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It’s killing us! THere’s an app that helped me a lot. I can say that nothing helps you except your own huge desire and motivation. It showed that I can save almost 4000$ per how to convince someone to quit smoking year! This means walking, jogging, running, biking, swimming. I have a pack of smokes on me and a lighter. What a hypocrite I am. To me, it’s more of a psychological thing than an addiction. My daughter is married now and constantly tells me (not her dad) to quit. We have a very nice house that I keep in order but IT SMELLS LIKE AN ASHTRAY no matter what I do! It’s called Smoke Free. Thought by going in the other room to smoke was ok. Stress. I was doing the same thing.. He doesn’t realize it’s just as bad but it’s helped him not smoke. For the latter I’ve tried various remedies, but nothing really worked much; the only thing that really does work for me is drinking some warm water or tea (sometimes with lemon juice added to it) AND smoking a few cigarettes in the morning – that’s what is the symptoms of kidney problems the only thing that activates my digestion. I’m not much afraid of the trouble of breaking off the addiction since I did it before and can do it again. Purely my weakness. I think it is a self-limiting belief to be honest. Those of you who have already quit, please post your stories below. I realize that many have read the book and still chose to keep smoking, but no one has anything to lose by reading it. He’s replaced it with occasional chewing tobacco. I know it’s just an excuse when I tell myself why shud I go thru all this when he continues to smoke. It shows all the benefits of not smoking and helps to follow the process of your health getting better. And those of you who are getting ready to quit — come back to this article and post your thoughts, questions, and concerns whenever you need a little help. Smoke around my kids but now say I won’t around my grandkids! Failed. how to convince someone to quit smoking I don’t want to argue with my spouse over this. Reply The suffering that you experience during the withdrawal is part of how to stop smoking weed and cigarettes the equation. I’m here for you. I would never smoke around my grandchild but it would still smell like a cigarette just being in this house. He bought a house and has to wash everything before he moves to his new home because he doesn’t want his new house to smell. Hey! My son is moving out now and recently quit smoking. The way I am coughing still I know if I light up it will make the coughing worse. Reply I’ve been smoking for 6 years. We smoke in our home, horrible I know, and my grown non-smoking daughter is naturally always on my case about how everything stinks… EVERYTHING! healthy herbal teas for weight loss A sore muscle or joint can quickly turn into an injury if you don't allow it to recover. ” No response back yet? What a stupid naive thought! I so regret that. I know it’s just my excuse to not be able to quit because my husband won’t. To do it for me! Im how to lower your sugar level pretty sure he has or is on the verge of getting COPD… I am a daddy’s girl, he is a deputy sheriff and I can’t even start to imagine that day when he is no longer here.. It uses beeps, vibrations, and shocks to create negative associations with the bad habit you are trying to eliminate. My wife and I had planned to go the Zyban route in the new year, but hopefully I’ll have a head start and be her support ‘cos I love her so much. Our health, the expense to name a few and most of all wanting my daughter to WANT to come over here. 20 a day for 35 years albeit mostly mild ones has taken its toll recently – last 3-4 months. It’s 44 days since I smoked the last cig and I feel how to convince someone to quit smoking amazing. I remember feeling and looking so much better when I was off this crap. But this time I have another issue which impedes me from letting go of it: several years ago I suffered an ameba intestinal infection in India and since then I’ve had continuous problems with digestion, tensions, pains, blockages in the abdominal region, incl. My trigger was having a few beers on the weekend. I feel that anyone who tries to help others quit smoking and doesn’t mention Alan Carr’s book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is doing a huge disservice. I’ve tried patches, gums, diets etc but those tools are just not enough. Shame on us! If you’re actually ready to quit, this is might just be the best way to do it. Don’t wimp out of this step with the patch or something similar. Plus, now they’re grown and of course worried about us. We could quit together!! You want to exert yourself to the point where how to convince someone to quit smoking you're slightly out of breath, then maintain that level of exertion for the duration of your workout. Would you want to quit with me? To avoid injury, it's how to convince someone to quit smoking better to start with too little rather than too much, and gradually work your way up. The first 3 days,was very sick so now on own working on it. I’m currently working with a company called Pavlok that demotes any bad habit you may possess. Perform aerobic exercise for about 20 minutes 5-7 days a week. SO I found an app called Smoke Free where you can follow the progress of improving your health + it shows the amount of money you save + gives you advices to overcome cravings. NOT! It