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In the mean time they continue spraying us from the sky under the pretense of 'saving' us from greater harm. That I don't do ever. How much longer will that allowed? One cannot fight a battle without an army, the only way forward in the fight to halt global geoengineering is by creating and recruiting an army of the awakened. I suffered caustically burnt sinuses and throat which took 4 months and 2 visits to an natural cures for kidney disease ENT specialist to recover from. My daughter was aware before I was, but hesitant to speak out as supposedly I knew everything and yet had not said a word about weather modification or chemtrails. No such solution exists. Some would no doubt be horrified by my behavior and habits. I would imagine that everyone posting here at GW are all eating organic (as best as possible) and taking natural remedies. We have to. So this would make it year the only way to stop smoking permanently six. ( I had never been to an ENT specialist before in my life nor have I since) I also had aching spine and joints, tightness in my upper chest and back ( also I have no history of heart issues or high blood pressure), loose stools, burning eyes, mental confusion, & a slight twitch to my lower right eyelid for 2 or 3 days. One of her brothers's mothers has been ranting about this for more than 20 years. But we are still left with the "WHY" question, which is never answered with any finality. ” Sunday in Maine we had beautiful blue skies… saw a few planes pass over with normal looking contrails that didn't linger. Helps others. However, I have been very closely involved with the land since I was 4. I have forwarded your articles constant ringing in the ears to various political parties in the Netherlands with the question to respond, which they did not do yet. Michel B, profound observations here. Their 'reach' has grown exponentially though their money based 'influence' and many who are part of their empire are unaware that they complicit. Perhaps that is the common denominator? Fortunately I sought the help of a natural health expert and learned some tips from Dane, Russ Tanner and others to help cleanse my body of the toxic material. Is it because the people there are more progressive? Maybe one day we'll pull back the curtain on these wizards of Oz and kick their f**king asses all the way down Broadway. Yet we find abundant evidence the only way to stop smoking permanently that this is undoubtedly happening. But behind all that we find garden variety cowards, narcissistic morons and dumbed down order followers.  I then said to him it's actually "unnatural" weather modification from our friendly government and encouraged him to read about it for himself and pay the only way to stop smoking permanently attention to the planes leaving those long lines in the sky. Hi Sue — I lived in Cherry Hills CO 1998-2000, so I became curious regarding your report of a smell "extremely strong, of tar and ammonia" with 50 calls to emergency. With more and more rumours there comes a time that politicians can not run away any more claiming they did not know … Most important is that we keep pushing them. These 'people' have been in control for centuries via banking, insurance, shipping and now energy distribution. The point I have tried to press for so long is still the same, there is only one way forward in the fight to stop global geoengineering is this, achieving a critical mass of awareness on the issue (and the dire threat it poses) amongst the general population. Only one example of fine CA forward thinking. More health oriented – as my father back in 1950s Texas days would have said, what causes constant ringing in your ears "A bunch of health nuts! So I looked up "tar and ammonia smell" and found this PDF which point to FLY ASH:. " :o) Recently I heard the only way to stop smoking permanently that CA banned plastic bags – that must have made some corporate chemical ratzoid angry. Michael Turner (R-Ohio), chairman of the Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, said at a hearing Thursday. Almost every where I travel and work here in Idaho,I watch the sky,and we are under a constant attack. the only way to stop smoking permanently My mother was the 7th child of the 7th child, an amazing psychic who destroyed her delicate sensitivity, receptivity and extraordinary intelligence with Seconal, Tuinol, Nimbutol, Miltown, Elavil, Librium, etc. I'll wager that 99. This rubbed off on daughter. Did, a long, long time ago. I knew about the impending snowstorm coming and sure enough early afternoon they started leaving persistent lingering contrails non-stop asthma in toddlers signs and symptoms that spread out which I assume were to intensify the storm. I am living in the Netherlands and also there we have chemtrails … To indicate the scale at which the cabal work. Within 24-36 hrs. I have had a bad sinus,and congestion flue twice this year already,both right after heavy dump days. I almost feel like I'm crazy telling people about it even though I see it with my own eyes. It was so obvious that I cannot for the life of me understand why nobody else notices… I've been at the "nothing else pain in the liver area matters" state for-well, since 2011. And people. You can imagine that motivated me to never ever take any prescription drugs. Daughter and family is aware of that issue but they don't follow it perfectly well, they eat sugars, some junk foods and drink alcohol some. It is our childrens future …. To ACTUALLY have that be enforced would take a miracle ( dealing with the FAA , the Air Force, The US Gov't) but…moving how