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I know that for some reason my body loves to be around 130-140. I feel better too. I like John Bell’s response. Find the lowest number you feel best at and listen to your body thats where you should be. There are many things you can do. All the meds the doctors put you on seem to cause more problems than the original problem. Six weeks with hardly no dairy, fasting morning at 125. I know it is still high on the charts, but is there any evidence that the article is correct? I am Type 2, on Metformin once a day (500 mg) and my very first fasting test the number was 160. My fasting bg is between healthy tea for weight loss 162 and 250. 5 mg per day. The best way to have great control IMO is a carbohydrate based formula. I can go as low as 120 but anything under that im shaking and sweating and pale. My husband’s now ex-doctor harped at him all the time – he is not diabetic – to the point when he went for his physical, the doctor only went on and on about diabetes and didn’t bother to do the physical so he knows nothing about the important things you find out from a good physical. 5. 2. I suggest you read the books by Furhman, Barnard, and “Seale, House, and Newman”. I have no idea if that is dangerously high or not. Not much happened. The doc wanted to put me on metformin. However, if you can find a fairly simple, not too invasive way to get your numbers down, I think it’s worth it. I also have high blood pressure. The ADA diet is not a good one for most people with diabetes. Only a low carb. I do not see how we really get a older person back to the same numbers and swing of those numbers of a younger person and plant. Diet makes it easy enough to do (for me) and keep your blood sugar close to looking like a person without diabetes. Then best natural treatment for psoriasis i read an article about dairy and how it can affect your sugars and colesterol so badly. 8 on an a1c in Jan and was told that this confirmed diabetes. But what do our readers think? It’s OK to be scared if that motivates you to learn more and do more for yourself. ” on this site. A web search for “feel bad when glucose is normal” brought up dozens of stories you could read. No more high fasting glucose and within about 6 weeks my a1c was at 5. (Had never even considered allergies as a cause for high glucose. Also, you will hear a ton of different numbers that are “normal” blood sugar. Of course there will always be exceptional cases but Furhman’s book presents some specific cases of insulin-dependent people who had poorly controlled glucose for years who were able to what does high glucose levels mean get their sugar under control and drastically decrease their insulin in a matter of weeks by applying his recommendations. Consider the diets in my article “‘Reversing’ Type 2 Diabetes: Can It Be Done? I have heard that you can make yourself crazy trying to keep numbers in the normal range. It might be better to have an A1c of 8. Perhaps your parents can be more helpful if you tell them what you need from them. I admit I do not always eat right but I do try the majority of the time. This is pretty common. 5% than to spend every waking minute worrying about what you ate and what your BS is now. My doctor has me on 4 metformin per day and Gliclazide 60 signs of passing kidney stones mg and Candesartam 16&12. You sort of live your life a couple hours at a time but you get very used to this (well most of chronic kidney disease stage iii the time 🙂 The best thing you could do is get what does high glucose levels mean some more help. I was so discouraged so i took matters into my hands and went off all meds, this included crestor for colesterol and junuvia for sugar. Diabetes controls us every day and to not think about it all the time is great. I refused, saying that I would prefer we treated my allergies first to see what happens. Everyone seems to tell you a different number. I believe is arelated to the size of a person, ie weight, age, etc. Have others had this experience of feeling terrible at normal blood sugar levels? Perhaps a local diabetes clinic or your doctor can help you find someone, or you can advertise on the Internet. Its just the what does high glucose levels mean way it is, im a large man if that makes a difference. The doc reluctantly agreed. For all of you what does high glucose levels mean confused diabetics out there I suggest that for tighter blood sugar control you educate yourself and take matters into your own hands. I just began testing my blood in the mornings. ) When the allergies were treated the decrease in glucose was IMMEDIATE! You need to talk with a doctor about what he can do, but you also need to focus on self-management — move more, eat far less starch and sugar, read our website and others for other ideas. The nurse told me about low blood sugar levels, but not how to handle high ones. In reference to the article on ‘How high is too high! what does high glucose levels mean He seems to be content with these numbers and just keeps telling me I need to eat better and exercise more. Susan, you are right — 7. Too many carbs. Sometimes your sugars get out of whack for no reason at all, that is the nature of the game, test often and know your correct numbers. I’m not a big eater and usually do not eat after 9:00 pm. It isn’t easy, but it is relatively simple and the results are almost unbelievable. ’ I read an article in a publication, of which, I can’t remember the name, that BS for some people can be higher than the traditional guidelines and not be a negative for the individual. Is there a Type 1 diabetes support group near you, or can you connect with one other person your age who is going through this? This usually seems to be a low-carb way, although other diets have worked for some people. I tested at 6. My BS usually run in the 180-240 range and my AiC is 8. I am getting concerned that maybe we need to do more to bring my bg numbers down to a better level. I had my sugar levels under control for about 2 year with the help of junuvia, diet and exercise, then they slowly started creeping up into the 150 what does high glucose levels mean 180 levels in the morning. He gets a D- rating as a doctor. Most doctors seem to think she should tough it out and her body will get used to the new normal. I feel the doctors are trying to make more people diabetic with scare tactics. Also what is this Dawn Effect or Dawn Phenomenon and how do I handle it? Hi, I am 65 years old have had type 2 diabetes for appox. The nice thing about this is what is considered high blood pressure symptoms that you can pretty much forget about fat intake (other than trans fat of course). 0 is a reasonable target for you, and you are far from it right now. Your morning blood glucose levels might be helped by metformin at night, or by vinegar at bedtime, but you should work with your doctor on that if possible. 15 years. I am not saying it isn’t challenging but with the appropriate changes in lifestyle a greater degree of control of blood glucose is possible than many people would believe. Not the necessary blood tests and bodily tests. As we are not steam engines that can go in for a complete rebuild periodically; our chemical plant ages and gets sloppy anad thus control is looser – wider swings and lower lows and liver grief.

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