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I am 15 weeks pregnant and the black outs and the dizziness keeps getting worse cause of heart beat fast and the doctors cant find anything. Does anyone know the reason for rapid heart beat when bending down? In other cases, medication may be prescribed to slow the heartbeat on a continual basis. I have had EKG, heart monitor: they cant catch how to really stop smoking it or find anything abnormal with my heart. I drink caffeinated drinks but i dont think it has cause of heart beat fast ne thing to do with it. If they are too frequent and uncomfortable he recommended medication. Each time, it was during exercise... Other symptoms of an attack of pancreatitis are:. Several years later i became pregnant, and my blacks outs began to get worse. Hope this isnt a major problem.... What you all described, the rapid heart beat when bending down, occurred to me too. I used to call it Heart Hiccups, because I could not remember the diagnosis. One day i was having out patient surgery on my foot, and the doctors noticed my heart doing odd things, so they referred me to a cardiologist. Nothing with the third, but I was not losing weight either! You should get checked for vertigo it can be dangerous and if left alone a panic attack can turn into a heart attack!!!!! It scares me to death, but glad to hear I am not the only one! However, had two incidents in last 6 months but very mild. what is the perfect blood pressure reading Im cause of heart beat fast glad to know im not the only one out there. It usually occurs when I go from a sitting position to a standing position. Only happens whenever i bend down to pick something up or whatever. If I was to go to the ER, it would stop before I got there... And i notice a shortness of breath and light feeling in my chest with my heart beating REALLY fast. This sounds like many of the symptoms my mother and grandmother have and they both have vertigo. It usually goes away within a few minutes and i usually just sit down and relax. I think there's something to be said for dehydration, like GuestPub mentioned. :-D I get the same thing, I actually had one tonight after softball practice. I have been looking for answers for a long time, and no cardiologist has any!! Ahh how frustrating. I'm just sick of it :-P Have you been checked for vertigo. I don't know what the heck they are, what I will say is that they suck, they're scary and they seem to be pretty common. Before it happened, I was just telling my friend that I felt really parched (we forgot to take our water bottles). After blood tests, 24 hour monitor, EKG resulted in a clean bill of health and a healthy heart, he recommended in the event of another episode to bear down as in taking a poo, there is cause of heart beat fast a medical term for it, and it works! When i get back up my vision gets blacked out for about two sec. And I panicked, needless to say I was googling the maneuver term and to see if there were more of us out there. This time, I was bending over to pick up free weights. Sometimes the pain is mild. What worries me is that it happens in an instant, it doesnt gradually speed up or anything it just happens. Thnx I get the exact same thing. I would black out more often when i stood up, and i started blacking out when i bent over. So apparently we all have a unexplainable heart, no one knows whats happening to us. I blacked out a few times while wearing the holster. I had my first episode Easter 2003. Something about having an extra sinus charge going in the wrong direction at the same time the one going in the right direction cross at the AV Node. I thought I was having a panic attack, but nothing seems to trigger them besides bending over sometimes. Went to see a cardiologist. But the pain may feel as though it bores through the abdomen to the back. The cardiologist couldn't find a thing wrong with me. And also do you think it can be related to not having enough to eat during the day? Its almost as though something gets squashed. My midwife referred me back to my cardiologist, they done an EKG and made me wear a heart holster for 24 hours. HI out there... Please let me know so I may have some ammo for the doctor when he tells me I am nuts!! I have to wonder if dehydration and small caloric intake is a cause. Put me on Toporol. My diagnosis: Inappropriate sinus tachycardia - This is a common physiological response to a stimulus such as exercise or anxiety. I even passed completely out on several occasions. Thank you in advance for any info... Scares the hell out me..... It works best detox teas weight loss a lot better if you do not panic! I am on synthroid, started taking it about 7 years ago. I have even had two surgeries, unrelated to my heart, and haven't had any issues then.. Very scary, as we all cause of heart beat fast agree. (energy? Also, I get very short of breath and my tongue and hands become numb, then afterwards, I have a funny, chemical taste on my tongue. I found this on healthscout: Sinus tachycardias usually do not require treatment other than therapy for the underlying cause, if any. I just walked about breathing deeply and relaxing and it went away after a few minutes. I cause of heart beat fast have suffered from the same thing for many years. I even went off synthroid for awhile because of insurance issues and it seemed to stop... Here is my question.. The main symptom of sudden (acute) pancreatitis is sudden moderate to severe pain in the upper area of the belly ( abdomen). The first episode was after my second child and now my fourth. I have the exact same thing described. I bend over to pick something up and by the time cause of heart beat fast i stand, my heart is racing like i ran a marathon. I finally got used to it and never mentioned it to a doctor. My heart pounds really hard, I sweat, get anxious, feel like I can't breathe, and 2-5 mins later, BAM it's gone. They occurred every time I bent down. By August I was seeking a cardiologist. This has happened to me about 3 times so far in the past year. I have tried to catch it with a holter, but they never seem to get it. And I do not drink enough liquids. ). I hope this helps, but please see a cardiologist to make sure your heart is okay! I wish I could remember the maneuver. Both time have been when I have bent forwards to pick something up. Of course, I ran a gamut of tests, including holter moniters, stress, ekg, echo, extended monitor, and naturally, it didn't re-occur, so I have no diagnosis. Hubby has taken my pulse and it seems normal, but it just pounds... He said weightlifters do the same thing to lift heavy weights, hold breath and bear down like you were taking a poo. Just had my third bad episode today. Sitting up or leaning forward sometimes reduces the pain. I had not had one since 2004, but tonight I had one. I've had them since I was about 13 years old (I am 27 now) and have yet to get a diagnosis. I do not feel dizzy but my heart just starts racing - almost like it goes into a spasm of very fast hard beats. This may involve holding one's breath for a minute, bathing the face in cold water, or massaging the carotid artery in the neck. I can feel my face going numb, and here comes the blackness. I would love to know what is. The doctors read my reports and said everything came back fine. Now it's back. I was told that the lightheadedness is caused by medicine. Because everything else was okay there is really no risk of death. A supraventricular paroxysmal tachycardia may respond to certain simple maneuvers that your physician will explain to you. I have never been attacked by a bull or a goat, so I am guessing it may be what you all are talking about. Do any of you suffer from hypothyroidism? It cause panis attacks, repulsive sweating, dizziness, black outs, while bending over or being up high like ladders, rollar coasters ect. Mine seem to happen from bending over. I take other medications, but they have all changed over this time frame. I have had this same occurance, sometimes when I bend over to pick something up, my heart will pound.. Went to the doc n he said it might be my equilibrium? Also, anxiety attacks won't turn into heart attacks, that is seriously the worst how to get rid of one type diabetes thing you can say to someone with anxiety, I will say that stress is bad for you though, and relaxing should be a priority I too have also tea that helps u lose weight had this twice. Have had numerious EKG's and a holter study. The first time i experienced this it scared me to death! natural remedies for anxiety and nervousness

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