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We need to make a stand and let them see what it is ! Be careful as to not comb to hard u dont want to cause bleeding just hard enugh to remove excess flakes and scales. I see class actions law cases on it killing users as a side effect and I refuse to go on chemo and steriods for it and I have RA. I started breakiing out with these scaley bumps back in august, it took that long to see a dermatologist and he just said exzema and gave me a cream that did nothing. It is still not 100% clear but I have worn capris a little this summer. His mainly effects him under his arms and on his bottom. I cried from relief not knowing what it was thought I had parosites living on me. I, too, suffer with psoriasis. I tried tar and myrrh oil combo and my skin is getting back to baby smooth, I wash what to do if your sugar is high with honey and oatmeal all over, then put my combo on, I figured if a mummy could take it so could I and my skin couldn't get any worse, but a few weeks layters, now it is almost like I never had it at all, after so many years, wish cancer prevention foods to eat I had of done it sooner. Im tring different things because i want something long lasting. Wishing you much luck finding what works for you; always try to stay positive. I bought both types $under 4 each. I just had a terrible flare. Nadia I've been on methotrexate. I have tried tons of treatments, creams, doctor administered steroid shots in the office, methotrexate, Enbrel, ultraviolet treatments, etc. It works just apply three to four times a day and it should heal.. ;D Any tips BEFORE it gets bigger and noticable by my friends? It sometimes attacks my arm, legs and core. This year the tanning bed did the best action for me. Hope that helps ;-) I have it on my face and neck. Wanted to encourage all of you to check out the National Psoriasis Foundation website and join if you are not a member already. I cannot say this will help other people with psoriaisis but I think I should let people know about my story. Please help i have read every comment on here, as i am so sick of my ps. I became a member in the 90s. I hope one day soon there will be a cure if not for us, for future generations. :-) My 8 year old son has been fitting inverse psoriasis since he was about 6 months old. Their "it works for me" page has given me lots of ideas but as we all know, not all remedies work for others, but it will allow you to try inexpensive ways to attempt clearing your natural ways to improve prostate health psoriasis. With all medications as strong as these caution is vital. Everyone just thinks go to the doctor and get some medicine. 5-6 months after having him I started getting psoriasis. I have tried cream after cream from the doctor and nothing I do seems to work. Its on the shelves about 8 dollars... I explain to people that it's not catchy but it reminds me of biblical leprosy! The foundation has literally been my life line over the years. I've been suffering with this for at least 3 years now after trying multiple creams and shampoos. Won't affect married life and if you discover you are pregnant stop taking them immediately. I felt no itch what so ever and I felt as good as I ever felt with psoriasis. Btw if u have ps on ur scalp ALWAYS wash ur hair first, then ur body (u should do that anyway, but if u dont do it now) if u bath first then wash ur hair the ps is more likely to spread. Thanks for the suggestions. Nothing is working consistently. I know how that is easier sad than done as I have my own struggles emotionally. Sun does help, but we just had the worst winter and I am a mess with it. My sister found her psoriasis cleared during pregnancy but came back mildly afterwards. You rub the peel on the lesion once or twice a day. It is so bad at times that he can barly sit down, he will scratch in his sleep until he bleeds, I put cream on him everyday, I am so running out of Ideas as what I should do for him, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. ) HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night I put a steroid on some of the persistent ares and I have seen some good results, so maybe a combination will be a plan. I used head and shoulders for a week straight and it cleared it up a good bit. The site has forums to discuss ideas with each other or if you just best natural remedies for psoriasis want to vent. People have made so many rude comments to me,even in front of my children and one woman even gasped out loud and ran from me. I may only be twelve but this really works. I wear shorts and sleeveless shirts but am very aware of the looks and comments. I heard that if u wash ur hair several times a day and run a fine tooth comb through ur hair while washing helps. It keeps the plauqes from building up.. I how to stop drinking and smoking may give their argan oil a try for my scalp which is thick with psoriasis. I do not work for NPF, I am not giving a sales pitch here. Now i cry knowing this will be a life long batlle. When i went to my ship cruise hotel, my mom recognized how much better my psoriasis got. While I do not have an extreme case, I best natural remedies for psoriasis have it enough to be very self conscious about it, wearing long sleeved shirts and pants in 90 degree weather and have so since 89. (btw, i dont want to hear about some stupid bath or something that cost a