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Went from 355lbs to 320 in 2 weeks. You must keep your protein to no more then 4oz per meal. But then when I woke up and throughout the day, till I went to bet it was always over 200, high as 400. I feel like I’m “high” fasting BS when I’m over 80. I did the carb. 9 to 6. Hi, I have been following a HFLC life style for the last 3 weeks and initially my blood sugar was in the normal range. I am trying to figure out what the culprit might be and here are some possibilities: A 2012 paper in the journal Nature, brought forth the idea that limitations and warnings should be placed on sugar similar to warnings we see on alcohol. Further, sugar increased the risk for several of the same chronic conditions that alcohol was responsible for. That’s a very easy range to fall into if you’re not counting – is it likely many keto-dieters who are experiencing raised blood sugar might be responding to this range? Reply I would love a follow-up, as this is complicated – Volek & Phinney’s book says that between 30-60% total fat calories, there is a reduction in insulin resistance. I notice when my glucose is up I dont loose when its down lower i loose better. Both same thing happened. Your body WANTS to burn glucose and is going to fight to keep that way. Carbs 10-15g a day. I still struggle with keeping glucose low even when fasting it may remain the same or only decrease a little…super frustrating. ”). Reply Now that you know the truth, you don't have to be left out in the cold, as this is a simple and relatively inexpensive test that you can get at any doctor's office. My blood sugar went form almost 300 14day average to 142. Sorry for the basic question… When you say “high” fasting blood sugar, are you talking about numbers that are considered “normal” for people not on keto too? I’m a type 1 diabetic trying to loose weight and on a low carb what helps a sciatic nerve pain diet my blood sugar went through the roof! How do I fix this and get the weight loss started again? I’m happiest eating this way and feel great mentally and physically and find it effortless to maintain my weight. 5 in the second week. So something else is going on because I manually have to inject all lack of energy and motivation insulin. 5 but my glucose was 103. I was out of ketosis for a month or so until late January then what to do if sugar is high started back in February. I also do intermittent fasting, Skipping breakfast as i’m not hungry and eating lunch and light dinner. Reply I re-read your initial post. Second week I took out the egg abd in 3 days was finally in ketosis with a what to do if sugar is high level over 1. I went from taking 100-150 why are kidney beans called kidney beans units of insulin a day to 40 units. At first I saw an improvement in my glucose levels but lately they have been inching up slightly. So “high” fasting would be anything over 100? Is that OK? And I was hospitalized with DIabetic ketoacidosis something I haven’t experienced in 20 years as a diabetic. I sounds like you started monitoring your blood sugar only after having started eating low-carb (pardon my quoting you, but just so you know what I am referring to: “…started seeing these elevated PPBG numbers when I finally started monitoring my BG after LCHF for the past 3+ months. Eggs, mct oil, avocado and butter. Then I’ll just have to decide if I go back to what to do if sugar is high my ketogenic diet. But when you consume high levels of fructose, it will absolutely devastate your biochemistry and physiology. I have yet to see numbers like he says are possible but my A1c has dropped from 7. I check both with a blood meter. I’m new to this and am trying to follow along. I’m a very well controlled diabetic and the diet caused me to spill heavy amounts of ketones I first thought it was an infection got on an antibiotic and waited. Need to read more to understand, but just don’t want to be hurting myself in these early stages. I what does a tapeworm look like in humans gain very easy which at least keeps me from bad food. This week my weight seems to have stalled and my BG was 6,1 this morning? 5 as of March (most current result) which puts them squarely back to previous levels (before events listed below occurred). I need some advice. At least if that happens I’ll know it’s PIR. And now most infant formula has the sugar equivalent of one can of Coca-Cola, so babies are being metabolically poisoned from day one of taking formula. Or is that more how to clean out your kidneys naturally of an issue for a diabetic. No ketosis and blood glucose still elevated. I’m not diabetic and my A1C has improved. It didnt work. If so, then you have no baseline with the instrument you natural cod liver oil capsules are currently using, Unless you have a baseline and current blood sugar measurement from the same instrument, either a commercial or clinical one, I wouldn’t say there is strong evidence for an effect of your diet on your fasting blood sugar; from what you’ve shared, you might have had high fasting blood sugar even before you started eating low-carb. I feel like I’m a mystery and just want to loose weight with all the effort I’m putting in. Odds are very good your doctor is clueless about the significance of elevated uric acid levels, so it will not likely be productive to engage in a discussion with him unless he is truly an open-minded truth seeker. I even dropped to 10g carbs a what to do if sugar is high day. Do you think I should get out of ketosis and see if my blood glucose returns to normal? In that six week period I dropped from 217 to 206 and felt great. Where did this come from? I should also mention I only have 5lbs to loose and I’m only 10%away from my goal body fat %. Don’t care about what any charts say they are based on a non diabetic carb eating human. I went back up to giving 100+ units of insulin to keep what to do if sugar is high the my blood sugar down. I lost 2kg in the first week and 1. The authors showed evidence that fructose and glucose in excess can have a toxic effect on the liver as the metabolism of ethanol -- the alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages had similarities to the metabolic pathways that fructose took. Nothing SO action to take going forward. I stick very strictly to a 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% fat. Remember the AVERAGE fructose dose is 70 grams per day, exceeding the recommend limit by 300 percent. The last few days I’ve been in the 90s, but my ketones are still 1+. I Tried the diet again a few weeks later day one blood sugars ran upper 170-200 range 2nd day 250s 3rd day 300-500! My only worry was the PIR that started about four weeks after entering into ketosis (the beginning of this month). Should I try removing best treatment for scalp psoriasis the almonds for a few days and see what happens? Finally, if you think that your slim stature keeps you immune from fructose causing liver damage, think again. Try again your research is flawed. Not sure why BS is up, but sometimes it is in the 70s. Any excess protein will be converted to glucose and mess with your numbers. Sugar is loaded into your soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks, and hidden in almost all processed foods—from bologna to pretzels to Worcestershire sauce to cheese spread. Cycle first and then the keto diet. A 2013 study found that liver damage could occur even without excess calories how to reverse liver damage from alcohol or weight gain. Protein low…. It is important to remember that fructose alone isn't evil, as fruits are certainly beneficial. I want much what to do if sugar is high better numbers so I keep plugging away at this. A few months ago i had a suggestion to lower protein even more (It was by then between 30-60 grams a day) so first week ate these foods to try to induce ketosis. All by limiting to only 30g of carbs. Reply. Good sources of fiber include: lettuce, dark leafy greens, broccoli, okra, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, potatoes with the skin, corn, snap beans, asparagus, cabbage, whole wheat pasta, oats, popcorn, nuts, raisins, pears, strawberries, oranges, bananas, blueberries, mangoes, and apples. Is it true that you did not monitor your blood sugar with that same monitor before starting low-carb? Very low.

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