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But my question is ive just got a what kind of doctor do you see for kidney problems sinus infection and my urine has gone dark again do I need to go back to the doctors or is this normal. ) Your doctor is right. I was told I have adhd by my Dr … My wife says I am bipolar … I get mad with her and she fears me BIGTIME … I have mood swings I’m great one day and just any little thing will piss me off … I’m not nice to anyone best diet for gastritis patients ! There is some connection between your liver and hypothyroidism, so that could be part of it. My poor wife has been with me for 12 years , married 10 years of those .. I have a dull pain on my right side liver what to eat when sugar is high area. Not as tired but still have days… The discomfort is likely the enlargement of your liver pressing into nearby tissue, though it can be other things like biliary what kind of doctor do you see for kidney problems pain from your gall bladder. I went to my doctor had blood, urine, thyroid, ECG, all done only thing that came up abnormal was a high level of creatinine in my urine. He can’t afford to loose anymore weight and it’s been that way for a year. Try special herbs like milk thistle. My mom suffer from breast cancer for past 3 years …now suddenly she lost weight 10 kg in 4 days and have pain in upper abdominal, while checking with doctor they told fattyliver enlarged. I’m just worried and confused, he tries so hard. Said I have fatty liver. I’d hate to be the one to say it, but yes, your symptoms could indicate a worse level – what kind of doctor do you see for kidney problems one symptom is painful fluid buildup in the skin. He has been seeing a GI doctor at a Children’s Hospital but other than an endoscopy a year ago to determine the fatty liver, nothing has been done. Meat is fine (lean chicken, turkey and fish is best). He was about 40 lbs overweight and not very active. Reference), and 66 for ALT (Aminotransferase, 45 being the maximum it should be). Yes, often fatty liver can go on for years – millions of people have it and don’t know it because there are very few symptoms. Avoid alcohol and greasy foods. ( did say how bad it was) just said to me diet and exercise. There’s more info on this site and the Liver Diet Guide I myself used and recommend. And it’s not fair to her .. Fortunately, no matter the stage, it is still reversible. CBD measures maximally 7mm and does not appear dilated. I’m seeing a surgeon to discuss having it removed but I don’t want to have it removed until I’m feeling better. Look for homeopathic herbs that I discuss here. Ive just had test due to blood in my urine, I had blood tests ultra sound and xrays. Could my fatty liver have something to do with my gallbladder? Now he works out regularly, plays basketball and is very thin. He has also become lactose intolerant throughtout this so he takes lactose pills before meals. Reference for blood protein, 2. Hope all is well, and give your baby what can i drink for gastritis lots of cuddles! Yes, fatty liver is reversible, so you’re okay 🙂 I have heard of fatty liver during pregnancy, so I did some research for you and found out it’s common – check out this baby message board here where some new moms have had the same condition as you. Definitely start treatment now! For about a year before that they thought it was his gallbladder, but now it is working properly. A GGT what kind of doctor do you see for kidney problems is just another test to rule out any other diseases of the liver. Diabetes is increasingly being seen as a major factor, so find out about this … especially if your Mom is on a gluten-free diet, as gluten is often replaced with sugar in foods. Since your Mom isn’t overweight, you have to look at other reasons. But he has recently started eating some baked chips occassionally and has not completely cut out pasta and breads. A big concern is fructose in the diet, treatment for gastritis and ulcers such as that in soft drinks and sugary cereal, so substitute those for milk, water, apple juice and healthier cereals like Wheaties and regular Cheerios. He did not think it was serious, but I am worried there may be more damage than appears. In addition his white blood cell counts are low for the first time. If you have diabetes, make sure it’s well under control, as there’s more what kind of doctor do you see for kidney problems and more evidence of a link between that and liver problems. I was also considering a second GI opinion or maybe a Hepaologist. Otherwise, definitely avoid fried foods, alcohol, simple carbs (ie white bread and pasta) and fatty foods. His potassium has been running a little high and now his GGT is little elevated too. And maybe it’s to late for me but I want to get better I want to get better for myself but most importantly get right for my family …. Fatty liver is actually a very common condition and is usually caused by poor diet and exercise. There is an experimental drug, but shedding excess pounds and eating well is still the best