Chocolate Chai Tea

by hadmin
Chocolate Chai Tea

Chocolate Chai Tea Black tea is the most well known tea and is enjoyed hot or iced, flavored, scented, or blended. It undergoes a full fermentation process composed of six basic steps: withering, rolling, sorting, fermenting, firing (or drying) and grading. Roll breaking cracks the surface of the leaf exposing the leaf’s enzymes to air initiating oxidation. Oxidation is the process that results in the flavor profiles of black and oolong tea.

Chocolate Chai is a trendy and robust black tea blended with spices (cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper), vanilla, mint, and chocolate bits. Adding milk greatly enhances the chocolate taste!

PRICE: One ounce – $4.50

PRICE: One half pound – $32.00

PRICE: One pound – $60.00