, and into my foot. Usually this happened after running errands all day. They said I had a weak ankle. Ever since this injury, it has changed my life and my career. I have also been dealing with decreased sensation below the waist. I went to see a doctor who did X-rays and prescribed an MRI. When I lay in bed at night my lower back burns until I fall asleep. I only took ibuprofen for about 2 weeks then stopped since it didn't help anymore. Two years ago they put me on Lyrica. But- I still feel pain. I am going through the same thing with last surgeon I saw for my back. After several months of physial what causes high and low pressures therapy (didn't work) I still had severe pain in my lower back and right leg ending at my foot. I am 32 years old and just had my first baby boy 3 weeks ago. After my brain surgery, the surgeon told me they found problems that DID NOT SHOW UP on my MRIs and CT scans. The only one who actually listens to me is my pain specialist and he is doing everything he can to get a surgeon to listen to me and run tests for the appropriate area of the body where the damage is. I've been with my pain specialist for almost two years now. Don't give up! I frequently have to shift positions while sitting or standing to relive the pain. I slowly shift by tilting my foot to the inside & shuffle along on the inner side of my foot very slowly. And I known Nero surgeons who take their wives to get other forms of treatment because they know that surgery does not work. I CANT LIVE WITH THIS PAIN!!! The first step is to address the pain,inflammation, and acute phase of sciatica. The pain is so bad at times I can't walk. Your physiotherapist may also show you various positioning techniques that will help to take the stress off of your low back, or help to take the pressure and strain off of your sciatic nerve. But my injury must not have been too severe as it seems to be nearly gone now. There are other a few doctors in each state that have these machines . You may also be advised to apply ice to the affected area (usually the low back or buttocks) every few hours for 15-20 minutes at a time. Thanks to loving me and realizing what happened I am ready to fight this root battle by strtetching. But running and lifting weights seems to have helped me significantly, which must have something to do with blood flow to the injury. 5 yrs ago i was diagnosed with l4,l5 bulging disc and mild spinal stenosis same level and nerve impingement with facet hypertrophy. I get the odd lower back tightness now, and i see my oesteopath to resolve this If you have questions give me a shout back Bry .. The pain has now spread to both legs. I have been given Tramadol, Amitriptyline , Naproxen Dihydrocodeine , Neurontin Gabapentin, Liquid Morphine & another 2 that i cant remember & none of them work. Please recognize your pain and get help. Good luck to everyone and if you are new to this, there is definitely hope. If they are no good break up with them and move on. When I pain relief for sciatic nerve pain in the leg exercised my body was off balance and my knees and legs were hurting so bad. Not everything is in a book and if it is a rare condition, that makes it even harder to find a competent doctor. I hope this helps you. It would not hurt you to evaluate other options. According to my neurologist, the damage has been there for a long time and is just progressively getting worse. The doctors need to learn to listen and be pain relief for sciatic nerve pain in the leg willing to admit they don't know something. I am hoping that I get a more positive result from this surgeon. You are NOT alone!!! That's what real doctors do! Its the morning getting up & putting weight on my foot. I think the pain was there all along but it was masked by my ankle pain. I dont know whats happening to my back now since my mri results was 5 years back but i am still hoping that some disc will be healed in time.. I have been through the gamut with back pain and my brother is a doctor and I know lots of doctors . Unfortunately for me, my personality is to ignore things. He did an EMG on my back and found that I have severe nerve damage at L5-S1. I had every side effect imaginable pain relief for sciatic nerve pain in the leg and I acquired Addison's disease. This will help with pain and swelling. Above all lets have faith in our creator , he is the best physician in the whole world.. After 3 treatments my sciatic condition was gone. It hurts to drive, walk, sit, exercise. Remember, the doctors are only "practicing medicine". Best advice support and no stress. I am 47 years old and over the past year I have lived like a hermit. So each time I've had tests done, they tell me there is possible protruding disk, degenerative disc disease, and degenerative arthritis of the spine. Ask you doctor for some vicodin 750. At one point my pain was so bad that I thought I would pass out everytime I stood up from the table or out of a car. After several months of physial therapy (didn't work) I still had severe pain in my lower back and right leg ending at my foot. Physiotherapy treatment of sciatic nerve pain will vary based on the cause and presentation of your symptoms, and will be individualized to your own case. GO GIRL!! He said I dont need surgery, just shots in spine. It is really sad when the surgeons, and most neurologists, have a God complex and think they are the only ones that know whether or not there is really something wrong. My doctor told me they couldn't find anything to explain the pain. I have what is normal temperature and pressure tolerated the pain in good spirits but my back always hurts.. They tell me there is nothing they can do for me so I have to live with