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I only learned this after seeing an endocrinologist. My stomach is swollen from taking the shots I wish there was a easier way to deal with my diabetes I wish I had more systems what is too high blood sugar when it gets high to I quit the dairy and lost 25 pounds. I think. Hey who knows it might what is too high blood sugar work; better an antidepressant then all those awful complications from high blood sugar. Hmmmmm Yeah Arne, think about what’s really happening: your blood cells are getting “sticky” like your fingers if you get syrup on them. Are you suggesting that my higher blood glucose readings are because I’m eating to few calories? I take 6 shots a day. I’m very lucky, I caught mine early before I started having to take metformin. So yeah its serious. With the exception of cholesterol, all of my blood markers are extremely good (I’ve had 25+ markers tested, from inflammatory markers to minerals, vitamins, kidney enzymes, etc. My primary dr only tested glucose levels and not insulin or liver (AST, ALT). Have you been checked to see if you are pre-diabetic? If having something new test at one hour and then again at two hours. I get that this is different that a diabetic’s response, but it still seems like an issue to deal with. LDL is “high”, but that’s a controversial topic. 9 to what is too high blood sugar 6. Even when I tried the low carb chronic kidney disease stage 4 shakes my numbers creepup again, the shakes have whey in them which is a dairy product so no dairy for me. I have yet to see numbers like he says are possible but my A1c has dropped from 7. I am now on Metformin, hoping to keep Type 2 at bay. Enough cells die and you get blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure. And those folks who feel better at higher blood sugars how to get rid of skin parasites and think its OK don’t kid youselves. Then slowly due to the constant lack of insulin being triggered we see glucose build up a bit in the blood. Once I’m it my ideal weight I will increase what is too high blood sugar my caloric intake to about 2600+ calories or so. When the endo did, this is what is too high blood sugar what she found. Does this suggest the ketogenic diet is not a good fit if, after say 6 months, and person starts getting high glucose readings? Since I’m in ketosis I’m trying to use my body fat as fuel until I reach 195. Same things are going on with regard to the sticky blood. This is initiated by the influx of glucose into the beta cells of the pancreas, leading to an eventual depolarization and activation of calcium channels that regulate insulin release. Reply Diabetes is still new to me everyday first signs of a kidney stone is a struggle trying to keep it normal i try to eat right it still goes up hi I have to take my fast acting insulin before foods that lower blood sugar levels I eat all of my meals. Hopefully I said something that someone can use. And then you can get gangrene and possibly lose a why do i get so tired after i eat foot or feet. To die because they can no longer get enough oxygen with this poor blood flow caused by the sticky blood. Maybe if youre trying to lose weight and it’s causing you to be depressed or anxious, you can try an antidepressant. I think there is one specifically to help people trying to lose weight. I missed the punchline. ). I saw results within the first week and the 25 pounds came off really fast within the first 6 weeks. That causes cells. No one should even think about physiological Insulin Resistance (PIR) if they are diabetic or otherwise metabolically challenged ie over weight. The first phase of insulin secretion lasts approximately 10 minutes, and the second phase of insulin secretion picks up after the first and lasts for several hours. This is a condition that affects someone who has normal or low insulin levels and regular low blood glucose levels over an extended period of time…. Then it clogs up tiny blood vessels like in your kidneys that are trying to clean it, and your eyes and fingers and toes. 5 of no dairy and the numbers just came what is too high blood sugar down to the 70’s) I don’t know what it was the cream in the coffee and I ate full fat yogurt also. ( Intermittent fasting is much easier than dieting; unfortunately you can’t do it if you’re on metformin because of hypoglycemia. high and low blood sugar Most people seem to experience a rise from the alcohol’s but some do not. I have no problem with Splenda but some people do so it only safe to test to determine. For me educating myself about the details of what’s going on is the ONLY thing that will motivate me to do what I have to do. Please re-read the Japanese abstract within your blog above. Reply. But if I what is the normal reading for blood pressure don’t take it it goes up hi. Glycerol, as Geoff mentioned, and as seen in quite a few papers…can contributed to gluconeogenesis. I try to stick to a high fat diet for the satiety part, but unfortunately what is too high blood sugar it no longer includes dairy, maybe you why do my kidneys ache could try it for two weeks and see if it makes a difference. Your post sounds much like me. I was diagnosed with this plus being insulin resistant. Somehow the immune system gets affected I can’t remember how exactly. Since my HDL is also high and triglycerides low, I’m not particularly concerned right now. Nice breakdown…. Instead, it increased GLP-1 activities compared to Low fat diet. This article delves deeper into the signaling involved in (what I learned is called) biphasic insulin secretion. (I am going on month 2. Some things take longer to digest and can cause a huge spike but not until the second hour. I want much better numbers so I keep plugging away at this. 5 as of March (most current result) which puts them squarely back to previous levels (before events listed below occurred). My fasting insulin went from over 100 to 75. I don’t know if it is the casein in the dairy or what it is, I now only use butter and nothing else. I talk about these in further detail in my other programs, videos and articles on my site, but just understand that when these defects are affecting the body it is only a matter of time before your blood sugar levels are uncontrolled, if you don’t get them in check. How should a person deal with this? I think at least for me dairy causes a insulin reaction, I don’t really know but cutting it out was really hard but it made all the difference for me. Also heart disease stroke etc. Reply Folks who do not know, when TAGs are hydrolyzed they are broken down into fatty acids which travel into the serum being carried by different proteins and glycerol which is the backbone of the previous TAG. Now I can keep it within or close to normal with low carb eating and intermittent fasting, which has been a godsend. ) and not activating GLP-1”). I’m trying to drop about 10 pounds. Like year or more. I am trying to figure out what the culprit might be and here are some possibilities: Mumsie the best thing to do is eat to your meter. What Happens When Your Blood Sugar Levels Are Too High I am also fighting Lung Cancer and some meds (Steroids) really shoot my blood sugar, off the charts! Anyway sorry for rambling on. Into the 300’s! I use the Pen to controlr my regular type 2, “Lantus Solostar”, but when these steroids raise it into the 300’s, I also have another Pen “Humalog” (fast acting insulin), to get it down fast. I guess the sticky blood just can’t carry the immune system cells to the sores to attack the bacteria so little symptoms of high blood sugar levels sores or scratches might not heal on your feet which don’t have great circulation even if you’re totally healthy. ) I really think the key is weight loss but that can be like moving mountains as we know. The High fat (low-carb) diet did NOT decrease GLP-1 (You said “If low carb dieters are not intaking glucose (for the very purpose of reducing an insulin response! Reply At first I saw an improvement in my glucose levels but lately they have been inching up slightly. When this article first came out I did a lot of research and found no way to resolve this and the opinion floating around at the time was it is normal and not a concern…..

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