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Qingre Anchuang Tablets
Qingre Anchuang Tablets detoxifies the blood system, improves circulation, and reduces scarring
from spots on the face. Normally, three months is a course treatment. We recommend taking these tablets and using
An Chuang San Ri Qing (Xian Tao Lu)
externally, 95% of people notice a big improvement in one to two weeks.

PRICE: $10.00

Curing Pill
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!
Curing Pill also known as Culing Pill, Curin Wan and Pill Curing are one of the most popular herbal products in China, used widely to relieve common stomach discomfort associated with overeating, weak digestion, stomach upset, nausea gas or indigestion. This all-natural, herbal formula acts to regulate the digestion, disperse wind-cold and resolve dampness from the body. Curing Pills are a longstanding Chinese nutritional supplement which eases common digestive problems and helps restore good health.

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Analgesic Balm
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

External Analgesic Balm aids in the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backaches, arthritis, sprains, bruises and strains.

PRICE: $15.00

Farfun Peiminkamwan
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

Rhinitis is a common disease
It can be classified into;

(1) Acute rhinitis – the disease is caused by common cold. At first, the pitultary membrane is dry, then oedema, secretions in the nose become watery. There is incessant sneezing. Later, secretions turn sticky. Pitultary membrane will return to normal until recovery period.

(2) Chronic rhinitis – there is intermittent rhinocleisis. The condition is eased after exercises or inhaling fresh air. After heavy work or drinking alcohol, rhinocleisis becomes serious. Sometimes, there is headache, sniveling, sticky semipermeable mucus.

(3) Chronic hypertrophic rhinitis – it is mainly developed from chronic rhinitis. It can further develop into hypertrophic rhinitis. The lower part of the membrane and the nasal bone becomes hypertrophic.

(4) Atrophic rhinitis – it is very slow-developed, commonplace disease of the nose. The symptoms are that the pituitary membrane, nasal septum becomes atrophic. A scab is formed in the nose which causes the disease. It is frequent in female.

(5) Allegic rhinitis and rhinitis (hypersensitive) – it is a very commonplace disease of the nose. Rhinocieisis and sneezing are the common symptoms. There are a few cases when the eyes and the throat itch. In the morning, there may be headache, throat itching, difficulty in hearing, tears, fear of light, measles, bronchial asthma, migrains, etc.

(6) Chronic rhinitis Caseisa – the first stage inclues rhinocleisis in one nasal. The other nasal is also affected when comes the second stage. The patient also feels mild headache, increased mucus which has foul smell. The final stage makes the patient feel dizzy, headache, insomnia and loss of health.

Farfun Peiminkamwan Yin Kong counteracts allergy, relieves inflammation, expels pathogenic wind from the body surface. Farfun Peiminkamwan is based on a popular remedy and made from specific ingredients extracted from valuable and natural medicines by sophisticated processes. The results of years of clinical testing show that this preparation is remarkably effective in the treatment of various types of rehinallergosis and has no side effect.

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Hypertension Repressing Tablets
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

Hypertension Repressing Tablets are good for dizziness, tinnitus, and agitation caused by high blood pressure.

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Are You Having Trouble Getting Pregnant?

Infertility Pills
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

Our Infertility Pills is a Dietary Supplement that has been developed and used in China to increase male sperm count and the mobility of human sperm, as well as increase fertility in women.

Infertility Pills includes ingredients that have been studied in China for their ability to enhance sperm count and mobility, Relieves ovulation disorders in order to enhance fertility during copulation.

PRICE: $15.00


  1. Epimedium Leaf
  2. Chinese angelica root
  3. Chuanxiong Rhizome
  4. White Peony Root
  5. Prepared Rehmannia Root
  6. Fructus Rubi
  7. Schisandra Fruit
  8. Wolfberry Fruit
  9. Chinese Dodder
  10. Achyranthis Radix
  11. Plantaginis Seed


  1. Increases fertility in men and women
  2. Strengthens the reproductive system
  3. Relieves sterility
  4. Relieves ovulation disorders
  5. Increases sperm count
  6. Promotes sperm motility
  7. Invigorates the Yin & Yang energy

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Do You Want To Find Natural Relief From
Menopause Symptoms?

menopause symptoms capsules
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

The menopause symptoms capsules nourishes the yin and clears away heat, relieving restlessness and tranquilizing the mind; regulating the equilibrium of the human body, improving health and prolonging life. Use for female climacteric syndrome, marked by tidal fever with sweating, vertigo, insomnia, dysphoria, irritability, fluctuation of blood pressure, etc. Also used to manage male climacteric syndrome.

PRICE: $10.00

Do you suffer from:

  1. Neurashenia
  2. Dizziness
  3. Headache
  4. Spontaneous sweating
  5. Discomfort during sex
  6. Vaginal infection
  7. Palpitation of the heart
  8. Mental weakness

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Do You Want To Find Natural Relief From Coughing?

