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And as the chills come on every evening, the aches are severe to the point I can barely walk. I consulted docs in Turkey and USA, but got no answers. My symptoms as follows :- 1. So I see a couple of things I need them to check for now. I will let you know what I find out. I'm finding that the best way to determine why all of a sudden I can't trust myself to drive a car or work after eating (or anything why do i get sleepy after eating else for that matter) due to falling asleep at inappropriate times is to go to the doctor and get tests done. 2. He said his legs hurt and he feels weak and then they go and he sweats. Quite a few tests have been done including checking for metapause or peri-metapause... The extent of your sluggishness after eating bread may vary, depending on the amount you eat -- big portions with more sugar cause higher swings -- and whether your meal includes fats or protein that slow down the rate at which sugar enters your bloodstream. Lisa in MN did you have any luck with your diagnosis? This is helping avoid them if I feel I might get the chills. I also get this the worst right before my period but is not limited to just those days of the month. I hope this helps. However, insulin affects not only blood sugar but also amino acids circulating in your blood, resulting in more tryptophan gaining access to your brain, according to the Encyclopedia of Neuroscience. Wish we could all get answers to tell us exactly what it is.... Lately I've been doing a great job avoiding chills by keeping warm. They won't just go away, they get worse to a point where I can't move and I'm all achy. You’re more likely to feel tired if you eat high-tryptophan foods along with your bread, such as cheese, eggs, turkey, chicken, peanut butter and fish. G. All the best. They get worse if I don't drink enough lemon water daily. After the carbohydrates in bread are digested, why do i get sleepy after eating sugar floods into your bloodstream. This has NOT always been the case. Now, I keep a ski cap next to my bed at all times, and it helps a lot. I am really worried about him. Have you managed to get yourself cured of it? It is hard to go through or explain to someone who has never had it! Those are the hormones responsible to make people sleepy head naturally at night. As evening approaches 7:30pm onwards it doesn't matter even if the enviroment is warm I start alternative ways to stop smoking feeling the chills & flu why do i get sleepy after eating like fever sysmptoms. I think you may be right with regards to toxins, im beginning to think this may be related to gas, sounds daft but im going to get my fire checked out, its like im being poisoned, only had it fitted recently obesity hypoventilation syndrome herbal treatment and i get these shivers at night more why do i get sleepy after eating so in the cold when the fire is on, i only say this because my mum years ago had a gas leek and she has all the symptons of what you guys are saying, headaches, shivers that start in her legs, freezing cold etc etc . They can be in my back then go to my legs and feet, even in my head. The chill and joint pains symptoms start around at 7:30pm and grow in intensity from why do i get sleepy after eating 10pm to 12midnight till I fall asleep. My laptop is helping me get some warmth right now I am not sure what to do at this point. Also - laying down directly after a meal can present big problems for those who live with chronic heartburn or gas issues. Have you had any luck as to know why you were getting those symptoms? All of the metabolic explanations are sound... It is quite frustrating since all the CBC shows negative of any infection. Not sure what credentials the previous poster has - but her answer was well out of range of what is considered the norm. First reason: Eating sugary foods causes your brain to make lots of neurotransmitters, melatonin. - I always carry with me extra layers of clothes, especially for my feet: socks and wear shoes that keep me warm. These toxins can be related to food intolerance or chemical overload, etc... What it ultimately boils down to, in addition to the nutritional facts, is that your body is being strongly influenced by parasympathetics which slow your system down, thus, facilitating your body to metabolize rather than be in a "fight or flight" situation (e. 6. The doctors say it's not related to MS I was diagnosed 5 years ago. I gradually discovered that if I kept my head warm, that would control the chills, and if the chills were not severe, then neither were the subsequent sweats. The EXPERTS recommend waiting at least an hour or two after eating before laying down. It's interesting that you say this because I have this feeling like I need to flush something out. Then treatment can follow. Anna There's quite a few reason why we feel sleepy after eating. By morning all the symptoms vanish as if it never existed. While it is common, fatigue after eating is not something that must be experienced. Experiencing fatigue after eating could be due to many things such as other medical conditions, too large portions, meal choice, and even the process of digestion. I'm not the only one suffering from this! Take care! I'm also trying to avoid situations when I might get chills, such as ac or late evening patio get together. Until then we research and become our own personal doctors. When your blood sugar goes up, it swings down to a low level before it finally stabilizes. I do not care what others think of me, but I always have extra layers of clothing with me, the trunk of my car is a closet for winter weather clothes. 