it. I recently had an MRI done because I was having intense back and pelvic pain (which I have had for the past five years). Managing the pain is not going to get a disc off a nerve. What a surprise. I am such an idiot for waiting so long to fix this problem. I would suggest skipping the Pain Management Specialist and go see a neurosurgeon. Please share any insights! I have literally stopped living because of the pain. I really hope I can one day walk normally again and feel no pain because I honestly don't remember what it feels like to not have this pain. And I have several things wrong. I'm not trying to advocate surgery however it what causes fatty liver disease in nonalcoholics is an option for you and one that was 100% effective for me, although everyones case is different. Many years i tolerated the pain without taking any pain medication but during the flare ups, thats the time i take my mdecines. I have intense shooting pain in my thigh. I went to a Ortho Dr. I can't wear normal shoes. They did EMGs in my calf and thigh on my right leg. OMG It is worse than child birth it makes me scream out in pain & i cry whilst holding on to the side. Hi all, it surprised me that i am not alone in this back problem. I tried medication for several months, physical therapy,muscle relaxants,pain killers but my pain didnt go away. Although, I was finally able to find a neurologist that actually took the time to listen to me and my symptoms. I tried massage Therapy, Oesteopathy, Chirpractic, accupuncture, Active release therapy, none of which helped. So I would be surprised is surgery is your answer. And then it started feeling better on its own. Prior to my surgery I dealt with the same problems that I am now with various doctors. I hope it gets better. I do know that spinal decompression works pretty well for someone who doesn't have extensive damage in their nerves. Bladder and bowel problems. So for a while I thought I was just having normal back pain. Do your own research and don't be afraid to ask questions, show the doctors what you have found, etc. As usual, no one could find anything to explain the pain. I had constant pins and needles, burning sensation, etc. I even have to lay a certain way in bed. The human body is a never ending mystery and not everybody has the same thing. I dont want to be that father that cant play or provide for my family. I even got custom made inserts(for having a high arch) as suggested by my doctor. Sometimes i have balance problem due to muscle weakness and i also gets dizzy sometimes... I too have an L5-s1 sciatica nerve root protruson and man life has changed in a good and bad way. I have several bulging discs and DDD, mine has been going on for about 3 yrs. It sounds like the classic case of dics on your nerve. I wish i would of have done this 5 months sooner. I have been exercising at a gym for 3 years now as well as going to bikram yoga. After two years of increasing pain and medications, I asked for a referal to a surgeon. The pain will even sometimes almost go away but is aggravated by exercise or orgasm. I am 25 and have gone through one epiduaral, 1 cortisone, physical therapy, meds, and now to just over the counter NSAIDs. In 2008, while on duty as a police officer, I got hurt and ended up with lower back what are symptoms of asthma pain. I am at that point now, I just want to do the operation on my back. The neurologists always did the same thing, touched my legs to see if I could feel it or felt decreased sensation, made me walk, bend over and touch my toes, etc. I can only walk short distances. I have been crying since I went to the doctor because I'm so afraid of the outcome. I will pray you get better with time, I have been told bulging disc resolve after awhile. You are not alone!!! Its possible you are irriating it sleeping at nite. Nothing has helped. Pain is not easy to feel.. Again, it wasn't constant, maybe a couple days a week or so I would have to lay down to let the pain ease up. I wish luck, don't give up, and do your own research on your symptoms and the doctors. I was running and exercising for 4+ months while having this pain but I finally told myself to stop. I am going through all that you described & i am at the end of my tether. You are your own best advocate! I think pain is something we have to learn to live for the rest of our lives.. I have sharp pains how do you know if you are having kidney problems every time my foot hits the pavement when I walk. Walking helps me, but when I start my back feels like a thousand pounds! It may get better. He mentioned I may have lumbar disc disease or a herniated disc which is what I am treatment and management of asthma also guessing it is after reading these stories as well as other websites. I say stay away from the drugs and believe your body can heal itself. Then I started falling, my left leg seemed to disappear. I was getting epidural shots every month and have been taking 15 mg oxycodone, 20 mg oxycotin extended release tabs, 10 mg flexeril, 10 mg Ambien, and Limbrel 500. I have my MRI soon and I'm praying that I can get this fixed with physical therapy and that if it does result in surgery, I hope that it will permanently fix it. If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know. I can't sit, stand. As frustrating as it may be, keeping looking for a doctor that will listen to you and want to go the extra mile to help you. I got X rays, an MRI, physical therapy, and the pain was gone. I need HELP After reading all the post, I have the same symptoms as alot of you. I have pain in both my knees and right leg when walking. I am at that point now, I just want to do the operation on my back. I have been sitting here on the