to lower glucose levels forward on such a motion — might bring attention to the issue of Geoengineering. Yes, I still remember the names because I the only way to stop smoking permanently kept a book with illustrations of each pill and their side effects. In search of a simple solution that will somehow suddenly put a stop to the spraying and put everything back in order, so that they can put this concern to rest and go back to their usual manner of life. This is the most concentrated area of information on the geoengineering issue I've seen – the admins here could easily get a popular petition going if you could coordinate your experience and knowledge into a single petition. It would be a mistake to underestimate the empire's cunning and rapacity as behind it all is the 'office' of power and control and they will not release their grip unless forced. Land and all nature comes first to me. I take prescription drugs because otherwise I would die. My whole life has been a dedication to nature. I can relate to the comments about the sore throat and sinus problems,I have been experiencing them for the last 3 days,after a heavy dumping from the criminals. 99999999999999999999999% of all people on earth want to actually just live in harmony with one another and with the planet. There are a few little petitions scattered here and there; but they're not coordinated with a larger supporting community; nor heart attack symptoms and treatment do they contain much *actual* information on the issue. Indeed it seems totally beyond comprehension that any "conscious intelligence" would KNOWINGLY poison it's own planet or in otherwords, shit in their own messkit. What happened to Diamond Organics? And imagine if this "no fly zone " proposal was brought to all the hundreds of Neighborhood Councils across the City of Los Angeles coordinatedly . “As symptoms related to depressurization, tissue hypoxia and contaminant intoxication overlap, discerning a root cause is a complex process. Preparing my simple dinner tonight, I kept thinking about how California does seem to have been singled out. 70 years, my lifetime. When Dane remarked on Jacque Cousteau, it tugged at my heartstrings as when my daughter was a child, he fascinated her and she wanted to be him, like him, when she grew up. Been growing organic everything all that time. As I remember the air around there is generally pure, well, pre-year 2000. How could that not make an impact? Note: Those industries and people who are profiting to extraordinary levels by the only way to stop smoking permanently keeping us hostage and dependent on their lethal products are fully aware of what they are doing. Fortunately I've regained good health again and am going full steam ahead with anti-geoengineering & other activism every day, every chance I get. Hope this info. I was too busy being sick. And critters. I'm mad as HELL and NOT TAKING this anymore!! The sooner this fact is accepted the sooner we can move forward with the essential work that needs to be done. And, as it happens, with stuff I've inherited, not acquired. I had a metals test run by a doctor (unfortunately I assumed they would automatically check for aluminum & barium- but I learned this must be requested specially) and small amounts of Arsenic, Mercury, and Lead were shown. Maybe these monsters really want to get everyone chemicalized, narcotized into a walking somnolence one way or another, by force with no choices left. “We’ve been informed that the Navy how to reduce enlarged prostate has organized a Physiological Episode Team, to investigate and determine the causes of these physiological episodes in aviators,” Rep. I encountered a Southern Ca Gas man today who said the weird weather we are having must be all part of the natural climate change. Hi Sean, The symptoms you describe are very much like what I experienced after a low level dump of some sort took place over our farm in late May 2012. I remained healthy until this past season when I came down with a slight cough in the fall and a pretty nasty head cold last February. I have no doubt the illness I (and also some of my animals) suffered was directly related to the incident. I don't usually speak about my personal life, but maybe this is relevant here. For at least ten years now I've been very careful about foods. Oddly about a week or 10 days later my lips and nose peeled slightly. It's the tiniest minority that has gained control of immense power and weaponry and are consequently intoxicated with what such superior capability affords them. (and theirs also … as I have told them). But is it possible that the CA drought is intended to destroy the organic produce business in CA? I think an additional strategy could also be to go to our district Neighborhood Councils and the only way to stop smoking permanently present them with a short talk about the subject—especially the environmental committees how to quickly lower blood sugar —and present propose to the only way to stop smoking permanently them "no fly zone" over the district. Lived in wilderness areas and off the land, wildcrafting. During this long and arduous march countless individuals have confronted me in search of a simple cure. I realize that should such motion pass, it would be a "representational win ". She became a bed-ridden zombie for ten years, from age 80-90. One way or another… … For well over a decade I have been completely immersed in constant research and constant awareness raising efforts in the battle to expose geoengineering. There is obviously a long range plan. I am far from being a perfect person.

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