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I hav taken ct scan and I found that in my skull near my jaw slight upper one mild crack is der . Consulted ENT doctor, took PNS x-ray & audiometry test-doctor says all normal, but infection in middle ear. As per the ear sound testing before remedies for ringing in ears 7 years hearing capacity was lost 78 % now it has increased more. Please reply your earliest convenience. And now i am getting very difficulty to listen even right ear on 8-9-1014 i also suffered from LAKWA attack . I consulted with an ENT doctor. Please help and guide me sir. Knowing how to stop ringing in ears is never easy, as there are often a number of potential causes of the condition, some of which are easy to treat, some of which aren’t. While consulting doctor, they told it can not be cured. Already suffering from spinal cord problem. Am unable to sleep am depressed help me doctor wt is the problem for me wt I need to do for cure . Ive cmplted my TB course and also hav bone stifnZz problem.. Plz consult me ur advice.. I have had these allergies for the past few years and now I am suffering from buzzing and hissing problem. Sir, please let me know whether it is curable? But it is still taking over my life. I have been going to a homeopath but she has told me that it’d not possible to stop the noise but all she remedies for ringing in ears can do is not let it increase with help of medication for the period of at least 2 years. But there is no result. This is in my left natural herbal tea for weight loss ear and continue sound is coming like seeéeeeeee. No bleed at al happen bt slight pain in my right ear nerve. And then I went to hospital .. Could you please help to get relief from this. Doctor tld that evry thing brain are normal bt mild crack nly like wt dr tld and he gave some when i eat i get tired antibiotics and pain killer . Then after consultation of homeopathy doctor, now I am taking Lycopodium, salic for last one year. Diz ear problem lyk the sound of wind just had strtd 4m 2dae mor.. Unfortunately I got hit by an helmet in my front head. I have been filling sound in my left year 15 years. You have time on your side. Thats all. Sir actualy last month small fight between my frnds in that time I was tried stop both. It is more apparent at night or when it is really quite I also suffer from house dust mite allergies I have been prescribed nasal spray called nasalex. Thanks in advance. natural remedies for prostatitis problems I am hearing a waterfall sound(not louder) from my left ear. Plz do rep me asap…sir plz plz plz do d needful.. Sir, my ear both depth. Even though I am suffering due to my ears depth. Sir i have problem since20th july 2014 ther are different kind of sounds in my left ear due to this felt that my ear is closed symptoms of a gastric ulcer i ve checked up differrent ENT specialist who have given anti biotic medicine, within the passage ot time i also lose my hearing capability form left year. I realy cnt tk it mre coz alrdy m in so mch mess problems.. 22 might sound like a long time from now, but it’s really not. You’re lucky enough to be young and fit; if you take care of your back now, you might not have major future disc problems. Thanks sir. N m gettg irritation bcoz of it.. Also hav cough in throat coz of tb.. Light pain inside my right ear. My age is 61 I have sugar diabetic. I am suffering from tinnitus since last one year. Recruit training is demanding and if you suffer disc problems there, you’re more likely to be SOL. Although there isn’t a definitive cure for the condition, there are a number of natural remedies that have been shown to help people deal with the symptoms of the ringing in ears. Séeerrrr . Unable to sleep because of this ear problem. It comes usually from my left ear and gets better when I am outdoor or keeping myself busy. Any treatment please help me. I am suffering with tinnitus from last 7 years. Thanks and suggest me effective homeothaphic medicence as i get rid fro tinnitus I have been having this problem in my left for the past 6 weeks. My advice is to definitely listen to your doctors on this remedies for ringing in ears issue. Can you please suggest any homeo medicin for my problem. But there is no improvement. Sound persists even after one month of treatment. I request you that can you cure it through medical treatment for solving my ear problem at your end. I got this probllem after sufferring from high fever ,throught infection n cold. I used many drugs in allopathy but no use, still i have cold but its not coming out. It doesn’t disturb me much during the day when I am at my work, but I hear the noise only when I am meditating or sitting alone, no problem at night as I fall asleep soon after lying on the bed. It sounds like you can still enislt, just not as soon as you’d like. My Doctor said its a temporary condition and will get better in remedies for ringing in ears a few weeks. I am unable to sleep and work. He gave me some medicines to increase the blood circulation(Ginkoba). Sir, i am suffering from this problem for the past 15 days, problem started after going to swimming. Speaking from experience, you don’t want to mishandle lower disc issues; they are highly prone to getting worse over time. I have tried all medicines including homeopathy and Ayurvedic. Dnt knw wt is it bt I still hearing noise from my right ear and too from my back head its completely disturbing me . My name is can you repair liver damage Gayitri… From so many days i got a problem with my left ear , which sounds cracking… Water feeling … Continous sounds and when it comes to evening it goes little bit high. Constant ringing in right ear. It is a constant buzzing,hissing sound. I cannot sleep well from so many days . In the beginning i was used hearing aid for the past 20 years. Initially the problem is herbs to heal nerve damage in left ear but now I felt the problem started in right ear as well. I hav taken that it was ok one week causes of increased blood pressure later I have found some sound ringing or buzzing I. Can you help pain relief for back pain me back to normal? I am not able to listen others voice while ringing is very loud in the ear. I am 59 and I have been having ringing prominently in the left year for the past remedies for ringing in ears 6 months, remedies for ringing in ears it is exactly like the cicada chirping in the jungle. I also work in a loud environment where I am exposed to loud music for 12 hours a week but not directly in to my ears. I consulted for getting relieaf this problem problem so many MBBS as well as homeopathists but till now the situation is same. I have recently developed tinnitus and the ringing sound is very loud in the night time before sleeping.

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