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There is so much more to “type 2 diabetes” than sugar. This has happend about 10 times over ten years but I always felt it was because I drank to much. I eat 1400 (25 carbs, 80 protein) calories to maintain my 170 lb. I will ask that he high blood sugar after eating prescribe a colonoscopy and other test that will look at my digestive system. I'm 30 and I also have this problem. ” I to was slowly gaining weight over the course of the last 4 years and I was not eating anything carby, I gave up the dairy and my numbers went from fastings over 100 to way down, upper 60’s lower 70’s. I'm not sure if those symptoms would be related to the gluten sensitivity or not, but I have seen almost an elimination in symptoms since I started high blood sugar after eating limiting the gluten. Oh I used the wrong hormone, that’s why! The majority of things high blood sugar after eating that include gluten are pastas, breads, cereals, and breaded meats. Also, what is your calories intake? The pancreas releases insulin into the blood, based upon the blood sugar level. Doctor has put me on high-blood pressure meds. When I wake up my FBG is around 100. There is less fat in this diet, and the protein will limit ketosis. Insulin helps move glucose from digested food into cells. Also I didnt nearly keel over today after my mile run(I usualy get all kinds of pains in my chest and sholder) but rather felt great! Nothing can you please after getting your FBG 100-120 in the morning, do light physical activity such as stairs , sit ups, a little gymnastics and stretching for 20-30 minutes and remeasure BG again. I accidentally ate a sandwich at a party today that made my stomach hurt and also gave me the rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure. In diabetic patients, glucose does not enter the cells sufficiently, thus staying in the blood and creating high blood sugar levels. Mine drops 20-30 units and stays there if I am active. This is how I keep my BG low through the day- stand up and moving every 10 minutes. I even dropped to 10g carbs a where to buy weight loss tea day. LDL is “high”, but that’s a controversial topic. It is difficult but doable. With the exception of cholesterol, all of my blood markers are extremely good (I’ve had 25+ markers tested, from inflammatory markers to minerals, vitamins, kidney enzymes, etc. Sometimes, the body stops making insulin (as in type 1 diabetes), or the insulin does not work properly (as in type 2 diabetes). I wrote and edited this post in several different parts of the weekend- thus why that sentence made no sense. You can still have other grains and starches like oatmeal, corn, potatos, and rice. I am gaining weight very quickly by eating more. Once after I ate dominos pizza, also feels like cold fresh air in deep breaths helps bring my heart back to normal but make no mistake each time I felt that I was a dying! Thanks to all whose comment I read. Have you tried the Bernstein diet, with high protein, low carbs? After trying to figure this out my PIR issue for so long I decided to buy a Precision Extra meter to compare. It didnt work. Reply hey bloke1981 i would like to apologize for sounding argumentive, in no way was i trying to be, i was just reading over it and to mee it seemed like i was trying to argue with you and i just wanted to let you and budgetguy that in NO way was that my intention i know this is a great forum for proplr to find some none medical proved answers and like at the beginning i would like to apologize to you both thank you and i agree with you what is feeling is prolly normal from our stand point, have a great evening and god bless thank you. Reply Follow me here for a little bit: If low carb dieters are not intaking glucose (for the very purpose of reducing an insulin response! high blood sugar after eating It had happened high blood sugar after eating once before but new test strips seemed to fix the problem. My blood sugar went form almost 300 14day average to 142. All by limiting to only 30g of carbs. He will check me in two high blood sugar after eating weeks. This British study looks at a set of individuals who are genetically programmed to run at a higher “normal” level of blood glucose than the rest of us, because they carry heterozygous, inactivating glucokinase (GCK) mutations. They run at a mean HbA1c of 6. I cause of increased blood pressure try not to eat anything with anything in the ingredients that have wheat. She did a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy and found inflammation in my small intestine. I was having some digestive problems as well As the heart and bp symptoms, so I decided to see my Gastoenterologist. While diabetics and ketogenic dieters have the same symptom, one is a purposeful manipulation of the chemical signaling in the body, and the other is a distinct disregulation caused by a complicated clusterfuck of issues (diabetes). Having read all posts I feel I have had the same problem but my heart felt like it was comming out of my chest ! Since my HDL is also high and triglycerides low, I’m not particularly concerned right now. Went from 355lbs to 320 in 2 weeks. 