heck of a lot of energy, money, and stress wasted on baths and apple cider or whatever else u guys r trying 2 do for urself. My brother & father have psoriasis and my sister and myself never did. UNTIL I had my son. I too have tried everything. Went back to my primary and he said psoriasis. It is a crying shame that people have to endure psoriasis and other skin complaints. It has grown to a big patch on my right knee,behind my earlobes and on both elbows and on my butt... I was at the beach snorkeling and I was scared of the fish so i got out. This isn't really a home remedy but it works just as good. Their site is amazing with best natural remedies for psoriasis lots of testimonials, ads and news with articles and new medicines that could work for you. I feel SO BAD for the young ones out there! People can be so awful! I have been using a cream by mama nature specifcaly for what can i take for ringing in my ears psoriasis and it has really taken away a lot of the itchiness and the scales have started falling off when I shower. My dads had psoriasis since he was a early teen, and now he has it super bad on best natural remedies for psoriasis his knees and elbows and lower legs, near the knees. I do believe in the power of prayer and some are praying for me. I am 44 and was just diagnosed with psoriasis best diet for cancer patients in November. Until then... It does help a lot and you would figure it has to be good for the pregnant women since it is for Babies. I have told 6-7 different people about the cream and they have tried it and came back to me and said THANKS. I tried it and it does help but for me it only went so far. I was in the baby section at my local grocery store and I saw a baby cream Called Mom to Mom that was a vitamin A&E mix. I have what is very high blood pressure used clobetesol ointment which keeps it a bit under control. Greg House on this topic. Then massage some conditioner into ur scalp and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse. I hope this helps someone, and i hope we all find a cure one day. It drives me crazy... It kept things in check for me. I developed ps at age 30 and am now 56.. I am just beginning to get a tiny bit on my knees, only like dots of it, and i am only 13 y o. I stumbled on a remedy last week, Banana peel (been around for a while) . They mail newsletters and you always have access to the site. This outbreak is worst than ever and I need help badly. I am going to try vitamin d supplements again to see if they will work. The itching, the burning, the redness. It is an awful skin condition and how to repair a damaged liver we need more public "exposure" so others who don't have can get educated so us sp people can live a normal life... I had tried a new cream and it made it flare. The same brand also had a diaper rash cream with the same vitamins included. Help! No known facts on effects in future. I hope they work. They have annual conventions that may come near your town that you may attend. I moved from the NorthEast where there was very little sunlight to VA where there is constant sunlight. I dont want this to haunt me, but i also dont want to revolve my life around this stupid, ugly skin condition for years and years to come, leaving me alone and living with cats, still struggling to find a cure before it gets too out of hand! I have it just on my scalp and have for a few years now. When I got there, DRs told me that my vitamin d was so low it best natural remedies for psoriasis was immeasurable. He often crys because he thinks that he is not a normal child. First I thought it was a ring worm on my knee.. My father was shot in 1989 and it "appeared" all over my body the day after from stress obviously (he lived by the way). Take care. I feel so bad for him, and I often get very upset because there is nothing that I can do for him!! Research yourself and find out what helps others deal with this autoimmune disease, physically and emotionally, maybe it will help us in the meantime. My sis had a girl and still doesn't have the skin problem. In the shower I use a washclothe and after with my towel rubbing the areas then put my ointment on... I have, after reading everyones posts come to the conclusion that this is definitely related to the vitamin d in my body and possibly something else missing. My son is now 10 and after many years of trying many different lotions & products I finally found one that works great. Reading what everyone has written scarem and inspires me at the same time. Good luck I have it on my face and back, it was said by a doc that it was acne, nothing worked and all the treatment for acne made it worse, that's because it was not acne. No one else in my family has this. Hi ive had this curse called psoriasis for about three years and it mostly just goes away with shea butter and not touching any chemicals but this go around ive had to go to cvs and get this gel called psoriasin and it has coal tar in it which is something the doctors use to treat this... A few months later, I was being diagnosed with psoriasis. I wish I had best natural remedies for psoriasis Dr. I know how it can affect us emotionally and physically and wish I could find that right potion to control it. So the remedy we thought that really helped was salt water. I used for a week of two and could already tell the difference.

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