internet crying after reading horror stories and I am so sorry to all of you. I am seeing a back specialist in a few days, but after reading on many websites, this doesn't seem like a common problem. Everyone is different when it comes to healing. And late in the day i would suffer with a extreme pain in my glute. Especially after reading these stories and speaking with my doctor. I had one pain in my leg it went away after 6mos. But i never gave up, i tried to engaged in a back strenthening and stretching exrecise daily and it helped me a lot, i was back then to my normal activities but was best treatment for psoriasis scalp never pain free. So i have pain all over lower and upper.. Best of luck and I believe you will be carrying around you child again soon. , The only true spinal decompression machines are called Vax-D. For example, lying on your back with your hips and knees bent at 90 degrees and your legs resting on a chair or stool will help to take the pressure off and should new york 12 steps alcoholics be a relatively pain free position. Would something like this cause pain and pressure in the pelvic region? The hard part of that is, they never do CT scans or MRIs below L5! And there was a point at 3 months where I thought I would probably have this problem the rest of my life. I am now working on my Core strength to help with my lower back, and i am able to play hockey again. I am going for a second opinion in a couple weeks. Etc. I have injured it a couple more times since it happend. Just last week, I found myself back in severe pain. I know how hard and difficult we are going through but i want to let you all know that you are not alone in this battle. Just last week, I found myself back in severe pain. Surgery is the last and worst option anyone could take for their injured back . My backpain was already more than 5 yrs now and its still goes on and off,i ahve also upper back issues, i have multi level disc degeneration on my cervical spine and my thoracic ddd with osteophyte and bone spurrs.. I have been on every medication you can imagine. I dont want to be that father that cant play or provide for my family. The more i stretched the worse the pain would get. I had several shots in my back (L-5 S-1) and it worked for a couple months. It has been 4 months now since my injury and I am very close to being able to say I am completely better. I had been to a podiatrist, chiropractors and numerous neurologists. Gradually the pain just got worse and worse. Hi Benny, I suffered sciatic pain for 6 months last year cause by a herniated L4-s1 disc, It started with Tingling in my hamstring, calf and foot. The MRI revealed 2 bulging discs L4 and L5 2 mm. I sleep with 2 pillows between my legs at nite on my left side, pain relief for sciatic nerve pain in the leg the only comfort position. I have a braces for my sacrum and my ankles. Modalities such as TENS, IFC, ultrasound, and laser may be used. I am 32 years old and just had my first baby boy 3 weeks ago. I hope everyone finds some relief and gets better ASAP. PLEASE, if you are reading this and having pain, GO TO A DOCTOR. I had several shots in my back (L-5 S-1) and it worked for a couple months. Pls be strong!!! I say this to give hope to those who are just starting out on this journey. You may have to see a multitude of doctors before you find that is actually willing to really listen to you and want to help you. Show I am glad to see I am not the only one going through this. These folks specialize in injurys and issues with the spine and back. I can walk without numbess and tingling. Then give it 4-6 months! I'm miserable!! I have injured it a couple more times since it happend. No one will fight as hard for you - as you fight for yourself. They need to work with their patients, not make them feel like they're idiots. Don't stop stretching. For the past year, I had right ankle pain relief for sciatic nerve pain in the leg pain. I am not a doctor nor an expert on the specifics of your injury. pain relief for sciatic nerve pain in the leg Thank you!! I started with right leg pain almost 15 years ago, It came and went, wasn't really a constant issue, but has been progressively getting worse over the years. Has anyone regreted having the surgery or was it for the best? Someone that is capable of working outside the box. I could only run for 15 mins before the pain was so bad I gave up. NOT EVERYTHING SHOWS UP ON MRIs or CT scans. Then I started working out again. It got to the point that I was living on Ibuprofen and Vicodin. He recommended that I see a pain specialist because there was nothing else he could do for me. I also was in and accident ,i was being treated for bulging disc about two years ago , my doc treated it and i was back at work until this accident people think that i,am faking pain,but until they have this they will never no,i,am depressed i can,t provide for my family i have two little girls and a loving wife that i have to provide for , i,am taking therapy right now but its not working , i had the shots they work for about 3days, i have this burning in my back , legs in pain and pain at the lower part of my back while i,am sitting in this chair right now i,am in pain ,i walk with a cane to try to relieve some of the pressure off my back but its not working i even have pain shut up my spine into my head causing sever head aches my spine feels like its coming thru my chest, my arms and shoulders aches, only relief pain relief for sciatic nerve pain in the leg i get when ever i go to sleep from the pain is when i wake up in the morning off my fee, and once i get up and start my day it starts all over again.

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