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Symptoms of stroke in dogs include loss of balance, head tilt, circling, falling down, and loss of vision. He said the little bumps were sutures that why does my kidney hurt have not dissolved yet. I’VE ALWAYS HAD THE PROBLEM OF GOING DOWN STAIRS LIKE SOME OTHER PEOPLE SAY THEY’VE HAD, BUT ONE DAY MY KNEE HAD A SHARP PAIN SHOOT THROUGH IT AND THINGS SEEM TO HAVE GOTTEN WORSE AS TIME GOES BY, I JUST GOT BACK FROM A REVISIONIST TODAY 05-01-2013 AND HE TOLD ME THEY WERE PRETTY LOOSE AND A REVISION WAS UP TO ME. He told me to wear a brace and use a cane. I guess the crazy thing is one day they will feel soso and the next day I can’t hardly walk around. I’ve put it down to nerve regeneration …. I still have pain on the outer side of my left knee and around the knee. I heard of another patient who got the same operation at a different hospital and was in bad pain and didnt walk why does my kidney hurt for three days. Walked the first day too. Strokes in dogs are fairly uncommon. My doctor says I need to use a walker for at least one and half months even though I feel ready to walk with a cane. In any case, I don’t seem to be improving a great deal. I am 67 and had total knee replacements (right knee approx. The intensity of pain depends on the positioning of the knee. The back of my knee at the bend has started to hurt when walking how can i quit smoking naturally it feels like 3 steps forward and 5 back . My repaired knee hurts pretty bad after the exercises. Then I noticed 2 little bumps on my knee and the next day I had stiffness. This is still infinitely better than the agonising pain pre op but is nevertheless disappointing. I do physical therapy exercises everyday at home – 100-200 leg lifts, knee crunches, food bends and knee pulls. It was difficult to walk. I have had tkr 4 month ago and am trying to do yogs exercises for my back problems. Did it go away? A stroke can be caused by many things, including blood clots, hemorrhage, head trauma, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and even migrating worms. They are still there. I believe the replacement knee design addresses the stability that the ligaments previously gave but wonder if others have experienced this increase in pain after about 4 years post op. Also I’m 5 months down the track now & after being pain free & my surgeon’s favourite patient & my PTs best ‘student’ I’m now suffering stiffness & pain laterally …. They are not painful but I am concerned. 4 years ago). Not all the time but especially if I do stretches it happens so Im restricting them. I am very worried about the medication as well as the pain. 5 years ago, left knee approx. For the last 3 weeks I have been suffering with a knot like pain which is present at times. I am on 8 Percocet a day. I was doing very well at 3 – 5 months. But anyway mine has hurt me so bad and the only pain relief I have got and why does my kidney hurt I tried almost everything, was I wound up on Fentanyl patch 50mcg. Hi, I had a knee replacement 20 days ago. The exact symptoms depend on the tumor and its location. I am trying why does my kidney hurt to get in shape again. Hi my name is jade and I can relate to most of your stories. I had knee surgery 6 weeks ago. I tried lowering the dose today to 6, but I still had severe pain. I’m MID 40’S AND HAD BOTH OF MY KNEES REPLACED ALMOST 2 YRS AGO AND AT FIRST EVERYTHING WAS GOING PRETTY GOOD AS i WENT THROUGH REHAB, AND AS MONTHS WENT BY, I WAS WORKING OUT WITH LIGHT WEIGHTS AT THE FITTNESS CENTER AND THE MORE TIME WENT BY THE MORE i NOTICED THAT MY KNEES WERE HURTING MORE AND MORE. Has anyone had the clicks and boning feeling? Can advice? It happens in patches! I also ride a stationary bike 60-90 minutes everyday. My PT isn’t too perturbed though. Other Reasons for Loss of Balance in Dogs I went for a 2 mile walk the other day and after that have had stabbing pain in the outside lower part of the knee and it extends down the leg a bit, making it really painful to try to walk, etc. My knee makes frequent funny clicks or boning feelings. I had tnr 3 yrs ago and still suffer a lot of pain couldn’t walk without crutches for a year eventually a doctor told me the surgeon who did the tnr had put the ligaments outside my knee that’s why I have pain also the knee is not straight but nobody bothers doing anything very depressed about this Hi Sandy … I have ‘sore’ skin too …. It’s still bending over 100 but it hurts me but responds to just over counter pain meds . I climb 40-120 stairs round trip using a railing and walker. And if it weren’t for the relief I wouldn’t why does my kidney hurt use them for nothing as they make me sleepy all the time, and I’m the type person that loves how do i know i have kidney problems to be on the go doing somthing. The problem is I always had a tendernes of the lateral aspect of the knee (outside). What should I do. One ligament is apparently removed in all TKR cases but subject to the situation during op two may be removed. I do wonder to what extent the removal of ligaments has had on the occurrence of pain. They may include seizures, behavior changes, changes in appetite or thirst, signs of pain, head tilt, swaying, a wide stance, lack of coordination, head tremors, flicking of the eye, and pacing. Anyone experience this before. The surgeon said I had a stress reaction. I’ve been getting by with a brace and crutch. I had tkr in July 2013 didnot get app for physical for 6 weeks but had a home nurse come to house first 3 days and I kept doing excersises faithly never got rom now I have ex pain in knee area swollen knot like alittle below knee-cap had ex -ray showed everything in place cannot walk hardly went back to being a server I am 66 yrs young lol not ready to sit down but would like advice ,do know it didnot hurt this bad till I carried a watermelon in the house ,is there a limit to what we carry best diet tea to lose weight or put on our joints I had a total knee replacement 6 months ago. Treating why does my kidney hurt brain tumors may involve chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and other care. I want to get off the best way to get rid of psoriasis meds, but the doctor says to follow his orders. I don’t know if it’s best to just try to exercise it out, to rest, or what to eat when your blood sugar is high what to do. I have to stop yoga for a few days for the pain to subside. It took me a while to get going but I eventually was on my way to recovery. I am worried like many people, I may get addicted to these meds. I had a TNR on June 24,2013. But they do happen. Walking is getting better but I am a still experiencing numbness on left side and tightening when walking. I am nearly 23wks after surgery swelling has gone down still have limp when walking doctor told what to do during an asthma attack me I need to retrain my brain to stop . Reduced hours to start, hopefully by the summer I will be well on my way . I’ll try neosporin too. If I don’t take the meds I have severe pain and cannot do anything during the day. Thanks Stroke. I’m not sure that I’m up for it quite yet as I did both of them at one time the first time I had them done and had a pretty rough go of it, had to have 2 blood transfusions shortly after the surgery as the only way they new my blood was low is when the nurse checked my blood pressure and I was barely hanging on. Has anyone had any experience with a stress reaction and how long does it take to heal? Very little pain and can do stairs easily. My knee is still swollen, and hurts on the side of the knee and leg not the surgical site. I suggest that everyone look carefully at your doctors symptoms of adult onset diabetes track record because there seems to be a wide range of outcomes. I just had my knee done 6 days ago and are already at 90 degrees. Walking down steps really hurts too. I am hoping to get back to work the middle of May . The doctor says that I need to take these as I have very low pain tolerance. I’ve also been swimming in an indoor pool as well as using a stationary bike. They really help. The exercises are broken up throughout the day. Can’t get in contact with my doctor. Walking gets difficult. I have to say that the overall experience has been good but over the last 9 months I experience 5 out of 10 pain in both knees fairly frequently.

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