was a breeze and I was smoke free until about 5 years ago when I decided I could just have one. The 6th day and it is a rough one though. I want to quit this smelly dangerous crap but he will never. I quit the first time when I found out I was pregnant 22 years ago. Been smoking since teenagers. Pay how to convince someone to quit smoking attention to your body, and don't over train. I know it sounds like it’s all about the smell but it’s so much more. He is my daddy…? Believe I know! I know I can’t ask him to quit again with me, that has to be his decision but I would love for him to quit smoking in the house if I try to quit again but his answer is always “This is my house”. I messaged him “If you could quit would you? My husband refuses to quit. Now it’s 20days since my last cig. I know it has to be my decision. I’m also an alcoholic who hasn’t drunk for 12 years and am happier in that respect than even the good days of drinking! My husband and I both smoke. Somehow by the grace of God I was able to quit when I found out I was pregnant years ago. I still want to smoke sometimes but it’s much easier then it was during the first week of not smoking. Tried all the remedies. Tried quitting several times but only once together. Reply. herbal green tea weight loss I hate this addiction! Because of that memory, you’ll be less likely to go backward, and more likely to go forward. He was generous enough go in the basement but it still would linger. Everyone starts exercise at a different place. Reply Thank you for the advice. And being able to walk in the house and smell what we had for dinner the night before vs now smelling cigarettes was so nice. Quit with both my kids but only until they were born. I’ve tried to stop for so many times but my breaks were like 3 days maximum. Lasted about 2 mths with me but only a week with him. I just wish we could do this together! Reply Hi everyone. As soon as I think about quitting or start running low and about to run out, I want a cigarette more than at any other time. Saved money is a good bonus for self motivation. Morning constipation. Not worried about finding any. I quit just over a year now and have never been happier. It’s really really hard to get rid of the habit. ” His response “That would be great” I said “Do you want to quit? We’re in our mid 50’s. Reply A major reason it’s difficult to break a bad habit is because your brain believes the habit is pleasurable even if you aren’t happy with it. Reply Let’s use the comments below as a community support group. She’s planning on having a baby and told us (well.. I am 28 been smoking since was 16… I am wanting to quitI, I want to try the acupuncture!! I truly believe it is the best way to become mentally prepared to quit smoking. I how to convince someone to quit smoking have twin girls (3yrs old) who I want to be able to have a better and longer relationship with him!!! But it’s so damn hard. Have heard alot of good things about that!! This is by far my biggest problem with quitting. I’d been playing over 50’s walking football (soccer) but that was so exhausting I felt sick and had to go in goal ever since. Reply HOW DO YOU QUIT SMOKING WHEN YOU LIVE WITH A SMOKER?? It still was in the house. So my advice is find a convincing motivation, get a tool that reminds you about your success and helps you to stay motivated all the time and enjoy a healthy life! Using a pen as a how to convince someone to quit smoking prop. Reply I was taken by ambulance to A&E on Xmas eve following coughing and passing out. Seems to how to convince someone to quit smoking be helping. His.. Shame on me for putting my innocent kids thru that! I’m hoping that by living in the solution rather than bemoaning the ‘sacrifice’ will help with giving up smoking. Falling back into the habit was also a breeze and now, five years later, I am sitting here ready to cry. Some great motivational posts on here – I’m nearly 2 days off and my first personal motivation is what a wonderful Xmas present this could be. It’s important for me to see all the benefits of life without smoking. Good luck with your bf! I live with 2 smokers (close siblings) in the house and for months (even years) I kept telling myself it’s impossible to quit as long as they are smoking as I will be constantly surrounded by the smoke and it will be 100 times more difficult. It was inevitable that one of my kids would pick up this nasty habit. But it’s OUR house.. Going through the hell of withdrawal is necessary. I was sneaking his cigs which also ultimately made me fail. A few months down the road, when you’re craving a cigarette, you’ll remember how awful it was when you went cold turkey. My two biggest motivators are saving money to buy a new car and improve my health. It is so hard to try to quit when you’re married to a smoker. This is all going to sound so bad and FULL of excuses. I’ve thought about doing just this, keeping some with me at all times but don’t know if I have the willpower. Six days and I am having the worst anxiety of my life. But heres the point and I know it has to be the person and have to have the WANT TO QUIT MENTALITY BUT I also want my dad to quit with me… He is 58 and smoked since he was very young.. I’ve had the exact same problem. Me) we have 2 yrs to quit because she naturally doesn’t want her baby in this smelly house and I don’t blame her one bit!

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