4. I feel the need to respond to the previous answer because in my research thus far I'm finding that there can be many, many different reasons for excessive sleepiness after eating - EXCESSIVE sleepiness is NOT a normal response to a sensible meal (maybe a little tiredness after an overindulgent meal - but this is different). Hope someone can help. This follows night of chills and sweating, even if I cover with 2 comforters. As brain levels of tryptophan why do i get sleepy after eating increase, more serotonin is produced, and serotonin makes you feel calm and sleepy. I also have gluten intolerance and digestion issues. On 11-20-13. I was wondering if there is any connection between the two. I do see a chiropractor that uses Applied Kinesiology. And others... Last night it was so bad I grabbed a blanket, turned the heat up, put it on emergency heat, and laid over the vent for almost a couple of hours to attempt to get warm. You might want to try that! By the way I also suffer from Rheumatic Arthritis so the Joint pain why do i get sleepy after eating is extreme when the flu like symptoms persists with the chills ... They got a bit worse than at the beginning, but here is what I've learned about my body: - it happens mostly in the evening, even on summer days when it's hot, my guess is it is linked to the level of fatigue - it can happen very early in the morning when I drive in to work and I didn't get a lot of sleep - the chills last until I find a way to warm up such as hot shower or extra clothes. Me too! Low blood sugar can make you feel tired and interfere with your ability to concentrate as the brain is deprived of glucose for energy. I think it may be related to toxins in my body. Third reason: There is an abnormality on your endocrine system, an excessive reproduction of serotonin or something. Luckily I have a doctor I can ask to do blood work if I need to get something else checked. He had what the doctor said was a urine infection and has given him antibiotics. During these "spells" I feel almost like I can't move, exhausted, just being in a stupor until they pass. I feel everyones agony for sure. Joints pain like a severe flu symptom & if I check my temperature it is around 100-101 deg. It can be triggered by certain food allergies or intolerances, non-diabetic hypoglycemia, adrenal gland issues, etc. Most recent episode was last night; I've not had another for several months. My father is on beta blockers which have just been raised in strength, he is also on 2 tablets for high bp. You and I have the SAME issues... I feel gross and achy and like I need to shed or get rid of something. It helps identify the CAUSE. I'm having trouble acccepting the answer that this is normal. Third reason: You are just being lazy, a couch potato, someone who just want to take it easy and relax after eating. Hi ... Maybe I should try to exercise and sweat it out and drink a lot of water to try to flush whatever wants out why do i get sleepy after eating to get out. I am researching this very topic because lately I have been excessively sleepy after eating. Today is the third day of his tablets and he has just had another chill. Other people I know are energized after a pick me up from lunch! All come up ok. 3. I have extremely painful joint and muscles aches. Have read all the mails on this thread & found the symptoms very similar. That is my opinion. Changes in blood sugar are also more significant if your bread is made from processed white flour instead of whole grains. Same here, everything seems fine besides my multiple sclerosis diagnose. The chills already started this evening... The chills feel like they are inside my body, and can travel. I had a bad fall several years ago and have had pain since but this has grown in intensity. The joint aches have got to the point of not being able to tolerate it. Thyroid... To eat lunch and then need to crash desperately after a chicken breast and avocado (no bread) makes no sense to me---and, I must add, this has only happened since I got older (50) and, I walk an hour each day..... how do you get sugar diabetes -it's worse during in winter months What I do: - try to get a lot of sleep and exercise when I can, keep a healthy routine. At some point, the symptoms "jumped" across borders, and I had them in Europe as well as the USA. Go With Whole Grains I am not sure how long this has been going on but I experience extreme chills every evening. , sympathetics). I why do i get sleepy after eating have deliberately moved to a lunch of chicken and vegetables---not much sugar there (low sugar veggies--spinach, avocado--not carrots and potatoes or corn). I have an appt. Second reason: like someone else mentioned, lots of your blood are being used to digest your food, "diversion of energy for digestion", having said that, your brain is not starve of oxygenated blood but just getting enough to maximize your digestion thus making you kind of dizzy. 5. So let me explain the few and obvious ones. You do feel scared or worried because you don't know what it is. I don't know if it's related but he has also lost the movement in his arms recently and cannot raise them on his own. This triggers the release of insulin, which transports extra sugar out of your blood. Not to mention that laying down directly after eating slows the metabolism symptoms of heart attack women - EXPERTS recommend a walk after a meal. I would accept the idea that it is normal to get sleepy after a meal of carbohydrates.... Try some of the tips listed to combat tiredness after a meal and make the most of your afternoon. I first experienced this while living in Turkey in the early 90s. Symptoms many others have described: severe night chills, followed by sweats. I've had the chills for over 10 years now, since I was in my twenties.

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