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Best of wishes to all women. ” You are not “quiet fed up of teachers. And also stupid and expired Co workers who have no talent in ICT and get jealous of me… These black sheep need to be sacked out of the school so we can teach with getting exhausted and tired. Teaching is exhausting, but those precious faces are worth every second. I totally agree. I wish, try 9-11+ . (Yeah right, and not be able to leave the class for signs of having kidney stones bathroom breaks. Some of the above is true, if you have ALWAYS become tried while menstruating then by all means don’t worry about it. But there is no down time during the day. Char – teachers are human. We even work through our 20 minute lunch break. Get a real job and see how life really is !!!!!!! Take vitamins to keep help your why am i so tired after i eat immunity. Lol! I simply do not understand. TEACHERS !!!!!!! PLUS THERE ARE SOME FOLKS WHO WORK ON HOLIDAYS !!! JUNE IS ALMOST HERE THEN JULY THEN AUGUST. 7 hours a day!! We do not know our bodies best, if we did we would never have to be treated for anything. ) Move your body. It helps to have a partner or friend you can trust that will let you vent. Maybe this summer as I am lounging in my pool for two months, you can come by and we can talk about it. Unfortunately, this is how some of us are perceived and what you expressed often gets passed on to other school staff which gives us a bad reputation. Subbing is like being on call 7 days a week plus having a different schedule & location everyday. Thankfully I didn’t rely on just the people commenting. Exercising and cooking listening (…and dancing ! 1st time a teacher admitted this by the way. Great article! Like for me I find causes of very high blood pressure it really odd when women have mood swings while on their period, I myself am even more cheerful and kind during mine, yet as of lately I can add even more sleepy on top of that. I plan a 6 weeks ahead. You see, the problem here is that nobody has said anything about other people’s jobs or chosen professions, so relax. Teaching is a hard, exhausting job although it why am i so tired after i eat can be highly rewarding. ~! And still making a difference in young pepoles lives. Apparently this does not apply to you. The moment my husband said: “I don’t understand why you come home so tired! I have to make good decisions all day too and can’t afford to start making bad ones at hour 6 or 7. My CEO wife can’t seem to what foods cause high blood pressure figure out why she’s suddenly dozing off two hours earlier than normal or having so much trouble getting out of bed, until she suddenly remembers, oh right, oh right… side effects of liver problems she’s on her period. That school year, she became my defender at all cost. Who pressure me and given me mental torture as symptoms of having a tapeworm if I have kill his family…. Sucks to be you! And if a teacher wants to leave teaching it’s not that easy to find another job. To Dee: I work as a substitute teacher. Then work on my “to do” list on the weekends. Yet for me, I’ve been with this for 20 years now and only just recently started to become weak and sleepy. I definitely don’t get much done in the evenings anymore except rest up for the next day. Teaching is nothing compared to working in mental health. Yes! And took 28 yrs of experience with me. I am a sub & have taken a position to finish out the year for a teacher that retired. Who said we don’t love kids? Teaching feels great after coming from that. My energy hasn’t been the same since no matter what supplements I take. Fortunately, there are some of us who do follow the teacher’s lesson plan and do show respect for teachers’ personal property. Oh snap! Hi, what I found out in this 21St century there were allot changes occurred in teaching and learning process…. Why can’t we admit it’s why am i so tired after i eat an exhausting job? So sick of teachers complaining !!! I wear a Fitbit that reminds me to get up and move. This is not about sour grapes here; it really is exceptionally draining. Copies are all made ect… I am still so very tired each afternoon. Teaching can be really tough, Char. Oh, and the word is “quite,” and you would use “with,” not “of. I started at 22 and am now 59. The kids are use to me now & can’t play the let’s goof off we have a sub today routine. Drink as much water as you can. Fact is, teachers get ripped on daily for just about EVERYTHING from non teaching folks. ) to your favorite music helps a lot! You think we don’t have to hold back what we say etc. It’s still tiring, stressful, & more responsibilities but I am enjoying it more. PLUS I WORK CHRISTMAS EVE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS DAY (26th) AFTER THANKSGIVING. You dont do 14 hour + shifts working with people with very complex needs. The article is addressing why teachers are tired. I am not as tired as I was before because I know where I’m going & what I’m doing everyday. …never returned… grieved the loss of my passion .. I had major surgery almost 2 yrs ago. ” But thanks for the advice. I didn’t think about how it would be when I was older when I chose this profession. WAKE UP !!! ( THANKFUL AT LEAST I GET OFF THESE) QUIT BITCHING ALL THE TIME ! why am i so tired after i eat You have to take care of yourself. My little Susie became my student when I was the only Algebra teacher in her campus. You’re so welcome! As my doctor said, a lot of women whom had cancer experienced changes previously with how they felt during their cycle but always thought it to be normal changes due to our hormones levels slightly changing. I’ll look at this lesson as the amazing learning why am i so tired after i eat experience I was able to provide for you. It’s probably this way with all jobs. For me, even though I’m active and eat right I found out I have a unusual level in white blood cells, further tests are being done. I’ve had lunch with prospective criminals in the name of student welfare… I finally took leave. You know your body the best you can and if anything is going on with it the makes you uncomfortable you do need to speak to someone who’s research and studied in the matter. I reas why am i so tired after i eat this blog and did speak to my doctor. I try to find joy in small things. Promotions into middle management roles…. ”, he got a good lecture from my daughter. why am i so tired after i eat She realized how much I enjoyed teaching, but also she noticed all the paper work and duties I am responsible for at the same time. For me, I work out before school so I can get it done. Could I sue the department for no support education about this sort of self care to avoid chronic fatigue, the effects on what is a high pressure family, a divorce ….. Yes, teaching does make you tired but I think stress is a component of work in general. Especially the older you get jobs are not easy to come by. So no, it is not ALWAYS normal for your body to change over a 3 week period. A tea from my favorite place, my favorite sandwich during my rushed lunch, a candy bar or just looking at Pinterest during my rushed lunch. FUCKIN A . A lot of reasons could spike up for us women during our period, but about 85% of the time it’s a natural bump why am i so tired after i eat in the road. Most people have stressful jobs get over yourselves !!! I WILL STILL BE WORKING THOSE MONTHS. GET A DIFFERENT JOB IF YOU NEED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!! NO SPRING BREAK FOR ME !!! Trust me, she’s not trying to make excuses and get a doctors note so she can sleep in and “skip work”. You dont work nights, weekends, holidays. I am sorry you feel the way you do about substitute teachers. I’m tired and I am NOT a teacher. Yet I natural liver and kidney cleanse get tired and exhausted because of my no sense boss and idiotic ego psycho superior…. ~!!!!!!!!!!!! As Leslie implied, maybe you should try serving as a substitute teacher one day and you will understand what we have to put up with. So sick of teachers always complaining !!!! That’s right, you’ll be working. I am now the healthiest I’ve ever been..

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