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17 & urea level has been increased from 35 to 70, utric acid is 12. I never tried lithium because I only have one kidney and they didn't want to risk it, natural ways to detoxify the liver but it took me years to get on something that works and I wouldn't want to go off it unless I absolutely HAD to. Please help. And I know what it is to be alive and not live. This is so very new to me i have been up all night crying and thinking and looking up differant information so i can be well prepared when i speak to the nursing home. Or maybe even never… to find a new drug combination that will get you back into the normal world. The only question now, 40 years down the road is… how much spunk and fortitude do you got? You may want to post this questions on the bipolar site as well. If your egfr is below 50 and falling (even over a long period of time, stage 3 is 30 to 60) I would push for a neph, it can really help slow things down. Its not that unusual for a dr not to refer in stage 3. What we can do. 10 days before all the figures were normal in LFT & creatinine levl was 0. Unthinkable. That leaves the only options as hereditary or non hereditary polycystic kidney disease since I do have have a total of 8 cysts in both kidneys. So my diagnosis is confusing as well. I don't have diabetes or high blood pressure, or any other illnesses, I don't smoke or drink. Do not start ANY diet without your specialists advice. When i was 2 years old only , my kidneys stopped working because of dehydration , and it ended with problems in my kidneys , and now i am 37 and i am still alive , my health is good ! The problem is, what you need to cut back on your body needs, thats why dont just do it yourself I am not sure of anything at this point. Plus, when you start going thru the inevitable experience of what lithium deprivation can bring, you will most likely stop responding to your anti-depressant as well (if you’re bi-polar). At least it couldn't hurt. This is very wrong , the right start for remedy is to know better about the issue you have in your body , coz if ppl knew the right information this will put them in the right road of recovering . Thanks alot for all your useful posts , honestly i read all your comments , what you are saying is 100% what is kidney disease stage 3 true , that's what i was trying to tell my doctor but some doctors unfortunately wont tell the patient the right info especially those ones who magnifying things , i read about some patients were sent for dialysis while they have creatinine 3 !! I am so scared, how do I help him realize that this is a big deal? I have been in-sane & I never want to go back there. I forgot to mention when talking about over the counter medications, this also includes herbal supplements, including those used in Chinese medicine. They did ultra sound of my kidneys and what is kidney disease stage 3 bladder and found my kidneys are not filtering my urine into my bladder!! It might what is kidney disease stage 3 take you a year or more.. what is kidney disease stage 3 I need all the help and support I can get too, so if you know of anything please let me know how to cleanse liver naturally too. Just drink plenty of water, eat well, treat any urine infections promptly, have blood pressure checked regularly (as high bp can damage kidneys), get blood sugars checked and I would request a 6 monthly function test My boyfriend is 19 and has been diagnosed with stage 3 CKD. The general medical advice is to avoid all herbal medications if you have ckd, not only are their contents not regulated and monitored, some are known to pose a high risk of additional damage to the kidneys. I want him to have a long, happy life, but I don't even know if that is realistic at this point..... I have high blood pressure and I was wondering if anyone else has these problems as I am scared!! From last 15 days she is having heart disease signs and symptoms severe stomach & back pain, even she can't walk & difficult for her to sit due to back pain. I was just diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease, my gfr is 45, it chronic kidney disease symptoms and signs has been dropping over several years. You should definately NOT put youself on a low protein diet. Lithium is God as far as I’m concerned. I can't seem to find a diet that doesn't contradict the other diets. I am in stage 3 of kidney disease!! 5. Is this means that if she is having severe pain so this is inflammation of the process. Please help. There are other drugs like lamotrigine and the antipsychotics that aren't as hard on the kidneys so there are still bipolar medications available. I am still shocked and scared to death what can cause heart attack of dying. Know what I mean... If anyone has one, I would appreciate it. I have alot of questions what causes dizziness when standing up that need to be answered before anyone touches my mother. It is rarely if ever needed in stage 3 and will cause big complications for the rest of your body!!! And He can have the kidneys for all I care. I have been assured by my health & mental health care teams there are some great substitutes out there. I also have neither high blood pressure nor diabetes. The kidney disease should quit deteriorating once the lithium is stopped. My mother also have high sugar level & Blood pressure & she is taking medicines for these, so all these drugs can change the LFT & KFT reports as her figures changed only in 10 days. That said, the overall toxicity & now stage 3 CKD I am enduring have made it impossible for me not to try life without it. Following the kidney diet though may help slow the progress down. 89 & now creatinine is 1. The valium herbs that calm the mind probably isn't helping but Lithium is what caused the kidney issues. I have a friend for whom this happened to. He has been put on medication for high blood pressure, but he doesn't have diabetes. We are in college and no one ever eats right or does good things for their body in college. There is a test to determine if it's hereditary but my insurance won't cover the test which I was what teas help with weight loss told costs nearly $10k. I do understand why you would say that. I am level have a good life & I don't want to loose what is kidney disease stage 3 that. I am going to try this & if it fails I'll go back to poisoning my body & brain with lithium. He hasn't really opened up to me about how he feels about it yet, but it seems like he isn't worried. Hi, thanks for the advises, My mother also diagnosed with CKD stage3 three months ago. how to clean kidneys naturally I found 11 months and 15 days to be quite sufficient. All of this was brought to my attention last night while my family and i where eating dinner. Debby I recently stopped taking lithium. They ain’t much use to you when you have to face what comes next at the bottom of that slippery sliding pit. I feel the same about doing that as you do... I am so scared, I don't know what to do. Good luck. Leave my lithium…? Personally, I would rather face imamate death from kidney failure (or even being burned alive) that the utter hellish nightmare of trying to find a new drug to replace lithium. So under 50 egfr I would push. When you were young you could maybe deal with the change. I hope that you do. He lives in a house with three other guys and they stay up really late, eat packaged food that is easy to make, drink alcohol and smoke. Wish us both luck. I never checked my blood or creatnine , one day i made a blood what is kidney disease stage 3 check for curiosity and i discovered that my creatinine is 3 and went to doctor and he told me that i am in stage 3 , i have high blood pressure not because of my kidneys problem but because of my over weight , all what i need is to reduce my weight and watch to what i eat especially the protein , i loved eating eggs and ate a lot of them before but now i dont eat it anymore , i have to watch all the food that has potassium , i have to reduce salt , never eat mango or strawberry and be optimistic and everything will be ok , i drink everyday about 2 liters of water and that helps my kidney and i urintae the 2 liters and my body never keep the liquids and that's a good sign , i hope that you get better soon , and thanks again my dear for the good information you mentioned in your comments , they are really useful . I really do. I am going to the nursing home today to speak to someone about this further. I don't have high bp and I am not diabetic, so they cannot figure out why my kidneys are in stage 3 at my age. Cutting down on the phosphorus, potassium, etc. They also found thru urine test I have a lot of white blood cells in my urine, I am on low sodium diet and also taking 2 pills a week for someone on dyalisis, which I am not on!! But stage 3 is a wide range. I am in the same situation, I am 46 years old and just found out I am in stage 3. If you have ever been a medication non-responder, then you know what I’m talking about. Broken bones, joint injuries, poor healing etc.... In stage 3 there is really little that you need to do.

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