6 years of hyperglycemia, patients with a GCK mutation had low prevalence of microvascular and macrovascular complications. 9% and provide an interesting insight into the long-term significance of high sugar in isolation: “Despite a median duration of 48. (only beer not spirits). I also like fasting once a week for 36 hours and IF every day(18:6). This week I went on a gluten free diet and never felt better. I've been limiting my gluten to a very small amount for 2 weeks and my digestive problems have basically gone. I was cleared for Celiac's Disease but becuase some of my antibodies were high I think it was IgA, she said I was probably sensitive to gluten. I actually think it is the whey protein that caused my high numbers, but I am not sure, it is not calories since I eat over 3,000 a day and I am still able to lose. Usualy after my day of pizza, subs and beer my heart rate would be at least 95 beats per min. But then when I woke up and throughout the day, till I went to bet it was always over 200, high as 400. ) and not activating GIP accordingly, possibly not activating a second phase insulin response (depending on the genetic variant), then according to science, the absolute natural reaction of the body would be to have higher blood sugar levels. So go figure, all this time it was my Nova Max blood glucose meter giving me problems. I will keep all posted with results of my test. It could be that the carb cycling plus keto is too volatile and unpredictable in the way it influences liver insulin sensitivity, low carb T1Ds are usually very consistent about carb intake. I prefer not to keep hourly checks on my BP and heart rate-it tends to make me more anxious. It is 65-85 when I on the move. ” By contrast, a cohort of similar age who had developed type 2 diabetes of youth had a horrific rate symptoms of problems with liver of macrovascular and microvascular complications. Now after a salad with chicken and my wine its about 78. Just maybe something to try, I struggled for years trying to get my numbers down and listening to most forums they say to eat cheese and yogurt and it is good for you, but in my case that is not true. I fixed it for you: “Follow me here for a little bit: If low carb dieters are not intaking glucose (for the very purpose of reducing an insulin response! Actually I agree completely with you, which is why I was stumped for the last hour figuring out where I went wrong. Hi i was reading ur post and i to experience the same exact thing, i also work in a emergency setting as well as the guy that commented last, and i have asked doctor after doctor, and the guy above seemed to hit it on the nose, what i was told that some people notice there heart rates increase and some dont that one can notice a 10 beat difference while the next person couldnt notice a 40 beat difference, also have you been checked for ulcers in ur stomach, they also can cause this after eating, bc when the food goes to the stomach and the food hits an ulcer it stimulates the vagus nerv which can cause ur heart rate to go up there is different things that could cause it but my personal oponion that i have came up with is just like the last guy said during digestion those organs need more blood and only one way to do that is for the heart to pump harder i have been to the er multiple times for this and it is always just high blood sugar after eating sinus tach my got up to 165 bpm one time it is scarey but in a healthy heart harmless take care and hope it feels better Increase Heart Rate and BP After Every Meal- I think I have figured out that it may have something to do with my digestive system. Not really sure what it was, since I was eating cream, high fat yogurt ect… But I lost 18 pounds withing the course of 2 months so it came off fast once I could convince myself to quit. I am so amazed that so many has the same problem and most has not been able to get a diagnosis of what is causing it. I just did two side by side tests afib and high blood pressure using both and got the following readings: I went from taking 100-150 units of insulin a day to 40 units. More energy, clear headed and my heart rate is way down. ). I'm 40 and 197pounds. I went back up to giving 100+ units of insulin to keep the my blood sugar down. ) and not activating GIP accordingly, high blood sugar after eating possibly not activating a second phase insulin response (depending on the genetic variant), then according to science, the absolute natural reaction of the body would be to have higher blood sugar levels.

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