remedy. Especially my own family … I work a lot ! I have replaced the pop with water. My son was diagnosed with fatty liver a year ago, he is now 15. It’s unfortunately often due to our poor diet of sugar-heavy foods and greasy food. Can she eat good cholestrol (HDL) found in like salmon oil, almonds , olive oil… There isn’t (yet) medication to help fatty liver disease – it’s usually caused by lifestyle factors, hepatitis or adverse drug reactions. I also have been diagnosed with fatty liver approx 5 years now I am 50 years Old Male and have been to see a specialist Hepatologist consulton in the Uk, at the early stage and told that 3 quarters of my liver is covered in fat but have no scaring and I need to change my diet , which I have done , ie eat fish three times a week , use flaxseeds, Walnuts, Activia Yogurts, plenty of Veg fruit and exercise, But this seems to have reacted and been getting Acid reflux so it seems, acording to my doctor. I have changed my diet I do not drink alcohol, however was consuming a lot of cause of low blood pressure pop. A few weeks later my gallbladder started acting up again, drove my self to the ER due to the pain. Pain passed (gallbladder attack) Had polycystic kidney disease natural treatment ultrasound of my abdomen and results stated Pancreas, Aorta, Kidneys, Spleen unremarkable. He watches his diet especially the sugar intake and drinks only water. His AST is 38 & ALT 72. Or should we just keep doing what he’s doing and see what happens? We do try to buy wheat when possible and as low of fat as possible & he eats apples and a lot of nuts. Shirley, lots of different things about the specific foods we eat affect our ability to lose weight for practical reasons (for example, some people simply can not control the appetite when eating too many carbs), but more often than not, barring a severe and diagnosed metabolic disorder or an undiagnosed condition such as hypothyroidism, it will all come down to how many calories, total, you are consuming. She’s gotten to the point she wants to divorce .. cure for ringing in the ears But all in all, you’re doing fine. Don’t go for any herbal remedies or vitamin regimes I talk about on the website, just make sure you include servings of vegetables with meals and encourage healthy snacks – for my grandkids, they love sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon, and “ants on a log” – peanut butter in the grove of celery with raisins on top. You have to avoid alcohol and fatty foods so the liver doesn’t have to work as hard, and you need to exercise – target losing about 1 pound a week. Fatty liver and diabetes are interlinked, so by controlling your diabetes you should be able to control your fatty liver. I requested an ultrasound and my Dr. It sounds like you are on the right track to better health, and your liver has an amazing capacity to heal itself. I met with my family Doctor and she didn’t say anything about the fatty liver to me. Itchy skin is not as bad usually behind my knees, creases of elbows, torso. For vegetables, do a search for “kid friendly vegetable recipes” and try a couple. I had a bad case of the flu January 2014, and the week after had noticed I lost weight (my clothes were baggy 🙂 I was feeling very tired one month after, also itchy skin usually at night and no rashes. When I went back my doctor said you have a fatty liver. Doctor told if she eat fat items the fat cells can be turn into cancer cells is this true ? Get in to see a doctor right away for options. Stop drinking all alcohol (if you have been), and begin diet and exercise. And I think she’s had enough … She finally spoke to me or let me say ( I finally listened to her ) about how she felt with me and I then realized how bad I’ve been … I hold grudges and argue I’m heartless and don’t care about anyone else but myself and I want to change for the better … I’ve realized that what held us together after all these years is my poor wife ! The good news is that your liver has a great ability to heal itself, so if you can control it with proper diet and exercise, you may even be able to reverse it. One Mom said to eat lots of fruit and veggies, and drink lots of water. The problem is his liver counts aren’t dropping anymore. (Our grandkids are too old for that now. What kind of doctor do I need to see ? Muliple gallstones, but no sonographic evidence to suggest cholecystitis. 17 for Triglycerides (1. Should we do a liver biopsy or do you think there could be another sign and symptoms of congestive heart failure problem? 7 being max. Doctor had me re-take blood and urine for kidneys, all tests came back normal. Hello Nicole, the diet plan would be the same as for adults – concentrate on limiting sugar and fats. Good luck! Blood test revealed just over the max. He what kind of doctor do you see for kidney problems also takes Milk Thistle, levisin and also Miralax daily otherwise his bowels don’t work properly. Fatty liver, with areas of focal sparing about the gallbladder fossa.

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