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Had a barage of tests but all that showed up with a congenial deviated septum, so mild sinusitis. My wife thinks i'm a hypochondriac but I just want the pressure and brain fog inside my head to go away. 2) Your iPod: Really! Does anyone know what he might have. I started the sinus irrigation a week ago but haven't noticed any improvement. God bless your surgery. How did you land on the idea that this is what it was that was making you sick? natural remedy for kidney disease I've been to my regular doctor many times. I gave up cheese and milk, including ice cream and things are a lot better. Just curious if anyone was first diagnosed with Labyrinthitis the first time going to the doc? I have to clear my throat constantly, wake up feeling very unrefreshed, brain fog and for some reason I feel really slow and dumb. Check your homes ground wire, and keep all power away from you at night. I found it interesting to hear about other people getting the "brain fog" you mentioned as I get this a lot. Thanks Some medications that contain caffeine trigger symptoms such as ringing in the ears. Doctors did CAT scans, MRI'S , EMG and nerve conduction studies. I had turbinate reduction surgery because my body would not heal. I have constant unrelenting pain above and behind my eyes. I went to an integrated health doctor and a Chinese Medicine practitioner simultaneously who both recommended I look at my diet. Please look up EMF Hypersensitivity, I had this so bad Doctors know nothing my answer was a bad ground in the house it is really bad to keep being exposed to high EMFs. It would frequently turn into a headache and I often had nausea and dizziness accompanying it. Any eye movements really make my pain worse. After being allergy tested, I now take two shots every five days. I constantly change my diet as well trying to keep the bad stuff out of it. That's where the problems truly begin. Anybody else have a problem with moving of the eyes? I'm having all the same symptoms as most-head and neck pressure, face pressure, dizziness and fatigue but no causes for ringing in ears symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, or drippy nose though in the past I have suffered from seasonal allergies but this is def different. All the nasal sprays,ect,don't do much for me. His throat feels like it is swollen inside but doesn't seem to look like it is from the outside. The pain behind my eyes makes me sick and nauseated and I'm dizzy all the time. How do I get mine to check me? This helps releave the pressure and pain. I was almost blinded by any kind of light, pressure was always there and brain fog made me feel stupid. I feel amazing though. Just a plain ole feeling of "not feeling how do people get asthma right" I'm 35 with normal everything except that I have not been able to conceive and have been trying for 5 years. I found out why and now my focus is health to prevent this from reoccurring. My brother has really bad pressure in his ears and head. GIVE UP THE DAIRY Hi,Ihave had cronic sinus problems for years,partly I believe is hereditary,my father and grandfather had sinus problems as well,and also because I was born with a cleft palate. Thanks. I have constant unrelenting pain above and behind my eyes. Begin taking omega 3 and vitamin B12 I have had pretty much all of these symptoms at one time or another, relating to sinus. I even have hot flashes that come and go at this point and i've been this way for I don't know 5 years but I'ts been really bad this past 2 years. I did though! The medicine is used for mild aches and pains, arthritis, colds, headaches, muscle aches, menstrual cramps, toothaches and sinusitis. An acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine oral powder used for pain relief may have side effects of ringing in the ears, hearing loss and other reactions, according to St. The heavier the exercise,the better such as deadlifts,legpress,or squats. My eyes often feel like they are stuck, as if I'm staring. I have to clear my throat constantly, wake up feeling very unrefreshed, brain fog and for some reason I feel really slow and dumb. I don't know what to tell my ENT but I want this problem fixed. symptoms of kidney problems back pain Your story caught my attention. Maybe someone has had these symptoms and has got a diagnosis on what is causing the really awful preesure. Take care of your gut. I can honestly say that it chnaged my life. I've been to ENT doctor. Unless you wear a ear-safe noise cancelling headphones, you are exposing your delicate eardrums to dangerously high noise decibels that will ultimately lead to ear ringing caused by tinnitus. Happy breathing :)! I was diagnosed as having chronic sinusitis, deviated septum, possible nasal what can cause ear ringing polyps, cyst or mucus pocket. I what can cause ear ringing had chronic sinus pain but, no congestion or drainage. Did you just go to the ENT and say hey I want you to test me for this or how did this come about? I went through all of these symptoms 20 years ago. Lots you can do to protect your self, we disconnected all the power in the bed room so at night I could sleep and discharge, what can help sciatic pain very scary stuff , I am writing about this because so many people have issues with this and no where to turn. I would highly recommend anyone do research on Candida, Leaky Gut and elimination diets to see what your body may be reacting too. Good luck to all. Anyway I'm suspicious of the " Labyrinthitis " diagnosis which I was prescribed Meclizine for which does help with the dizziness can liver problems cause nausea but I swear makes the pressure worst. My ENT has already suggested that I have my deviated septum fixed and that I also have a cyst somewhere but the pressure all over my head and face and in my ears is what can cause ear ringing unbareble. The weightlifting works better for me than anything,give it a shot. All was fine. Also, when the symptoms come back, I take Mucinex D.... I think this is due to straining very hard which kind of "milks" your sinuses. Anybody else have a problem with moving of the eyes? Exercising,especially lifting weights really helps me for a couple of days. Please consider a diet change, especially cheese, milk, most dairy. The surgery will help. I now eat virtually gluten free and always diary free. Any eye movements really make my pain worse. John Providence Health System. It is to the point that it is about to drive him crazy. All was good. I've gone to see a nuerologist and he suggested having a an MRI with and without contrast, and an EEG just to rule out anything obvious. I still have to take digestive enzymes and occasionally probiotics to balance my intestinal pH balance. I limit my sugary foods to more natural sugars from fruit what can cause ear ringing juices to stevia. I went on an elimination diet to test my food sensitivities and ultimately did a Candida cleanse. I happened upon this forum and also noticed that I have very similiar symptoms. All of the medicine can weaken and lower your immune system. Hi Jenn Just a word of advice. I was diagnosed as having chronic sinusitis, deviated septum, possible nasal polyps, cyst or mucus pocket. So I have been on strange infertility drugs and antibiotics off and on the 2-3 years. I went to chiropractors, neurologists, ENT doctors and finally resolved to myself that I would never find an answer. Let us know how your MRS scan went. I have read through many of your posts on this forum, I struggled for 5 years to find answers to many of the same symptoms. Anybody who spends his leisure time with a pair of iPod earbuds stuck in his head is inadvertently giving himself ear damage. I'm hesitant about having the MRI and EEG done because of the expence. I really want a second opinion, always thought it was something to do with my neck as I had real pain there before my 'life changing' situation started 3 years ago. I had headaches every day, to the point I could not lift my head from my pillow. Although very healthy and active I was eating things my body was reacting to. He says it feels like it will explode at what causes severe ringing in the ears any minute. Including cell phones. I'm only 24 and I'm a school teacher and I'm missing work left and what food good for gastritis right. A lot of times we focus on the symptoms and not the true issue. I also get allergies in the summer and fall. Because on the deviated septum this adds makes drainage of the sinuses almost impossible. I have a follow up appt in what can cause ear ringing three weeks, I really hope I feel better by then, we will see! Just yesterday I had a blood test. I get head pressure and dizziness, with neck pain. My eyes often feel like what can cause ear ringing they are stuck, as if I'm staring. Milk protein affects you sinuses. Jenifer Hey Priesto, I have such similar symptoms as yours. Right now I just don't know what to do. No aspartame, maltodextrin, etc.

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