Natural Relief From Menopause Symptoms

by hadmin
Natural Relief From Menopause Symptoms

Do You Want To Find Natural Relief From Menopause Symptoms?

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The menopause symptoms capsules nourishes the yin and clears away heat, relieving restlessness and tranquilizing the mind; regulating the equilibrium of the human body, improving health and prolonging life. Use for female climacteric syndrome, marked by tidal fever with sweating, vertigo, insomnia, dysphoria, irritability, fluctuation of blood pressure, etc. Also used to manage male climacteric syndrome. Do you suffer from:
  1. Neurashenia
  2. Dizziness
  3. Headache
  4. Spontaneous sweating
  5. Discomfort during sex
  6. Vaginal infection
  7. Palpitation of the heart
  8. Mental weakness
You need menopause symptoms capsules!
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