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$44 for just the pump versus the kit for $179 has new belt ,tension pully etc.. Overweight at the time. Stacey, I have two children, both type 1 diabetics, daughter diagnosed at age of 9 years after a flu virus attacked her pancreas. Doctors are woefully under educated and what it’s actually like to LIVE with type 2 diabetes. Well the jeep has 301000 miles, yup three hundred thousand and its our main car You’re having relative lows. Water floods your eye to try to clear out the accumulated glucose. Not insulin yet. 2. It took the complication of afternoon blood pressure spikes, sensitivity to heat, and some neurological concerns to get me to rush back to my meter… where I found a reading high level of sugar in the blood of 385. I have been praying for those undiagnosed and diagnosed for so many years, for protection and blessing. When blood sugar is persistently elevated, the filtering system essentially has to work overtime to clear the excess sugar from the blood. Your lives are precious. I think there is one specifically to help people trying to lose weight. To die because they can no longer get enough oxygen with this poor blood flow caused by the sticky blood. But if I don’t take it it goes up hi. She volunteered, since she had been sick and had seen so much as a child. The nerves that control internal body functions, like digestion, are vulnerable to high blood sugar levels, too. No glucose IVs when you are hospitalized with high blood sugars, and trust me, it will happen more than once, no matter the hospital or quality of care. I started the standard drug eveyone seems to get but it hasn’t had an affect yet. I was on an program called by an government funded program called the WATCH program. Native Americans and certain ethnic groups are more prone. She was maybe 5 or 10 lbs. So yeah its serious. She’s only on med. If it is in your DNA, your family members must take it as seriously as you do. Also heart disease stroke etc. It cases nausea, vomiting, bloating and pain. She continued to lose weight and started the raspy breathing, almost died, before she was diagnosed. high level of sugar in the blood I had eaten breakfast 3 hrs before the test. My stomach is swollen from taking the shots I wish there was a easier way to deal with my diabetes I wish I had more systems when it gets high to Yeah Arne, think about what’s really happening: your blood cells are getting “sticky” like your fingers if you get syrup on them. I recieved free medical care and free medicine when I could not longer afford to by my medicine. My doctor is not concerned with my result. Please get to a doctor and a diabetic specialist as soon as possible. I’m very lucky, I caught mine early before I started having to take metformin. Anyway sorry for rambling on. Ovalle. I was surprised I had not had a random organ fail, but that is more to my point: I must have been having super high readings for several months — and longer — and felt fine. Transplant doctors told us back in the 90’s. Learn to discern those who are in medicine to help and better your life, and those who are in it for a paycheck. For me educating myself about the details of what’s going on is the ONLY thing that will motivate high level of sugar in the blood me to do what I have to do. Doctors missed the diagnosis at first, since we only knew of one death from diabetes in our family on either side. There is so much to know that only experience can teach you. Bad enough test strips for sugar with no insurance for a bottle of 25 is $40. I take 6 shots a day. It’s out there. It will get better. Holy do do. My insulin “Lantus” was free and sometimes had free bags of syringes Help is out there aand if you can, please seek help. What everyone has written here is exactly the opposite of how I was feeling before starting on Metformin and I can pretty safely say that I have never in my entire life felt worse than since my blood sugar has been more “in control”. This was a random glucose. And those folks who feel better at higher blood sugars and think its OK don’t kid youselves. She’s high level of sugar in the blood usually tired from works and is in bed by 11 :30 but she has a hard time sleeping through the night and feels sick with stomach pain and chest pain. You will need all of the help you can get. Then it clogs up tiny blood vessels like in your kidneys that are trying to clean it, and your eyes and fingers and toes. My doctor ordered a CBC and thyroid test. With all this I feel ok. Somehow the immune system gets affected I can’t remember how exactly. Everything came back WNL except my glucose was 64. It DOES GO AWAY if you keep your sugar under control. Since cutting back on the carbs and starting on Metformin in the last month, I’ve taken more Tylenol for headaches than I’ve taken in the previous five years combined, my vision has been up and down like a yo-yo with the worst being worse than it ever was before, and I have never been hungrier or less satisfied eating than now. The way I realized it was diabetes was a wound that would not heal, thirst and urination. You must learn everything you can, stay calm as much as possible, get the best medical help you can find. Even when I’ve felt like my blood sugar should be through the floor, the lowest I’ve been is “normal”. Hey who knows how to convince people to stop smoking it might work; better an antidepressant then all those awful complications from high blood sugar. The kidneys house tiny blood vessels that filter waste products from the blood. Uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to gastroparesis, a condition where food in the stomach moves slowly to the small intestine or stops moving altogether. My A1C is 10. Could the low blood sugar be causing my symptoms? I guess the sticky blood just can’t carry the immune system cells to the sores to attack the bacteria so little sores or scratches high level of sugar in the blood might not heal on your feet which don’t have great circulation even if you’re totally healthy. My daughter is 40 now, on dialysis