Increase fertility

by hadmin
Increase fertility
Introducing A Little Known Ancient Breakthrough Medicine! Our Infertility Pills is a Dietary Supplement that has been developed and used in China to increase male sperm count and the mobility of human sperm, as well as increase fertility in women. Infertility Pills includes ingredients that have been studied in China for their ability to enhance sperm count and mobility, Relieves ovulation disorders in order to enhance fertility during copulation.
  1. Epimedium Leaf
  2. Chinese angelica root
  3. Chuanxiong Rhizome
  4. White Peony Root
  5. Prepared Rehmannia Root
  6. Fructus Rubi
  7. Schisandra Fruit
  8. Wolfberry Fruit
  9. Chinese Dodder
  10. Achyranthis Radix
  11. Plantaginis Seed
  1. Increases fertility in men and women
  2. Strengthens the reproductive system
  3. Relieves sterility
  4. Relieves ovulation disorders
  5. Increases sperm count
  6. Promotes sperm motility
  7. Invigorates the Yin & Yang energy
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