Loquat plant with fruit
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

Natural Herb Loquat Extract is a product of Hong Kong. The Chinese brand name, Poon Goor Soe (in mandarin Pan Gaoshou) is the name of the product’s developer, the elderly gentleman pictured on the box cover (his assistant is pictured next to him). This formula has been made for decades and enjoys an international reputation for quality and effectiveness. The main ingredient of the extract formula is loquat (17%), for which the leaf and fruit are considered very useful in treating coughs and moistening dryness. The extract includes fritillaria bulb (15%, labeled incorrectly as lotus root in English), apricot seed (8%. labeled almond extract; apricot seed is known as bitter almond), platycodon root (7%), licorice root (5%), and peppermint (source of menthol, at 1%). It is prepared in a thin water-honey base.

Loquat leaf is often used in Chinese herb formulas and syrups to alleviate “lung heat” syndromes. These diseases are usually caused by infections, though they can arise from other causes, such as smoking. The main application of the syrup is coughs, but loquat leaves also are used to alleviate skin disorders of the face, which are often attributed also to lung heat. The loquat grows in semi-tropical climates, and is native to southeast China, mainly Guangzhou. It is now cultivated in California and Florida. The Chinese name for the loquat, pipa, comes from the appearance of the leaves, which are shaped similar to that of a stringed Chinese instrument (referred to as a Chinese lute) called the pipa (pee-pah).

The dosing of the syrup is two teaspoonfuls each time, about 10 ml. This syrup can be taken 3 times a day, or more often if needed; a bottle contains 180 ml, sufficient for 18 doses. Each dose provides only 9 grams of sugars (mainly from the honey). On the package (under the portraits, is the original Chinese name of the formula, Chuanbei Pipa Gao, which translates to Fritillaria and Loquat Syrup. The Chinese name has been applied to many similar products, because the two named herbs are among the best for alleviating coughs. There is advice on the box (in Chinese) that others should perform acts beneficial to people and not counterfeit the product. Another Loquat Syrup from Hong Kong, Nim Jiom Pei Pa Kao, also has these two key ingredients, but in a thicker honey syrup, which, along with the secondary ingredients, makes that formula especially suitable for treating a scratchy or sore throat.

PRICE: $15.00

Do You Want To Find Natural Relief From Headaches?

Headache relief
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

Piantoutong Wan relieves migranines, vascular headaches, tension headache and neurogenic pain.

PRICE: $20.00

Do You Want To Find Natural Relief From Bronchitis, Emphysema & Asthma?

Ping Chuan Wan
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

Ping Chuan Wan is a Chinese Medicinal formula that is utilized when a patient has been diagnosed as having insufficient Lung Qi and Lung Yin due to chronic shortness of breath. It is considered a beneficial treatment for acute or chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma. It functions by reducing mucus, gives relief to chest constriction, and eases breathing. Symptoms that can be associated with these conditions are: wheezing; coughing that produces thick, yellow to white phlegm; and shortness of breath that seems to be aggravated in the evening or after physical exertion.

It should be noted that serious conditions should not be treated with Ping Chuan Wan without the knowledge and consent of your health care professional.

Ping Chuan Wan is thought to be based on the formula Ding Chuan Tang listed in “Exquisite Formulas for Fostering Longevity” (Fu Shou Jing Fan) by Dr. Wu Min, 1530 AD.

PRICE: $10.00

Do You Want To Wash Away Fat While You Bathe?

Seaweed Soap
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

Chinese has a long history of keeping fit. An old woman without attending any schools may tell a saying: Tons of gold are not enough to exchange for a thin body when one gets old. For more than 5000 years, Chinese have been using and relying on various kinds of natural products for maintaining health.

Seaweed Defat Soap is a specialty soap for weight-loss and skin health. It is formulated according to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine. It contains many kinds of trace elements, vitamins, and minerals from natural Chinese herbs. These components can penetrate into the skin, where they promote blood circulation and metabolism, resulting in getting rid of subcutaneous fat and keeping the skin tender. Owing to the significant effect of defat, the soap is a powerful tool for fighting against overweight. On the other hand, it is advisable for persons with normal weight, use of the soap should be with caution.

PRICE: $5.00

Do You Want To Find Natural Relief From Sinus & Allergy Symptoms?

Xiang Li Bi Min Kan Wan
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

Very Hard to Find — Only found in Hong Kong and some Asian Countries

Xiang Li Bi Min Kan Wan can actually help to relieve the symptoms and reverse the causes of most nasal, sinus and breathing disorders

Helps The Body To Cure Itself Of:

  1. Acute Rhinitis
  2. Chronic Rhinitis
  3. Pollenosis
  4. Allergies
  5. Sinus Blocks
  6. Bronchitis
  7. Chronic Idiopathic Cough
  8. Nasal Drip Cough
  9. Other Breathing Disorders

PRICE: $10.00

Do You Want To Find Natural Relief From Tuberculosis, Medullitis, Syphilis or Ulcers?

Xiao Yan Wan
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine!

Xiao Yan Wan is used for lymphatic, bone and joint tuberculosis, medullitis (osteomyelitis), syphilis, cutaneous ulcer of long standing, chronic carbumcels.

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PRICE: $10.00