for 21 years, blind in right eye and had her second surgery on how to clean out your liver naturally amputated leg days ago. Same things are going on with regard to the sticky blood. Waiting for this horrible feeling to go away so i can fix the wifes clutch in her jeep plus the water pump is leaking. That causes cells. The A1C reading was a 14. Any idea why? Maybe if youre trying to lose weight and it’s causing you to be depressed or anxious, you can try an antidepressant. Children are dying with diabetes. Cant afford everything ,the timing belt turns the water so its a huge expense. And that exacerbates the problem of controlling blood glucose, says Dr. I keep a log and have been to my doc. He is in as much danger as she is, possibly more, since he has lived with it undiagnosed for so many years. When it gets high over 500 I don’t notice it . I have been intestinal parasites symptoms in humans a constant dull headache on my forehead for the past 3 weeks with intermittent nausea. On some medicine I only had to pay $4. Be blessed. ) I really think the key is weight loss but that can be like moving mountains as we know. Hopefully I said something that someone can use. When you get situated, and you will, you can live a healthier life than the average person natural remedies for kidney disease does on this planet. I’m trying to gain weight how to stop car from smoking it’s high level of sugar in the blood really hard to GI problems? My first test was 389. Your body uses the fat for fuel since the pancreas does not produce insulin. You need health insurance, join ACA if you have to. I am otherwise a healthy 34 feamle. People can have severe constipation, frequent bouts when blood sugar is too high of diarrhea, or both. I’m 26 i got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on my 26th birthday went into the hospital with my surgar being at 850 it took over 14 hours to being it down. My lowest has been 240 in the last week with most tests in the 300’s. Both my babies were over 9 lbs, which was a precursor to the type 1 diagnosis. I was shocked because, like you, I felt pretty good up to that point. For some reason I have so systems even when I went it with my surgar being at 850 I was still walking around and talking but I knew somthing was wrong cause I was peeing a lot and drinking a lot of water it hurt so bad to pee has anyone else have no systems when itshe high at 500 I only weigh 107 pounds. She is brilliant and has been as good a patient as anyone could hope for. Two tea spoons between 8am and 5 pm last time was 4 hours with a table spoon of regular yogurtr, tested one hour ago 318 tested 20 minutes ago 230 tested 5 minutes ago 244. I was in the hospital for 4 days. Now I can keep it within or close to normal with low carb eating and intermittent fasting, which has been a godsend. It’s been really months since then and I’m on slow acting insulin and fast acting to. My body was simply used to operating with a horrendously high A1C (among other weird lab results). As for my son, he was diagnosed after working for years with type 1. I really don’t know what”normal” feels like. Over many years, the filters become scarred and the kidneys no longer function properly. I was recently diagnosed Type 2. You are not in denial. ( high level of sugar in the blood Intermittent fasting is much easier than dieting; unfortunately you can’t do it if you’re on metformin because of hypoglycemia. I expect my body will be angry with me coming down, but the relief for my organs and the extension of my life once I level out again will be worth it. Sometimesa bit hyper and ditzy,. Diabetes is still new to me everyday is a struggle trying to keep it normal i try my mother can not stop drinking to eat right it treatment for allergy induced asthma still goes up hi I have to take my fast acting insulin before I eat all of my meals. And then you can get gangrene and possibly lose a foot or feet. Other than some fairly minor peripheral neuropathy and distance vision issues, I felt pretty consistently great. Well I’m a tattoo artist and also overweight I’m 5’6 and weigh 250 lbs been heavy my whole life and have been noticing I’ve been more thirsty and also urinating more often . My daughter had a pancreas and kidney transplant in 1998 and was off of insulin for 18 months before organ failure. You have great discipline high level of sugar in the blood to have quit smoking and to have taken control on your own. Enough cells die and you get blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure. I don’t have medical coverage so I decided to go but a glucose meter and check levels today I haven’t ate in 8 hrs and took test this morning and it said 232mg so now I’m a lil worried and hopeing if I can start eating better and exercise more I can bring it down some being a tattoo artist I’m sitting down all the time all day drawing designs and tattooing for sometimes 8 hrs or more any advice to helpaybe with diet and or exercises would be helpful thanks for any reply … . 00. My daugther was recently high level of sugar in the blood diagnose t2 she’s 20 years old and works until 9:00 so her dinner is not until after 9:30 or 10 pm. I had a very long spell where I felt “normal” until stress brought every potential problem to fruition at once. I did not realize I had a problem until my wife bought a tester for me. I had to do a lot of research to find out why a low carb diet caused me to lose my near vision. Have no idea why it would go back up, only drank two cups of water no food. Leave anyone who does not take your health seriously. Also, something that happens when you’re newly diagnosed diabetic and suddenly come into control is that you can lose your near vision. My endocrinologist didn’t know about this. You are in my prayers. I know it has been quite a long time since you posted, but I hope you haven’t given up on your treatment. That means that your body was so adapted to the high blood sugar that you now feel terrible because you always feel like you’re hypoglycemic.

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